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Laurel's Puppet List      
Thank you for visiting my site. This is just a record of the puppets I have in my collection.  Nothing more Sorry, they are not for sale.  I collected so many, that I needed to catalog them to keep track of what I had. If you are looking to purchase a puppet, I have listed the manufacturer with the puppet. Keep in mind that some puppets may no longer be in production.
  See my What's New page for hot puppet "finds" and new releases.
If you have some burning question, my contact info is on my main website. I do not answer my phone if I do not recognize the number.  Nor will I return long distance phone calls regarding these puppets.  Your best bet is to e-mail me. If the puppet has been discontinued, you can contact the company to see if they will be re-manufacturing it in the future.  Unless they make a movie with the character, this probably won't happen.  Try checking garage sales, swap meets, and online auction sites like EBay.
FAQ's - Those "burning" questions I am tired of answering.
Caltoy - Sorry, I do not have contact information for this company.  I bought these puppets over the years at Costco.  They are usually sold as a 4 puppet set.  Price averaging $8 - 15 US dollars per set.

Charlie Chimp - Manhattan Toy Co. appears to not be making this puppet any longer.  Yes, I know he appears in a Baby Einstein video.  No, I do not know where you can get one.  I guess if enough people contact the company they might re-manufacturer the puppet.  You can try.
List of manufacturers - Some may not sell their puppets on their website, so you will have to search the web. 
Aurora -
Crocodile Creek -
Folkmanis -
Gund -
Manhattan Toy -
Mary Meyer -
MerryMakers -
Sunny Puppets -

March 20, 2008

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