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Buffalo Glove Caltoy 3          
Ant Glove Folkmanis 11 Green bug w/wings Finger Manhattan Toy  
Bee Finger Manhattan Toy   Inch worm Finger Mary Meyer  
Bee Glove Caltoy 11 Lady Bug Finger Mary Meyer 5
Beetle Finger Mary Meyer   Monarch Butterfly Glove Plush Creations Inc. 11
Beetle  (beyeri) Finger  Folkmanis   Mosquito Finger Mary Meyer  
Beetle Glove Caltoy 11 Mosquito (furry) Finger Folkmanis  
Bootsie Bug Lollipuppet Pop-up Manhattan Toy   Praying Mantis Finger Folkmanis  
Bumble Bee Finger Folkmanis   Purple Bug Finger Merry Makers  
Caterpillar Glove Plush Creations Inc. 11 Sadie Spider Lollipuppet Pop-up Manhattan Toy  
Caterpillar Glove Caltoy 11 Saw Bug Finger Merry Makers  
Caterpillar reverses to butterfly  Hand Folkmanis 11 Scorpion Glove Caltoy 11
Caterpillar, Fuzzy Hand Folkmanis 11 Snail Hand Folkmanis 11
Cockroach Glove Folkmanis 11 Spider Finger Folkmanis  
Cuddle Puppets Butterfly Hand Manhattan Toy 5 Spider Tarantula Glove Folkmanis 11
Digger Hand Gund 11 Spider Tarantula Finger Folkmanis 11
Fly Finger Mary Meyer   Spider Tarantula Glove Caltoy 11
Fly Glove Folkmanis 11

Spider from Diary of a Spider Finger Mary Meyer 5
Fly Glove Caltoy 11 Webster Worm Lollipuppet Pop-up Manhattan Toy  
Fly from
Diary of a Fly
Finger Mary Meyer 5 Worm from Diary of a Worm Finger Mary Meyer 5
Frog Bug Finger Merry Makers            

September 20, 2007