Laurel's Travels - Boston, Massachusetts - March 21-26, 2008
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March 25, 2006


  March 25th was our last full day in Boston.  We would be leaving for home the following morning.  We had a morning of workshops to attend and then the conference would be over at noon.  We had a list of places in Boston we still wanted to see and only an afternoon to see them in.
With the Boston City Pass, we found that we could visit most of the attractions we wanted to see at a reduced price.   We each purchased a ticket for $36  (They are $51 as of Oct 2, 2013)

The first attraction we visited was the Skywalk Observatory which is located on top of the Prudential Center.

  The Skywalk offers one of the best views of the city.  Below are some of the pictures we took.

We looked for Hotel 140 first and found it.

Fenway Park

Christian Science Center

Hatch Shell

Trinity Church

Looking across the river at MIT

Back Bay East with the Longfellow Bridge in the distance

Boston Public Library

Boston Commons

Looking west at the Charles River and Massachusetts Turnpike

Titus Sparrow Park and the Union United Methodist Church

After we left the Skywalk Observatory we walked towards the Christian Science Center . We wanted to visit the Mapparium at The Mary Baker Eddy Library.  I took picture of some buildings along the way.

Prudential Building

Prudential Center Plaza III

First Church of Christ Jesus

John Hancock Conference Center building reflected in the John Hancock Building across the street

177 Huntington Avenue. Used to belong to Christian Science but was purchased by Beacon Capital in 2012.  Currently, Wayfair headquarters are located here.


The Mapparium is a three-story globe made of stained glass.  You walk on the glass bridge to the inside of the globe.  Admission is inexpensive.

When we visited, they did not allow any photographs to be taken in the Mapparium. Good luck with that now when everyone has cell phone cameras.

The photograph I sneaked in with my camera
 with the shutter sound turned off

Miss Martha waiting patiently for our tour to begin.

The ceiling detail at the Mary Baker Eddy Library


The other item we needed to have was a one day transit pass to get to the other two attractions we wanted to visit; The Museum of Science and the New England Aquarium.

A pass is much easier to use than trying to dig out the correct change all of the time.  This pass allowed us to use either the subway or the buses.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

To get to The Museum of Science, we took the subway Green Line to the North Station stop.  We then had to walk along Nashua Street to O'Brien Highway then looked for the museum.

Museum of Science

When we got to the museum it was very busy.  We did not expect such a large crowd.  It was a Saturday but we also found out that all of the city's children were on a spring break.  We were still able to play with some of the exhibits.

Below are some photographs of the displays we saw in the museum.  We did not have time to do a lot, but we did see most of the museum.



New England Aquarium

After we finished at the museum we hopped on the subway heading for the Government Center stop where we would get on the Blue Line to go to the New England Aquarium

It was also crowded here but we had a good time seeing the exhibits.

Below are a few photographs we took at the aquarium.


Lion fish

Atlantic Harbor Seals

Jelly fish
October 2, 2013