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March 22, 2006


On our first full day here, we decided to catch one of the Old Town Trolleys to get the lay of the land.  I enjoy taking these tours because of the interesting historical narrations and the trolleys have big windows for picture taking.  There are also many stops around town where you can get on and off if you choose.

Our plan was to stay on the trolley for one round trip and then get out and walk back to our hotel from the trolley terminal by the New England Aquarium Terminal.

We were able to purchase the trolley tickets at our hotel and the trolley stop was located just up Clarendon Street, a short walk from our hotel.
The following pictures were taken from the trolley window as we drove by.  I usually just stick the camera out the window, if I can, and just start snapping dozens of shots.

I started taking pictures as the trolley went along the waterfront along Atlantic Avenue that later merges with Commercial Street.

The trolley crosses the Charlestown Bridge into Charlestown to it's stop #3 by the USS Constitution Museum area.  Alas, "Old Ironsides" was not in dock at the time.

Marriott Long Wharf

Commercial Wharf

In Charlestown along Constitution Road
where the trolley did a turn around.


The trolley then turned around and headed back over the Charlestown Bridge
and turned right on Causeway Street where we passed by "The Gardens".


In Charlestown looking across the City
 Square at the District Court Building on City
Square Street.

Formally the Boston Garden, then the Fleet
 Center, now the TD Banknorth Garden bank?

Longfellow Place Apartment Complex around
 where where Causey, Merrimac, and Stanford
Streets intersect

Buildings as seen on Merrimac Street near the
 corner of New Chardon Street.  The building on
 the far right is the Edward W. Brooke Courthouse

On Court Street the Ames Building is the older
 building in the center

The building view at Tremont Street before
you reach Beacon St heading southwest

Old Granary Burial Ground

Façade of Cutler Majestic Theatre at 219 Tremont St
The Trolley continued southwest on Tremont St until it hit Stuart St where it turned right.  We then connected to Charles St and headed northward through the Boston Common.  The trolley then turned right on Beacon St along the northern edge of the Boston Common.  We then turned left on Bowdoin St and headed north until we hit Cambridge St.  We then headed westward and crossed over the Longfellow Bridge to Cambridge.  The trolley went up a few blocks of Broadway St and then cut southward back to Main St before heading back over the bridge.

Boston Common from Charles St looking east



View of Boston Common at the corner of
Charles and Beacon Streets

Boston Common from Beacon St.

Robert Gould Shaw sculpture at Boston
 Common along Beacon St.

Boston Common at the corner of Beacon
and Park St.

Building on Beacon St near Bowdoin St.

New England Telephone Building on
Cambridge and the corner of Sudbury.

Old West Church on Cambridge St

Building at Eleven Cambridge Center on
 Broadway St.

Building by the corner of Vassar and
Main St in Cambridge.

View of Boston crossing over the
Longfellow Bridge heading southeast.
After the trolley passed over the Longfellow Bridge, it turned right on Charles Street continuing south until it reached Beacon Street where it again turned right heading west.  Along Beacon Street, I admit, I went a little crazy with the picture taking.  There were so many interesting architectural features on all of the townhouses along Beacon Street.  One advantage of viewing these townhouses during the winter is that the trees' usual foliage does not cover the front of the buildings.

By 24 Charles Street

Around 80 Beacon Street

Hampshire House at 84 Beacon Street

On Beacon Street where it intersects
 with Arlington Street

Around 116 Beacon Street

About 124 Beacon Street where it intersects
 with Berkeley Street

Around 144 Beacon Street

About 152 Beacon Street

About 158 Beacon Street

Around 164 Beacon Street

About 192 Beacon Street

The former Mount Vernon Church on 492 Beacon Street on the corner of Massachusetts Avenue.  It is now a condominium called Church Court

We stayed on the trolley until it completed a round trip at the Trolley Depot by the New England Aquarium.  We then got off and walked through some of the areas the trolley had passed through.  Somewhere along our walk we saw the markers for the Freedom Trail and followed the path until we reached Boston Common.

The Freedom Trail


Standing around Atlantic Ave facing west.
The train station (Blue Line) Aquarium stop
is in the forefront.


The view of the ocean front while standing on Long Wharf looking towards the harbor.
The right image shows the New England Aquarium to the right of the tall building.


Standing on Long Wharf looking at the
Marriott Long Wharf

Faneuil Hall, east side which is a near
 a cluster of shopping malls called
 Quincy Marketplace, South Market
and North Market (in photo at left.)

The Old State House on the corner of
 State And Washington Streets

North Market in the Faneuil Hall Market Place

View at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace looking at South Market on the left.

Ames Building on the corner of State and
Court Streets.  Was considered the city's
 first sky scraper when completed in 1893.

Old South Meeting House



Old City Hall on 45 School Street

Kings Chapel on the corner of School Street and Tremont Street


Granary Burial Ground

The plaque on the gate to the Granary Burial Ground 1660.  It says: "Within this ground are buried John Hancock, Samuel Adams and Robert Treat Paine, Signers of the Declaration of Independence; Governors Richard Bellingham, William Dummer, James Bowdoin, Increase Sumner, James Sullivan and Christopher Gore; Lieut. Governor Thomas Cushing; Chief Justice Samuel Sewall; Ministers John Baily, Samuel Willard, Jeremy Belknap and John Lathrop."


Old Granary Burial Ground

Here Lies Buried Samuel Adams Signer of the Declaration of Independence; Governor of this Commonwealth; A Leader of Men and an ardent Patriot; Born 1722; Died 1803


Park Street Church on the corner of
 Park and Tremont Street

"Boston Common:  In or about the year of our Lord One thousand and six hundred thirty and four the then present inhabitants of the Tow nof Boston of Whom the Hon John Winthrop Esq Gov of the Colony was chiefe did treate and agree with Mr William Blackstone for the purchase of his Estate and rights in any Lands lying within said neck of Land called Boston after Which purchased the Town laid out a plan for a trayning field which ever since and now is used for that purpose and for the feeding of cattell"

Miss Martha sitting on the bench eating
a pretzel at Boston Common with the
State House in the background.

At Boston Common looking northeast toward
the Park Street Church

Boston Common squirrel.  I have also
 photographed his cousins at
Battery Park,
 New York and at the
National Cathedral in
 Washington, DC. 

Arlington Street Church on the corner
of Arlington and Boylston Street

Trinity Church from the Dartmouth Street entrance of the Boston Public Library

John Hancock Building.  When visiting
 Boston, this building is just about
visible from anywhere.  We used it
 as a beacon to find our way back
to our hotel.
  October 2, 2013