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Casper Mattress

Setting It Up and Review

July 2017
(Write-up October 31, 2018)

I am writing this article a year-and-a-half after I purchased my new mattress.  Enough time to give a decent review of the mattress compared to the old mattress I had.  I also still had the photographs of the set-up that I had sent to my husband in 2017.  So instead of deleting the photos, I will place them on this website.

My old mattress, which I bought in 1997, was a decent mattress on the firm side.  It had been properly flipped over and rotated over the years.  I also had kept it protected with a plastic cover under the mattress pad so there were no stains on it and probably less dead skin cells than normal.

Throughout my younger life, I have always needed a firm mattress.  With a soft mattress, I could barely walk in the morning because my back would hurt.  Even when I was skinny toothpick in my 20's.

Fast forward to my senior years and the problem was still my back.  Being older I now have a bulging disc and arthritis in my lower back.  Every morning I would wake up with a nagging pain in my back and sore hip bones.

I started shopping for a new mattress.  I kept seeing the commercials for mattresses in boxes, giving guarantees offering a few months to try it back if you don't like it.  I figured what do I have to lose?....let me try one of these mattresses.  If it does not work out, I will get rid of it and get my money back.  I would then go and buy a conventional mattress (ones with springs).

Shopping For A Mattress

I first looked for online reviews of the foam mattresses.  I quickly discovered that there were quite a few of these companies out there offering mattresses that are shipped to you.  Most offer a guarantee, with your money back after a few months of sleeping on it.  So I needed to switch to reviews that compared the different mattresses between each other. 

I decided to select a mattress that was reported to be firmer than the others.  I also needed a company that offered a mattress base also. 

These foam mattresses need a flat platform type base.  They will not be supported if they are placed on top of box springs.  If your existing mattress sits on top of a platform frame with no box springs, then no problem, all you need is a mattress.  However, if you use a mattress and box spring set you will have to change your frame or get plywood to place over your box springs. OR buy one of the frames offered by the mattress company.  I opted for the later.

The company that I ended up purchasing my mattress from was Casper.  According to the online reviews, the Casper mattress was reported to be firmer than the others.  Their website offered a mattress foundation that would fit on my existing bed frame, and their return policy included pick-up of the mattress, if I decided to return it within the trial period.

On July 7, 2017, I placed my online order with Casper.  At the time of my purchase, the queen size mattress was $950.  The queen foundation was $250.  Minus a $75.00 coupon plus sales tax, the total cost for the mattress and foundation was $1217.82. 

On Jul 11, 2017 I received the mattress.  The following day the foundation.  I did the set-up on July 17, 2017. Since I needed to try out this mattress first, I kept my old mattress but needed to move it to another room in the house.

Setting Up the Foundation and Mattress

As you can see in the picture below, I have a standard bed frame that is made for a box spring. If I just put a piece of plywood on this, my mattress would be too low. 

Standard bed frame used for a box spring and mattress set

The bed foundation parts came in one long skinny box.  It is basically wood or probably particle board wrapped in dark gray fabric.  There are a total of 7 pieces.

To put the foundation together, only takes about 5 minutes.  The only tool you may need would be a rubber mallet.

It is best to put it together on the floor so you can make sure the corners are square before you put the plastic corner plugs in. Tap in plugs with mallet.

After you put together the sides, insert the center support. 

I then moved the foundation onto my bed frame.


Foundation pieces unpacked

Four sides put together on floor. Plastic plugs inserted in corners.

Center support inserted and then the foundation was moved to the bed frame

There are 2 sets of wood slats covered in light gray fabric that you lay on top of the bed foundation. They just lay on top of the frame.

Two sets of wood slats lay on top the foundation

Two sets of wood slats lay on top the foundation

After the foundation is set-up, I was now ready for the mattress.

The mattress is compressed and rolled up in a box.  Don't let that fool you.  It is heavy.  I dragged the box into the house and then a 1/2 flight of stairs into the bedroom.

It was then taken out of the box and placed on top of the bed foundation rolled up.

I then removed the outer layer of packaging and positioned the still compressed mattress in place.

I then removed the plastic over the mattress.  Within a few minutes the mattress decompresses.

The mattress still in the box

Place rolled up mattress on top of foundation

Unroll compressed mattress and move into place

Compressed mattress moved into place

Mattress decompressed and ready for use

Review of the Mattress

The first thing I did was sit on the end of the mattress.  I weighed about 200 lbs at the time.  Needless to say, my heavy body compressed the mattress down to the foundation.  Hmmm.  Much different than my old spring mattress where sitting on it only compressed the mattress a few inches. 

My next thought was UH-OH this foam mattress may be too soft for me. I then laid on top of the mattress.  With my weight evenly distributed, I DID NOT sink down to the foundation.  It felt very different.  There is no bounce with this mattress.  I sank into it.  Very comfortable.  A night on it would be the test.

After the first night on this mattress I questioned my decision on purchasing it.  It felt and slept very different than my old mattress.  You sink into it and it cuddles you.  Not an issue, just different.  Harder to roll over than my old firm spring mattress.  I also felt different aches when laying on my side.  Was not sure if this was the mattress or my body adjusting.  Time would tell.

I kept the mattress.  Overall, I was now sleeping better and woke with less aches and pain.  The foam does offer support and applies less pressure on the pain pressure points on my hips and legs.  My arms also fall asleep less from laying on them.  When sleeping on my stomach, it is way more comfortable on my bones and breast area.  The mattress does sleep a little warmer than my old mattress.

Besides the comfort, the bed also transfers less motion.  So if the dogs jump on the bed, even the 100 lb dog, you barely notice it.

I would recommend this mattress to someone like me. It is better than my old mattress.  To someone who may be reading this, who is considering purchasing this type of mattress, go for it.  Remember you can return it if it does not work-out for you.

The dogs love the bed.

If you move to different homes a lot, read on. 
Review of Moving the Mattress and Foundation

At the time I bought the mattress, I had no plans to move.  I anticipating that the mattress would sit where I placed it for the next few years.

Fast forward to 2018.  While preparing the El Paso house for sale, I needed to update and repair stuff in the master bedroom.  I needed to move the bed downstairs to the lower level of the house.

I can only describe this mattress as floppy and difficult to move.  Unlike a spring mattress this type of mattress goes everywhere you don't want it to go because it is not rigid.  You CAN bend it around corners which is a plus in tight quarters.  For one person trying to move it, it just flops all over with no way to firmly grip it.  Moving the mattress is a two person job.  Even going downstairs.  Moving the mattress back upstairs, I had to ask a neighbor for help.

The mattress was then moved to Oklahoma and then again to our second house in Oklahoma.  Each time it was a pain in the ass to move.  I covered the mattress in a plastic cover and it was thrown on top of a pile of boxes and furniture in the moving van.  It does lay on it's side well and flops over without something to hold it up.

The foundation, on the other hand, is easy to move.  So much easier than a bulky box spring.  All of the pieces easily come apart and are easy to move.  Putting it together again is a breeze


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