Laurel's Travels - Akron, Ohio - November 6-11, 2007
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November 11, 2007  
I decided to visit the Stan Hywet Halls & Gardens on this day.  It was overcast and drizzling.  In fact, most of the pictures I took below, were taken in a light drizzle.  I did go on a tour of the Manor House, but there are no pictures of the inside of the house because they are not allowed.  Normally I try to sneak a few non-flash photos in cases like this but I was touring with only two other people, so I would have been caught.  I do recommend the tour of the house.  It has been meticulously persevered and restored.  The guides are very knowledgeable about the house and the Seiberling family.
Stan Hywet Halls & Gardens

Stan Hywet was not a person, so I will get that bit of information out of the way first. Stan Hywet means "stone quarry" in old English.  The home on this estate was built between 1912-15 in the Tudor Revival Style.  The home was built by Franklin Augustus Seiberling co-founder of both the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and the Seiberling Rubber Company.  The Manor House (65 rooms) is surrounded by 70 acres of grounds and gardens.  In 1957, the Seiberling family donated Stan Hywet to a non-profit organization.  Today it is Akron's only National Historic Landmark.

Map of the grounds
Click on the image above to see a larger version

The Carriage House and Museum Store
This is where you enter.  There is also a
 small museum inside with a display that
tells you about the property.

View of the Manor House from the Carriage House

Whimsical iron artwork is all over the grounds at Stan Hywet.  I could not find any reference to it anywhere on their website or in the brochures I received when I visited here.  If someone knows, please Contact Me...  


The sign in front of the Great Meadow.  It says, "Great English houses are often set amid broad lawns ornamented by groves of trees.  Warren Manning (1860-1938), the distinguished American landscape architect responsible for Stan Hywet's landscape plan, designed it as an open space featuring an entrance drive through an apple orchard toward the house, thus providing a country setting.  

Autumn foliage on the trees lining the
 entrance drive to the house


At the time of my visit, the Stan Hywet
 was displaying tree houses on the
grounds in  a display called
"Treemendous Treehouse"
This tree house in the Great Meadow,
is titled "A LEAF'S eye view"
by Team 4 Architects of Akron

Map of the grounds that was in
the Map & Visitor Guide.
Click on it to see larger image.
Pictures of the Manor house and some of the details of the house.

After the tour of the house, I walked out to the back of the Manor House to see the other gardens.

The West Overlook

The view of the house from the West Overlook

Views within the Japanese Garden


The Rose Garden

The Corbin Conservatory

The Flower Pergola by P.R. Miller, made out
of Ohio Edison recycled light poles.
Part of the "Treemendous Treehouses" exhibit.
October 2, 2013