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October 2018

Why Am I Writing this Article??? -- Before selling the house in El Paso, TX, I spent months selling or giving away all of the furniture I had.  Since most of it was the cheaper assemble it yourself furniture, I knew most of it would not be able to make the move. Some of the furniture was close to 20 years old and were out-of-date or just too dinged-up to keep.  In fact, a TV cabinet I did want to keep, WAS moved..... and almost fell apart when we moved into our new home in Oklahoma. 

End result......I needed a whole new bedroom set and storage cabinets for inside of the new house. 

This page will provide some tips for assembling this type of furniture and reviews of the furniture I did buy.  Tips are in green.

My Skill Level
-- Before I go any further on this topic I will first address my level of expertise in putting together this type of furniture.  Or basically my skill level in assembling anything.  I am 60 years old and have lived at a middle or low middle income my whole life.  So this "put it together your damn self" furniture is pretty much all I have been able to afford my whole life.  Skill level, after 40 years of self assembly hell, is now expert. 

Yes, I now have the skills to build my own furniture (see my rolling cabinet here...), shelving, or closets myself.  However, I sometimes get lazy and just want to buy something at a low price and slap it together.  Less overall work.

If this is the first time you are assembling a piece of furniture out of a box, welcome to the DYI World and be patient with yourself.  Give yourself extra time and expect to make some mistakes.

Basic Tools -- Before you buy your first piece of unassembled furniture make sure you have some basic tools.  When purchasing a piece of furniture I often read the online reviews to see if there are any issues with the furniture.  I am always amazed at the people who whine about having to buy a drill to drill a hole.  Or the complaints about having to use a tool at all!!!!

Every household should have some basic tools.  These basic tools are:

- Hammer
- Rubber Mallet
- Straight Head Screwdriver
- Phillips (cross) Head Screwdriver
- A drill with an assortment of drill bits

There are other basic tools every household should have, which I will not cover here. For this type of furniture, the above tools are all that you will probably need.  If the furniture requires an Allen wrench (hex key) which is the metal L shaped tool used for hex screws, most furniture companies will include it with the hardware kit in the box.

Important -- What you do not need is a power screwdriver. Unless you are an absolute expert with this type of tool.....DON'T USE IT.  You will end up over-screwing or stripping a screw.  This type of furniture and hardware will become damaged, because it is usually not made with real wood or quality hardware.  Power tool fanatics suck-it-up and just use the manual tools.

Where to Buy Your Furniture For the Cheapest Price

Twenty plus years ago, the unassembled furniture I purchased was bought at a furniture or hardware store in-person.  Online options were limited and consumers were hit with a freight bill for shipping.  UPS or FedEx did not deliver these heavy items.  If they did, it was at a stiff price.

Fast forward to 2018.  Why on Earth would anyone physically go to a store and purchase a large, bulky, heavy, piece of furniture, load it in their vehicle (if it fits), and then unload it at home???  A 70" high shelf unit will weigh close to a 100 lb. Have the furniture shipped to you.
If you see a piece of furniture in a store.....  resist the temptation to buy it then, if you want to save money and labor.  Write down the information on the item and take a picture of the furniture.  Then go home and spend some time online doing your homework on an item.  If you are still tempted while at the store, do a quick search on your phone to check on prices.  If the in-store version is dirt cheap... .yeah...go for it.

When ordering online, you have it delivered straight to your home.  Shipping now is usually free.  Try to be at home when the delivery is done for these big bulky items.  I have the UPS or FedEx person put it directly in my garage where I will unpack it.  Hell, I avoid any 100lb lifting when I can, because of my back. 

Ugh, homework you said?  Hours online, yuck.  Really?  Yes, really!  If you don't want to save money, then skip this section.  If you do, read on.

Example of savings: This past week (Oct 8, 2018), I wanted a cabinet on Wayfair that would not be in-stock until November.  I set-up an alert 2 weeks ago. Got an e-mail telling me the item was now back in-stock (before Nov, yay!).  Selling price on Wayfair? $169.00. 

Before this, I had done my homework.  I found that Walmart also sells this same exact cabinet under a different name.  On Oct 8, 2018, Walmart now had the item in stock for $98.19 for the 31 inch wide cabinet.  The same price as the 18 inch cabinet.  Mistake???  Probably.  I was not going to wait around until they figured it out and raised the price.  I ordered two of these cabinets at $98.19 for a total of $196.38.  If I had purchased the cabinets at Wayfair I would have spent $338.00.  A savings of $141.62.

This is a more extreme example.  Most of the time, I have saved around $20 by shopping around.  What I have discovered, in the past few months, is that the prices for this type of furniture fluctuates, sometimes almost daily.  Before ordering the first item you see, watch it for a week or so to see if there are any changes.  The shelf unit on Wayfair and Walmart??  Stayed at $169.00 on Wayfair. On Walmart, Oct 8, 2018 - $98.19, Oct 10, 2018 - $108.00, Oct 12, 2018 - $118.00.

Finding the same furniture on a different website is tricky.  This is where those websites that try to give you the cheapest online price for an item fail miserably. Also, they may be listing items for companies that paid for this service.  They fail because the same piece of furniture is called different names made by different manufacturers.  Or are they?  Is one item the original and the other a Chinese knock-off? 

The websites that I have found, that have a lot of duplication of the same item, are Wayfair, Walmart, Overstock, Home Depot, Office Depot, Hay & Needle, Amazon, etc. 

On both Amazon and Walmart you have to watch out for the drop shippers. (see side bar at right)  Look for furniture shipped directly by Walmart or Amazon, not a third party.

What the hell is a drop shipper?
Why should I care?

Drop shipping is not a new concept and has been around for years.  For large national manufacturing companies this is a cost and time saver for getting merchandise where it needs to be.

What it has morphed into, is a regular person with no physical place of business, other than their couch at home.  They set-up an online account with Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc.  Then list items sold by Home Depot, Wayfair, Overstock, etc, in their online store at a higher price.

You find a rug you like, on say Amazon, and you order it.  The drop shipper goes to their account at the Home Depot and orders the rug giving your home address as the shipping address.

Huh??  Yes, you just actually bought a rug from the Home Depot.  Chances are... you bought the rug on Amazon at a much higher price than the same rug on the Home Depot website.  This is how the drop shippers make their money.

Yes, I was the sucker who bought this rug.  I had no idea this was going on.  I thought I was ordering from a company that shipped the rug from their warehouse.

The packing slip I received with the rug should have been from the Amazon online company. However, the packing slip I received, was from the Home Depot.  Ooops the drop shipper screwed up.

I did complain to Amazon.  They don't care.  They get their percentage of a sale, no matter who makes the sale.  Home Depot does not care because they made a sale.

Drop shipping has exploded on the internet in the past 5 years.  There are now more drop shippers than there are legitimate companies. It is now considered a "work at home scheme".

Why should you care? 

1) Drop shippers charge you more for an item.

2) If there is a problem with the item and you need parts or a replacement, you now have to deal with the drop shipper who is acting as the middleman.  Meaning, your problem may never be resolved.

Here is an example of the cabinet mentioned above that I purchased from Walmart at a huge savings over Wayfair.


Listed as Buckhead Storage Cabinet made by Greyleigh


Listed as SystemBuild Farmington 31.5 Wide Storage Cabinet Multiple Colors by Ameriwood

Also has duplicate listings for the same cabinet at the higher Wayfair price under Greyleigh Buckhead name.

Office Depot

Listed as Ameriwood Home Farmington

Amazon  (had 4 drop shippers selling item for over $200)

Listed as Ameriwood Home 7532196COM Farmington Wide Storage Cabinet

Is the Buckhead and the Farmington the same thing????  If it is available, download the assembly manuals.  Compare. Same instructions.  Same item. Just different names.  Ameriwood is the manufacturer.  System Build is a brand of Ameriwood Home.

Many folks attempt to avoid Sauder furniture.  However, Sauder uses many other names.  You do not know you are getting Sauder until the furniture arrives and it is on the manual.  One of the cabinets I bought ended up being Sauder.  I ordered two of the same cabinets.  One unit had a damaged shelf.  The other unit was missing some hardware.  I called Sauder directly twice, via their 800 number for the replacement parts.  Each customer service rep was pleasant to speak with.  I received my replacement parts in two different shipments the following week.  Easy no hassle phone calls.  I am happy with the furniture, even though there were a few glitches.

So how do you find the different furniture names???  You just have to do your search in a search engine.  Look at a lot of pictures of the furniture you want, compared to all of the others.  If the same item is out there, it will pop-up.  With the Buckhead / Farmington cabinet above, it had an unusual color called "smokehouse" (now changed to grey).  I searched using the terms "smokehouse cabinet".  I also searched using "greyleigh cabinet", "farmington cabinet".

Expectations For This Type of Furniture

This is cheap particle board furniture, most likely made in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, or any other number of countries where labor is cheaper.  It is not solid wood, hand made by a craftsman in America. (see my rolling cabinet here for a custom made piece...You have to think realistically. Therefore, you really cannot expect it to be solid and sturdy to be handed down for generations.  This is not heirloom furniture people!!! 

It is hilarious reading the reviews for this type of furniture.  Where the one or two star reviews complain about an item being flimsy in contrast to a majority that says an item is not flimsy.  Which is it??? 

For the one and two star-ers, expectations were probably for a solid wood item and then they realize that it is just particle board.  You need to fully read the description of the furniture.  If it is solid wood, it will say it is, along with the wood species.  The price will also reflect this.  If the item is inexpensive compared to others, then it is most likely just particle board, manufactured wood, or press board.  If there is absolutely no description of the furniture......look for something else.

Read the reviews -- Always keep in mind that some of the people who write the reviews may not be very mechanically inclined or just plain idiots.  I look for items that have at least 4 stars.  I then read the good and the bad reviews.  For the cabinet mentioned above, it got good reviews.  A major reoccurring problem reviewers mentioned, were that the holes for the screws, needed to be drilled.  To me, this was not a problem.  When the items came in, I had my drill ready.  The reviewers were correct.  The wood was just marked with dimples where the screws should go. A small drill bit on my drill was all that was needed to make the screw hole larger and screwing easier.

If reviewers all say the furniture is flimsy and it only has two stars out of 100 reviews, then most likely the furniture is super flimsy.  Stay away from it.

Keep The Furniture Stationary -- Once you put this furniture together, put it in one spot and leave it alone.  If you plan on moving it around your home a lot,  add plywood on the bottom and attach casters. I did this for my new heavy solid rubber wood TV cabinet.  I don't plan to move it, but if I need to to clean behind it, I can move it.

If you only spent a couple hundred bucks or less on an item, it will not be able to handle being dragged or pushed around, particularly on carpeting.  If you must move it, get help and lift it up and place it down.  Dragging it around will loosen the screws and cam locks.  It will not handle being moved from one house to the next every few years.  If you do a lot of moving, invest in more expensive furniture.

Cam Locks -- You will either love them or hate them. Most folks hate them.  If you think they are cheap and break easily now-a-days, you are correct.  What used to be made out of steel is now made out of aluminum.  When assembling my bedroom set, some of the cam locks basically disintegrated when I tried to screw them in with cam bolt.  Fortunately I saved the cam locks from the old TV stand that did not make the move from El Paso to Oklahoma and I used them.  These older cam locks were from 10 years ago and were made from stronger metal.

One thing is clear.  Line them correctly.  Twist them only until tight.  Do not over tighten them or they will break. During the assembly process try to avoid any stress on areas where you just tightened the cam locks.  Try to keep the furniture as square and level as possible until all of the parts are put together.

Complexity and Time to Assemble Furniture -- If you are new to assembling your own furniture, you will probably find the amount of pieces and the instructions daunting.  This is normal.  You are not alone. You will get through it.  Take it one step at a time.  Oh..... and READ the bloody instructions!!!!

Having assembled furniture for over 40 years, I can tell you the instructions have gotten better over the years.  It is obvious that many companies are now using native English speakers to write their instructions. Yay!  We spoke and some have listened.  However,  there are some manufacturers that don't use native English speakers, which makes for hilarious reading and a lot of head scratching.

If you are new to this, just know it will probably take you longer than you think to assemble it.  If you know this going in, you will not be so frustrated that it took you 4 hours instead of 2.

Lay out all the pieces and make sure you have everything.  Then READ the instructions starting with Step One.  Sometimes I download the instructions from the website ahead of time and read through it before the furniture arrives to make sure it makes sense.

Review of The Furniture I Bought and Assembled
Bedroom Furniture

Before leaving El Paso, I sold all of my bedroom furniture on Craigslist.  I had a dresser with mirror, and two night stands.  The TV cabinet with drawers in my bedroom, was the item I tried to move to Oklahoma.  It did not make the move, so I needed a new TV cabinet. 

My personal preference is to have the TV enclosed during the day in a cabinet to keep off dust.  Drawers on the lower half of the cabinet are a plus. Since I was furnishing an entire bedroom, I needed to look for matching furniture.  I started looking for the TV cabinet or armoire which would hold my small 32" screen TV.  Then searched if there were matching dressers and nightstands.

For my bedroom set, I wanted something that would last at least 20 years or more.  Also, at my age, this would probably be the last bedroom set I would ever own.  I wanted sturdy furniture, made of solid wood.  I also planned to pay a little more for this furniture.... but not a fortune.  My budget for a TV cabinet/armoire, one dresser and two nightstands was between $1000 - $1500.  I did not need a new bed frame or headboard.  The black iron bed frame I purchased in 1997 was still in great shape and is a timeless design.

The furniture I finally decided on, after a week of searching, was on Overstock.  Doing my homework, I searched on the internet for the same furniture.  I discovered that Overstock was the only online store selling these items.  Walmart and Amazon both had the items but the Walmart page said "Ships directly from Overstock".  On Amazon, the item was being sold by a drop shipper at $100s over the Overstock price.

When I purchased this furniture on June 20, 2018, it was called Gracewood Hollow Aristo Dark Grey.  Manual has no manufacturer name.  Manual just says Aristo Burnt Grey.  That is it.  So the actual manufacturer is unknown. As of October 13, 2018, Overstock now calls this line of furniture Jasper Laine Aristo Dark Grey by Jasper Laine Studios.

Price I paid with a coupon was:

Armoire - $620.99
Dresser - $305.09
2 Nightstands - $277.18

Total paid for 4 pieces was $1203.26


This furniture was made in Malaysia and is constructed of solid rubber wood.  Yes, it is heavy.  Overstock used a freight company to delivery these items. 

When a freight company is used to deliver your furniture, you absolutely need to be home to sign for the items.  Usually you can call the freight company to arrange a day and time.  Your street needs to be large enough for an 18 wheeler.  If it is not or has low hanging electric lines, you need to let the freight company know so that they can transfer the items to a smaller truck.

The armoire came in 4 boxes, the dresser in 2, and each nightstand in one box for a total of 8 boxes.  Know how many boxes are coming.  The freight truck driver almost shorted me one box.  When he looked in his truck, he found the last box.  Hmmmm.  Also, the boxes were on pallets which he loaded in my garage using a forklift.  Oh yeh!!!!  This was a major delivery.  The pallets are also yours.  In my case, I asked v-e-r-y nicely for him to take the pallets with him.  He told me that the boxes came with the pallets.  HOWEVER, because I asked him v-e-r-y nicely he took them.  Don't count on this happening all the time.  Pallets for me are a hardship.  I have to break them down to get them into the trash or haul them to the landfill.
I started with the easiest piece of furniture, the nightstands.  This way I could get used to the directions before I got to the most difficult piece, the armoire.

This furniture has an overwhelming amount of pieces and hardware.  18 pieces and 11 different types of hardware (screws, cam locks, cam bolts, drawer slides, drawer pulls, for each nightstand.

I unpacked the pieces in the garage to keep any styrofoam packing trash in the garage. I first laid out all of the pieces to make sure I had everything and nothing was damaged.  If you are doing this on a tile or wood floor, put an old blanket down to protect the furniture pieces.

For this nightstands, most of the pieces were for the drawers. For furniture with drawers, I skip around with the assembly steps.  I do the drawers first.  Why??  Since most of the pieces are for the drawers, I assemble them first and then move them out of the way in another room.  Now I am looking at less pieces to assemble for the frame.  For the nightstand, 10 of the 18 pieces were for the drawers.  With the drawers out of the way, I now had only 8 pieces to work with.  Now I went back to Step 1.

For furniture with drawer glides, you have one shot to get it right.  The flat head screws need to go in absolutely straight and need to be screwed in until they are flush with the glide.  If just a small edge of the screw sticks up, the drawer will hit the screw and make a noise and prevent the glide from operating smoothly.  If you mess up, you can usually put the screw in through another hole on the glide.  However you will need to have a drill to drill a small starter hole for the screw.

Both nightstands had no problems except for one of the drawer pulls.  The inside of the pull was not machined properly so the screw would not go in properly.  I ended up gluing the pull to the drawer.

I then put together the dresser with no issues.  Then I put together the armoire which took about 3 days working on it for about 3 hours a day.  The only issues I had were the stupid cam locks.  This furniture was the one where I had the disintegrating cam locks.  Twist too hard, and they break into a bunch of little pieces that have to be pried out of the hole piece by piece. 

For the armoire, I knew it would be too large and heavy to move once it was in place.  Even though I had no plans to move it after it was in place, I put 4" casters on it.  Eventually I will need to clean behind it or move it to replace the carpeting in the bedroom.  It can now be carefully rolled out of the bedroom if needed.

Before putting the casters on, I needed to add plywood on the bottom of the frame to attach the casters to.  I wanted the casters underneath the cabinet almost hidden from view.  I just attached 2 pieces of wood across the bottom of the frame and screwed the plywood on.  4" casters were needed for the weight of the armoire and the height of the legs.  The armoire looks like it is sitting on the legs, but is actually on the casters.  The carpeting hides the 1/8" that the legs are raised off the floor.

For this set of furniture, extra pieces of hardware were included in the kit.  Of note, this rarely happens.  For all of the other furniture I have put together, it had exactly the amount of screws and parts needed.  No extras.  I safe these extra pieces.  I also save the reusable hardware from older furniture that I have taken apart to throw away.  You never know when something will come in handy.
Dining Room / Kitchen Area Cabinet

I needed a cabinet along one length of a wall in the dining area next to our kitchen. When I searched online for a cabinet, I found the cabinet pictured to the right on the World Market website.  Beautiful with great reviews.  But not the $1300.00 price tag.  I looked everywhere on the internet for this cabinet.  It was only found on the World Market website.  Sigh.

After doing more searching, I found a cabinet that was similar on the Wayfair website that is no longer there as of Oct 14, 2018.  It was also on the Walmart website at a cheaper price.  Yay! 

World Market cabinet I wanted.  Too expensive for me

This cheaper cabinet has the same look as the World Market cabinet, if you buy two and make modifications on one of the doors.

Walmart - One cabinet only

Walmart - Set of 2

Hay & Needle
source=pla&kwid=Bookcases newskus&tid=SDR1212-1&adtype=pla&kw=&lsft=adtype:pla&gclid

Amazon (with 11 drop shippers)

Better Homes & Garden Modern Farmhouse Cabinet - Bought Set of 2

On September 27, 2018, I purchased the set of 2 farmhouse style cabinets on the Walmart website for $394.20.  The items came in Oct 3, 2018, 3 days earlier than stated on the website.  A plus.

FedEx did the delivery of these items.  One box had 2 small unremarkable holes on one side.  The other box had no damage.  The 2 small holes on one box did become a problem.  Along this side of the box was where the smaller shelves for the cabinet were packed.  Between the cardboard and shelves, there was no packing material like styrofoam.  The 2 small holes had dented one shelf on the box side and cracked the same shelf on the other side.  In the undamaged box, I was missing the hardware to hang the door.  This was the first furniture I have ever purchased, in all these years, that had missing hardware and a damaged piece. 

This was the Sauder furniture I referred to above.  I had no idea I was buying a piece of Sauder furniture until I had the instruction manual in-hand.  Either Sauder has been licensed to use the BHG trade name or BHG uses Sauder to manufacture furniture with their name.  Either way, the website did not mention Sauder.  Some reviewers appear to have a major problem with Sauder.  I had never had a piece of furniture made by Sauder, so I was not concerned.

This manual, unlike the generic manuals for my bedroom furniture above, clearly had the Sauder name complete with a toll free number to call them for either assistance or for parts.  As mentioned above, I called Sauder twice and was treated politely and efficiently.  The replacement shelf and missing hardware were sent to me free of charge less than a week later.

The instructions for this Sauder furniture were clear and written by a native English speaker.  They even make attempts at humor by suggesting that it is snack time between some steps. 

I assembled this set according to the instructions, starting at Step One.  No problems. 

The difference I made to one of the sliding doors was to flip around the way the decorative wood was angled and the location of the door handle.  I wanted to mirror the look of the World Market Cabinet. 

To do this,  I carefully measured and marked where to drill the holes for the handle and piece of diagonal decorative wood on the opposite side of the door.  Before drilling, I made a small dimples in the spot where the drill bit would go with an awl and a hammer.  Just one tap to create a little dent.  If you don't have an awl, a nail will do the trick. This way a small drill bit will grab in the dent and not skate around the wood damaging the finish.

When drilling holes in furniture particle board, you need to start with a tiny drill bit, then work your way up to the size you need.  I used 6 different drill bits working my way larger to match the 1/4" wide holes on the other side of the door. With my last drill bit, I worked the bit around the hole a little to make it a little wider to fit the door handle posts.  If you start with a large drill bit you will rip up the particle board.

Completed 2 cabinets.  Door on left cabinet was modified by changing handle
 from the left to right side of door.  Decorative diagonal wood was flipped.
Cabinets were then placed next to each other to mirror the look of the
more expensive World Market cabinet.

What about the original pre-drilled holes I was suppose to use on the door?  They were covered up using the stickers included with the hardware kit to cover-up the cam locks. Barely noticeable, unless you are looking for them.

If these stickers fall off in the future, I will fill the holes with some wood filler and dab some gray paint on them. The distressed wood look veneer of this furniture makes doing touch-up paint easy, because of the randomness.

This furniture, after assembling, is pretty solid.  There are round plastic screw-on bases for the legs so that you can level it on an uneven floor.  They also came with wall mounts to keep them from falling over.  However, in my home, I don't have small children nor would this shelf fall over unless it was yanked down. So I did not use the wall anchors.  I did however use the wall anchors for the cabinets I assembled for my office below.

Matching wood look stickers to cover unused pre-drilled holes on modified door.

Spare Room Storage Cabinets

In one of the spare bedrooms of my new home, there are piles of boxes with my office supplies, books, and art supplies.  In El Paso, I had these items spread throughout the house in different cabinets.  The plastic bins, which contain my large puppet collection  (former children's librarian) that is slowly being sold off on Amazon and Ebay, also take up a lot of space.  I do have shelving, but I needed cabinets with doors for the smaller items.  I prefer the doors for a more uncluttered look.

I found the cabinet pictured to the right on Wayfair and then found it cheaper on Walmart.  The price I paid was $159.00 each.  The price now on Walmart is cheaper.  Grrr.

This is the same brand of furniture as the first cabinet shown at the top of this page (so the links are there.)  This line of furniture has a 31" cabinet with 2 cabinet doors.  A 30" cabinet with one drawer and 2 cabinet doors, and an 18" cabinet with one door.  There are also a few other pieces of furniture.

The instruction manual for these cabinets is clearly labeled with the System Build information.  If there is a problem, the manual asks for you to contact them first.

I had no missing or damaged parts and the instructions were clear.  The cabinets went together easily.  I had no need to contact the company.  26 pieces for the cabinet with drawers.  No extra hardware was provided so you need to get it right the first time.

This is the cabinet where I needed my drill, to drill holes for all of the wood screws. I used the tiniest drill bit I had, set to less than 1/2" depth to keep the bit from going through the pieces.

The cabinets are sturdy enough however, the weight limit for the shelves is only around 20lbs.  So I cannot use these shelves for heavy books.  They recommend no weight on the top of the cabinet.  So I will just use it for empty boxes or really light objects.

When I say sturdy, it is medium sturdy.  Not flimsy but not rock solid.  The kitchen cabinets shown above feel more solid.  Because this shelf is tall and narrow, I DID use the provided wall bracket to secure the top of the cabinet to a wall stud.  Doing this also made it feel more stable and move less when opening the cabinet doors. 

Dimples in furniture parts where wood
screws go

Tiniest drill bit used to drill
small starter holes

2 cabinets with drawer.  Empty boxes piled on top taking advantage of my 9 foot ceilings.  These cabinets can only handle light objects on top.

Cabinets hold a bunch of my little stuff.  Shelves have a limit of 20 lbs, so no heavy books.

I ordered two more of these cabinets without the drawer.  These were the cabinets I bought at a really low price mentioned at the top of the page. 

All of this furniture came in huge boxes.  Some boxes with a lot of styrofoam to protect the furniture pieces.  All of the large pieces of styrofoam are now in our attic over the garage to help insulate the garage.  To cut costs in our new home, the contractor did not insulate the area above our garage which is attached to the house. But yet, they installed insulated garage doors.  Go figure.

The larger pieces of foam lay over the rafters.  The smaller pieces between the rafters.  Easy to move around, if needed.  Keeps the styrofoam out of the landfill.

Ordered 2 more cabinets without drawer


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