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Door Knobs and Cabinet Pulls


When you purchase an older home, where no concentrated effort was made to keep things like door knobs consistent, you will at some point notice the chaos. You know you are in trouble when you go to replace a door knob and you have a hard time determining what exactly is the style of door knob used throughout the house.

It is easy, when you are in a rush at the hardware store, to pick-up the cheapest door knob available to replace one that has malfunctioned. 

Over the years, you finally take a look at your door knobs.  I mean really look at your door knobs.....really, really look close at your doorknobs. You may see five to maybe ten different styles and/or finishes. 

Then there are the keys.  When we moved in, every door had a different key.  Each deadbolt had a different key.  Doors that did not need locks had locking doors, with no keys.  Doors that needed privacy locks, did not.  Complete chaos.

You get to a point where there is an urgent situation involving a door and you can't find the key. You finally step back and say, "enough!"  I reached that point and decided to remedy my situation in September of 2011.

ONE style of door knob.  Locks where there needed to be locks. No locks on closets.  ONE KEY for the whole house!!

First, I had to do an inventory of the whole house.  How many door knobs and deadbolts did I actually need?  The first time through, I thought I had counted them all.  When I went back to count again....I found I missed a few.  Then I had to to figure out what type of door knob or deadbolt I actually needed.

For the exterior doors I needed to think like a burglar, which helped me determine which type of deadbolt to purchase.  There are two types.  Single deadbolt and double deadbolt.  The double deadbolt requires a key to lock or unlock either side.  The single has a turn latch on the inside of the house, the key is used on the outside only.  My exterior deadbolts are on the wrought iron screen doors.  It would be pointless, in my case, to put a single deadbolt on these screen doors.  All a burglar would need to do was cut the screen with a blade and slip their hand in to turn the lock. So I could only get the double deadbolt.

But what about a fire?  Not a problem.  Family members know where the keys are hidden near the doors so that a deadbolt can be quickly unlocked from the inside, in case of a fire. 
Here is what I needed:
Entrance knobs 5 doors, 4 screen doors 9
Entrance lever garage screen door 1
Double deadbolts 5 screen doors 5
Passage knobs (no locking mechanism) closets 9
Privacy knobs (with a lock) bedrooms and bathrooms 7
Dummy knob furnace door 1
Entrance, privacy, and passage 1 each extra for back-up 3
Total   35
The one odd door out, was the garage wrought iron screen door.  We wanted the lever style handle on this door because we needed to be able to open the door with the back of the hand or an elbow. The "press the handle down with an elbow and kick it open" technique is used often here.

I also needed to order some extra knobs to have on-hand for back-up.  This way I have the extra knob of the same style in case the company goes out of business or changes styles.

Now that I knew what I needed, I needed to find one company that had ALL of the different knobs in stock in an oil-rubbed bronze, in one style, at a reasonable price, AND could key all entrance knobs and deadbolts to just ONE key. 

Not as easy as one would think. The big box hardware stores will rarely have all the knob types in the same finish in the larger quantities that you want at a specific point in time.  Plus, the prices tend to be higher.

I started looking for online stores that specialize in door hardware and can better handle a bulk order. The company I found was located in North Carolina.  They were able to handle the bulk order, had all of the different knobs in stock at the time, and were able to honor my request of keying all entrance locks with the same key.  The prices were also very reasonable. I received my initial order in about 10 days.
The style of knobs I ordered are the Oil Rubbed Bronze knobs. The entrance knob is pictured at left.  The feel of the knob is a smooth brushed surface.  No hard or shinny edges. They feel good in my hands.  The quality overall is good for the price you pay. If you want heavy solid metal you will need to pay a lot more. 

The entrance lever I bought for the garage screen door, was solid metal and has a lot of weight to it.  I can see why their website lists this as one of their bestsellers.

How has the finish held up two years later?  The only door knob where the brushed finish has become shiny from wear, is the front door.  This is because the knob got a lot of use from the contractors I had opening and closing the door during the winter while they worked on the water damage I had. 

All of the door knobs work fine and have not had to replaced so far.  I was very pleased with my purchase.
I was so pleased with these knobs, that I replaced all of the knobs in a second house we have.  With the same identical knobs and the same key.  So now we only need one key to open either house.

The company is very responsive to a problem if you have one.  In one case, a deadbolt I purchased had a defective screw hole.  It was not machined correctly and the screw would not go in all of the way.  They replaced this part promptly.  In another case they forgot the hinge screws for some hinges I bought.  They sent them right away.

Their website is also very helpful with diagrams showing the knobs with their dimensions.  You know exactly what you are getting.
The photograph to the right shows the new door knob on the white door on the left.  The brown doors in the house are also being replaced as part of my doors project.

In some cases, I placed the new door knobs on the existing brown doors before I placed the new door up.

This was because there were a lot of problems with the old door knobs.  I wanted working door knobs at the time.  The new doors could wait.

The brown door pictured next to the white door on the right had additional damage to the door frame that had to be repaired before a new door was placed on.

The photos below show the before and after in the hallway with the new door knobs, doors, and hinges.

Yes, the hinges were replaced when the new doors went up.

The other item I eventually purchased from was their oil rubbed bronze cabinet round ring knob.  I had furniture cabinets throughout the house with a variety of knob finishes or the wood knobs on some furniture had been chewed on or off by the dogs. 

Cabinet pulls in main bathroom

I just wanted one style of knob that I could place on all of these pieces of furniture and cabinets.

I have used them in the main bathroom (pictured at left) and in the master bathroom (pictured below).  They are on my office furniture and TV cabinet in the master bedroom and downstairs on the laundry room sink vanity.

Everywhere I needed a knob.

The knobs are a good heavy weight and the finish has not worn off.  The dogs also no longer have any interest in them.  Yea!!

I will also be using these knobs on the new vanity I plan to re-face and the cabinets I will build along the wall in the master bathroom.


Cabinet pulls on master bathroom over toilet cupboard

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