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Sea Horses                  
Sea Horse Finger Folkmanis 2 Sea Horse (Sea Life play set) Finger Folkmanis 2
Sea Horse Glove Caltoy 2 Sea Horse Finger Mary Meyer 5
Sea Otter                  
Sea Otter Hand Fiesta Concession Corp. 8 Sea Otter Finger Folkmanis 8
Harbor Seal Hand Wildlife Artists 8 Seal Glove Caltoy 8
Harbor Seal Finger Folkmanis 8 Seal Finger Mary Meyer 8
Harp Seal Finger Folkmanis 8          
Hammerhead Shark Hand Sunny Puppets 1 Shark Finger Mary Meyer 5
Shark Hand Oriental Trading 1 Whale Shark Hand Sunny Puppets 1
Black Sheep Finger Folkmanis 17 Sheep (reverses to lion) Hand Lamaze  
Lamb Glove Plush Creations 17 Willson Hand Gund 17
Lamb Glove Constructive Playthings 17 Wooly Sheep Hand Folkmanis 17
Lamb Chop (Shari Lewis) Hand Aurora 17          
Skunk Glove Caltoy 3 Skunk Finger Folkmanis 5
Blake the Snake (mouth hisses- large) Hand Ron Banafato 6 Rattlesnake Hand Folkmanis 6
Cobra Hand Folkmanis 6 Verdi Hand Design Farm, Mill Valley, CA 6
Flying Squirrel Hand Folkmanis 16 Squirrel Finger Folkmanis 16
Squirrel Finger Folkmanis 16          
Starfish Glove Caltoy 2 Starfish (Sea Life play set) Finger Folkmanis 2
Huggets-Tiger Hand Manhattan Toy 15 Tiger Hand Oriental Trading 15
Tiger (large) Hand Folkmanis 15          
Tortoise Hand Folkmanis 24 Galapagos Tortoise Hand Folkmanis 24
Tortoise Finger Folkmanis 5          
Franklin Hand Eden Int. 24 Turtle (reverses to rabbit) Hand Lamaze 24
Loggerhead Turtle Finger Folkmanis 24 Turtle Finger Folkmanis 24
Norton Hand Gund 24 Turtle Finger Mary Meyer 24
Unicorn Finger Folkmanis 22 Unicorn Glove Caltoy 12
Unicorn  (Glitter Critter set) Finger Mary Meyer 5 Small Unicorn Hand Folkmanis 22
Unicorn Glove Manhattan Toy 12          
Walrus Hand Oriental Trading 8 Walrus Finger Mary Meyer 8
Blue Whale Hand Folkmanis 20 Killer Whale Hand Oriental Trading 20
Humpback Whale Hand   20 Killer Whale Hand Sunny Puppets 20
Wolf Hand Folkmanis 14 Timber Wolf Finger Folkmanis 14
Yak Finger Folkmanis 5          
Zebra (head only) Finger Manhattan Toy 16 Zebra Finger Folkmanis 16
Zebra Hand Oriental Trading 16 Zebra Glove Plush Creations 16

March 20, 2008