Laurel's Travels - Boston, Massachusetts - March 21-26, 2008
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March 24, 2006



On the 23rd and 24th of March we did not have a chance to go site seeing.  My travel partner and I were were in Boston for a conference and therefore, were attending workshops during this time.

On the evening of the 24th, the Boston Public Library hosted a gala for the participants of this conference.  The photos below are from that event.

Above the Dartmouth Street entrance

The entry for the evening's event was the library's entrance on Dartmouth Street.  The normal entry to the library for the public is located on Boylston Street.

While we waited for the doors to open, we were entertained by a small musical group.


Inside the foyer of the Dartmouth Street entrance


Conference participants flooded through the
hallway with one thing on their minds.....
where was the food? was the food.  And to tell you the
truth, it was a pretty good spread.  The
caterer they used was top notch.

Inner courtyard in the older section
of the building.

The Boston Public Library is a mixture of old
and new.  The library added a huge section
to the original building.  Above is a section
of the newer wing.

Stephanie (l) and Martha (r) clowning around.

There was live music throughout the library.
Downstairs there was a Latin band pounding
out a rhythmic beat.

A few people were wondering around in
the rest of the library, but most were
where the food and the music was.

Moving statues were poised
throughout the facility.

Miss Martha was told to make sure she tried the "Boston Baked Beans".

We spotted a jar of them.

They then ended up
in Martha's hand.

And then of course,
in Martha's mouth.
October 2, 2013