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Nautilus  (Sea Life play set) Finger Folkmanis 2          
Newt Finger Folkmanis 5          
Octopus? Hand Oriental Trading 2 Octopus Glove Caltoy 2
Opossum Finger Folkmanis 5          
River Otter Finger Folkmanis 5          
Panda Hand Folkmanis 14 Panda Finger Folkmanis 14
Pegasus Glove Caltoy 12          
Phoenix Hand Folkmanis 21          
Bartles Hand Gund 13 Pig (Barnyard Knucklehead Set) Finger Mary Meyer 13
Olivia - 3 piece set with her mother and brother Ian Finger Gund 13 Pig Hand Folkmanis 13
Petula Pig Lollipuppet Pop-up Manhattan Toy   Pig  (soft chenille) Hand Imaginarium (Geoffrey Inc.) 13
Pig Finger Merry Makers 13 Piggies   (set of five) Finger Merry Makers 13
Pig Glove Constructive Playthings 13 Pot-Bellied Pig Hand Formerly a stuffed animal turned into puppet 13
Pig Glove Caltoy 13          
Porcupine Finger Folkmanis 5          
Prairie Dog                  
Prairie Dog Glove Caltoy 3          
Babbits (set of 3-goofy looking) Finger Mary Meyer 5 Rabbit (brown) Glove Plush Creations 17
Brer Rabbit Hand Folkmanis 7 Rabbit (gray) Glove Plush Creations 17
Rabbit Hand Folkmanis 17 Rabbit in a hat Finger Folkmanis 5
Rabbit Hand Sabbit Corp. 17 Rabbit (reverses to turtle) Hand Lamaze 17
Rabbit (pink) Finger Mary Meyer 5 Rico Rabbit Lollipuppet Pop-up Manhattan Toy  
Raccoon Glove Caltoy 3 Raccoon Finger Folkmanis 5
Fluffy Ram Hand Folkmanis 17          
Eagle Ray (Sea Life play set) Finger Folkmanis 2 Stingray Hand Folkmanis 2
Rudolph the Red Nose.. Hand Creative Kits   Rudolph's Date Hand Creative Kits  

March 20, 2008