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Duct Work


When we first bought the home we noticed that the hallway ceiling would occasionally shed a few pieces of popcorn texture during the summer months when the swamp cooler we use to cool the home, had been running a couple of months.  We eventually realized that this whole ceiling was getting a little too damp and thought there was a leak in the duct and water was dripping down from the swamp cooler (evaporative cooler) mounted on the roof.  Looking through the vent, we saw no water puddles anywhere.  It just ended up being condensation and a duct that was not keeping this moisture away from the drywall on the ceiling.

The years passed and passed......and as it is with any only gets worse.  Now big chunks of the paint started falling off.  Oh fun.  I scrapped off some sections of the popcorn so it would just stop littering the floor.  The only thing left to do was to replace the duct in this section of the house.

No. I did not do this project myself.  I knew this job was something I did not want to tackle on my own.  I hired a contractor to do this work for me.  The contractor I used here in El Paso was Kings Aire. They mostly deal with heating and cooling equipment but also do duct fabrication.

I did not take any pictures when the work was being done.  My apologies.  I expected a lot of dust, even with this section of the house covered in plastic.  The dust got everywhere in the house regardless.  I had moved my home office downstairs in the lower room during the construction and worked down there while keeping an eye on the work up the stairs.

They needed to tear the entire ceiling out up to the swamp cooler on the roof. Then they replaced the duct and the drywall on the ceiling. 

The completed job is pictured on the left. 

I opted for no popcorn texture and they used the same knock down texture which is on the wall. 

I added some small crown moulding on the ceiling. The painting I did myself.  For this and some of the other jobs I have contracted out, I do the painting myself.  This lowers the cost of the whole job a bit when I don't have to pay for the additional paint contractor.

The register above the hallway and in the bathroom down the hall were replaced.  I purchased a new smoke detector to replace the old yellowed one.

The dark wood doors in the hallway were also changed to six paneled doors, which I talk about under my door project.


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