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I have since retired and many of my puppets are now for sale on Amazon under the store called "Laurel's Puppets and Plush"  After you click the link, click on the tab in the middle of the page that says "Products".  Or just look for the item by name and manufacturer.

The items that I could not place on Amazon, because of some rule or another, are on Ebay.  Go to this link and select "See All Items".....

If there is a puppet that you CAN NOT find on either Amazon or Ebay, there is a possibility that it is not there, for one reason or another.  Contact me and ask at,  Send me a link to the page on this website you are referring to and the name of the puppet.

If the item is on Amazon or Ebay, the prices are the prices.  I am not going to lower the price. This is why I used the "Buy Now" feature on Ebay.  If you send me an e-mail trying to low-ball the price, it will be ignored.

If it says the item is SOLD, then I no longer have it.  NO, I do not know where else you can buy the puppet.  Most of the puppets in my collection were purchased over 10 years ago.  Most are no longer made and are considered rare in new or barely used condition.  Thus, the higher price for some.
Bird (Glitter Critter set) Finger Mary Meyer 21 Pelican (Fred the Beach Bum) Hand Manhattan Toy 10
Blue bird Glove Plush Creations 10 Penguin Finger Mary Meyer 21

Blue Birds in nest
Finger Folkmanis 21 SOLD

Hand Folkmanis 21
Duck Finger Merry Makers 21 SOLD

Finger Folkmanis 21
Duck Glove Plush Creations 10 SOLD

Hand Folkmanis 10
Duck w/babies inside Hand/Finger Lamaze 10 Rooster Hand Folkmanis 21
Duck (Giggle, Giggle, Quack) Finger Merry Makers 21 Rooster Glove Constructive Playthings 10

Hand JoAnn Stores 10 Rooster (Barnyard Knucklehead Set) Finger Mary Meyer 21
Eagle Glove Caltoy 10 SOLD

Scarlet Macaw 
Rainforest Set

Finger Folkmanis 21
Eagle Finger Folkmanis 21 Scarlet Macaw Hand Folkmanis 10

Glove Caltoy 10 Sea Gull (Humphrey) Hand Manhattan Toy 10
Goose Hand Folkmanis 21 SOLD

Sea Gull
Glove Caltoy 10

Green and white bird
Glove Plush Creations 10 SOLD

Sea Gull
Hand Folkmanis 10
Hootie Bird Lollipuppet Pop-up Manhattan Toy   Sleevoreenies Birdie Hand  Manhattan Toy 10
Humming Bird Finger Mary Meyer 21 SOLD

Snowy Owl
Glove Caltoy 10
Mallard Duck Glove Caltoy 10 SOLD

Glove Caltoy 10
Ostrich Glove Caltoy 10 Turkey Hand Folkmanis 21

Glove Caltoy 10 Woodpecker Glove Caltoy 10

Glove Caltoy 10 SOLD

Hand Folkmanis 10
Pelican Glove Caltoy 10 SOLD

Hand Applause 10

January 21, 2018