Laurel's Adventures in Home Repair   


These web pages are a chronicle of the home repairs, improvements, projects, and maintenance I have done....and am continuing to do, to my homes. 

A little history ...

My husband and I purchased the house in El Paso, Texas in 1998.  The home was originally built in 1976 and had not been renovated prior to us buying it. The home was stuck in the 70's, complete with orange shag carpeting!

Yep, it was a fixer upper but we chose this house because of it's central location in El Paso and the unique floor plan.  No renovations were done until 2011. Many of the pages on this website are for the El Paso house.

We purchased another smaller home in Oklahoma in 2010 when my husband's employer moved the company there.

As of April 2018 we have sold the home in El Paso and are looking for a larger house in Oklahoma.  After eight years, the two house - two state thing was exhausting.

The decision to sell the El Paso home was a difficult one.  Many of the additions I had made to this house, were done to satisfy my tastes and needs.  I had planned to stay in this home until I died.  Fortunately, the improvements I made, made the house desirable to others.  We had an offer for the house at full price two days after it went on the market.  We of course accepted.

In June 2018 we bought a larger house in Oklahoma.  This home is new construction therefore, there are no repairs to do at this time. However.....there is always room for improvement. 

We still own the smaller Oklahoma house we bought in 2010.  As soon as basic repairs, painting, and new carpeting are installed, we will be selling it.



The Projects
Backsplash in Kitchen
Bench - 2 x 4 Basics Flip-Top Bench Table
Brick Replacement and Brick Accent Painting
Casper Mattress
Ceiling Tiles
Closet Built from Scratch
Column Wraps for 4" x 8" Posts
Concrete Slabs
Curb Appealing Street Numbers
Cut Paper Artwork - Kitchen
Door Knobs and Cabinet Pulls
Dry rotted wood beam repair and paint
Doggy door installed on wrought iron screen door - Repair of door
Duct Work
End Table / Cabinet - Vintage / Industrial Look
Faux Brick and Tile
- Stucco wall patio and backyard stairs
    using concrete patch

- Painted tile pool deck (Oklahoma)
File Cabinet - Vintage / Industrial Look
Fire Place Hearth Shelves
Furniture Assembly
Garage Closet - Oklahoma
Garage Facelift - Closet, etc
Gate From Hell
Horrible Man Cave (rec room) Total Renovation
House Entrance Renovation
How to fix holes in a wrought iron screen door and replace screen
How to Make Your Own Door
- Crawl Space Door
How to Winterize a Swamp (Evaporative) Cooler
Kitchen Counter Tops - Faux Granite
Kitchen Facelift
Kitchen Light Facelift
Laundry Room Cupboards
Main Bathroom Repair / Remodel
Master Bathroom Shower Area Stripped to the Studs
Oklahoma Home Facelift -- Aluminum Siding and Paint
OMG!  The sink was leaking the whole time we were away?
Raising the Roof - Garage Roof Replacement
Rock Wall Repair
Rolling Cabinet - Vintage /  Industrial Look
Siding - Exterior
Solar Lighting Journey
Stair Door
Stairs to the Lower Level
Stencils - How to Make Your Own Stencils for Paint Projects
Storage Shed / Closet
Storm Shelter (Oklahoma)
Stucco Wall Repair and Paint
Swamp (Evaporative) Cooler Maintenance
Tuff Shed
Wrought Iron Facelift Outside
Weather Stripping (doors)
Why is My Swamp (Evaporative) Cooler Blowing Hot Air?
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April 2019

Concrete Slabs for Patio and Storage Shed - Big yard no patio.... So we needed a patio and a foundation for a storage shed.  See how this went here...


January - March 2019

Vintage Look Industrial Style Rolling DVD  and File Cabinets - Unlike the ready-made furniture shown below, I am able to make my own furniture when I get a burst of creative energy.  See the rolling DVD, file cabinet, and end tables I designed and made:
- Rolling DVD Cabinet
- File Cabinet

- End Table / Cabinet

October 2018

Got rid of my furniture in El Paso before I moved.  I needed to buy new furniture for the new house to store items. To cut costs and because I get lazy sometimes, I bought inexpensive "assemble it yourself furniture".  I have some tips on where to buy items and assembly tips for the novice.... See this furniture here....

July - August 2018

Even new houses do not have enough storage space.  See the closet I built for the garage in our new home in Oklahoma.  See how this went here....



November 2017 - April 2018

As of November 2017 I was in full "get the El Paso home ready for sale" mode. 

I had begun clearing out rooms and packing.  Most of the furniture was tossed or sold on Craig's List.  Each room was given a fresh coat of paint.  New carpeting was installed in the upper level of the house. 

The one room that needed a little extra TLC was the master bedroom.  Before the new carpeting was installed I needed to finish the floor tiles in front of the bathroom vanity.  I needed to repair some moulding and added new moulding around the windows and around the new tile floor.

The other problem with the master bedroom was the popcorn ceiling.  The last project in this house was placing ceiling tiles on the ceiling.  See how this went here....

June - August 16, 2016

Now that it is summer, it is now the perfect time to work on the inside of the garage, where afternoon temperatures exceed 100 degrees.  Good sweaty fun.  At least there is no direct sunlight.  See all of the storage areas I created here....

West side of garage BEFORE

West side of garage AFTER

December 2015 - May 2016

Rock wall repairs were continued. The west wall and backyard walls were completed. To see how this went, please go here...

West Wall BEFORE

West Wall AFTER

November - December 2015

I was disgusted with how my kitchen looked.  Before tackling any other projects, I gave it a dramatic facelift. 

For details about this facelift go here...



September 2015

After finishing up most of the exterior work on the El Paso home I went to Oklahoma for a "vacation" which turned into a complete facelift of that home.  For the details of this facelift, please go here...



February 23 - Aug 22, 2015

The Raising the Roof project and work on the exterior of the house, took up pretty much all of 2015.  Repairs and painting have now been completed on most of the exterior of the house.  There are no more damaged roof areas.  To see all of the details, go here...