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Apatosaurus Finger Folkmanis 18 Stegosaurus Finger Folkmanis 18
Dinosaur in Egg Hand Folkmanis 18 Super Dino Byron Hand Manhattan Toy 18
Dinosaur (green-tyran) Finger Mary Meyer 18 Super Dino Pyro Hand Manhattan Toy 18
Dinosaur (purple) Finger Mary Meyer 18 Super Dino Slater Hand Manhattan Toy 18
Dinosaur (red) Finger Mary Meyer 18 Ten Little Dinosaurs w/book Finger (10) Accord 18
Dinosaur – Fred (blue) Hand Accord Publishing 18 Ty.Rex Finger Folkmanis 18
Dinosaur – Zed (yellow) Hand Accord Publishing 18 Tyrannosaurus rex Hand Melissa & Doug 24
Dinosaur – Red (magenta) Hand Accord Publishing 18 Triceratops Finger Folkmanis 18
Dinosaur Roar Finger Crocodile Creek 18 Velociraptor Finger Folkmanis 18
Milo Dino Lollipuppet Pop-up Manhattan Toy   Triceratops Hand Folkmanis 18
Pteranodon Hand Folkmanis 18 Triceratops Hand Melissa & Doug 24
Stegosaurus Hand Melissa & Doug 24 Velociraptor Hand Folkmanis 18
Basket O’Spots Glove Manhattan Toy 5 Golden Retriever (small) Hand Folkmanis 23
Bone Dog Hand Hoopla 9 Jack Russell Terrier Hand Folkmanis 9
Chomp Chops – Snarfle Dog Hand Manhattan Toy 9 Kibbles Hand Gund 9
Clifford the Big Red Dog Hand Scholastic 9 Norwich Terrier Hand Folkmanis 9
Dog Hand Gymboree 9 Patrick the Pup Hand FAO Schwarz 9
Dog Glove Constructive Playthings 9 Pedro Pup Lollipuppet Pop-up Manhattan Toy  
Dog (glove-dressed as wizard) Hand Manhattan Toy   Puppies in a basket Finger Folkmanis 5
Dog Hand JoAnn Stores 9 Sleevoreenies – Ralph Hand Manhattan Toy 9
Finger biter Finger Manhattan Toy 5 Snoopy Hand Applause 9
Dolphin Glove Caltoy 20 Dolphin Finger Mary Meyer 20
Donkey Hand Folkmanis 13 Donkey Finger Folkmanis 5

December 19, 2012