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Caspar Hand Gund 3 Bactrian Camel Glove Caltoy 3
Black Cat Glove Caltoy 23 Cheshire Cat Hand Folkmanis 23
Calico Cat Glove Caltoy 23 Kitty Hawk Lollipuppet Pop-up Manhattan Toy 23
Cat Glove Constructive Playthings 23 Persian Cat Glove Caltoy 23
Cat (orange) Hand Folkmanis 23 Tabby Cat Glove Caltoy 23
Cat in the Hat Hand Stellar Gifts 23          
Chimpanzee Hand Folkmanis 20          
Chipmunk Finger Folkmanis 5          
Cow Finger Merry Makers 13 Cow (Barnyard Knucklehead Set) Finger Mary Meyer 13
Cow  Glove Constructive Playthings 13 Cow (soft chenille) Hand Imaginarium (Geoffrey Inc.) 13
Cow Glove Caltoy 13 Cow (Click, Clack, Moo) Finger Merry Makers 13
Coyote Hand Folkmanis 14          
Crab Hand Oriental Trading 2 Hermit Crab Finger Folkmanis 2
Crab Glove Caltoy 2          
Cuttlefish Finger Sunny 2          

June 25, 2006