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Alligator Hand  Folkmanis 6 Alligator Hand Lakeshore 6
Alligator Glove Caltoy 6 Finger biter Finger    Manhattan Toy 5
Alligator  Glove  Plush Creations 6          
Buganeers Anteater Hand Manhattan Toy 3          
Antelope Glove Caltoy 3          
Armadillo Hand Folkmanis 16          
Armadillo Finger Folkmanis 5          
Black Bat Hand Folkmanis 16 Stelluna Finger Design Farm Inc. 16

Buganeers Bat

Hand Manhattan Toy 16          
Bear in a Sleeping Bag Hand Folkmanis 14

Brer Bear Hand Folkmanis 7
Bears in chest Finger Folkmanis 5 Chomp Chops Snorf Bear Hand Manhattan Toy 14
Big brown Hand Folkmanis 14 Sarge Hand Gund 14
Black bear Glove Caltoy 14 Grizzly Bear Finger Folkmanis 14
Polar Bear Finger Folkmanis 14          
Beaver Finger Folkmanis 5          
Bison Finger Folkmanis 5          

March 20, 2008