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Angel fish Hand Sunny Puppets 1 Fish Finger Mary Meyer 5
Big fish, little fish (Lollipuppet) Pop-up Manhattan Toy   Gold Fish Hand Folkmanis 1
Blue Fish (Dr. Seuss) Hand Manhattan Toy 1 Green and purple Glove Caltoy 1
Bowl of Fish Hand Manhattan Toy 1 Half Spotted Hankfish Hand Sunny Puppets 1
Carol the Coral Fish Hand Aurora World Inc. 1 Hatchet Fish Hand Sunny Puppets 1
Cat Fish Hand Folkmanis 1 Lined Sweetlips Hand Sunny Puppets 1
Clown fish (Sea Life play set) Finger Folkmanis 2 Orange Glove Caltoy 1
Clown fish Hand Aurora World Inc. 1 Piranha Finger Folkmanis 2
Coral Fish Hand Sunny Puppets 1 Rainbow Fish Finger North-South 1
Finger biter Finger Manhattan Toy 2 Rainbow Fish Hand North-South 2
Fish Hand Oriental Trading 1 Zanzibar Butterfly Fish Hand Sunny Puppets 1
Brer Fox Hand Folkmanis 7 Fox Finger Folkmanis 5
Fox Glove Caltoy 3          
Farley Frog Lollipuppet Pop-up Manhattan Toy   Mini Frog Finger Folkmanis 8
Fran-swa Hand Accord Publishing 8 Poison Dart Frog Finger Folkmanis 8
Frog Hand Unknown 8 Pond O’Frogs Glove Manhattan Toy 8
Frog Finger Mary Meyer 8 Red-Legged Frog Finger Folkmanis 8
Frog Glove Caltoy 8 Sleepy Frog  (Frog in lily pad) Hand Folkmanis 8
Kermit the Frog Hand Junior Toys 8
Mini-Gorilla Finger Folkmanis 5          
Gecko Hand Sunny Puppets 6 Giant Day Finger Folkmanis 5
Giraffe (head only) Finger Manhattan Toy 16 Giraffe Finger Folkmanis 16
Giraffe Hand Oriental Trading 16          
Goat Glove Caltoy 3 Mountain Goat Finger Folkmanis 5
Groundhog Hand Folkmanis 3          
Guinea Pig                  
Guinea Pig Hand Folkmanis 16 Guinea Pig Finger Folkmanis 5

March 20, 2008