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Review Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum
(LZ600 Series)

Review Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum
Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away
Vacuum LZ601

September 2019

September 29, 2020 - Warranty Claim
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Background Information

The comments and review(s) on this page are my own.  I paid the full or retail sale price for the item(s) below.  I am not in contact with any representative from any company. Nor has anyone contacted me with any offer of money or free items in exchange for a good review.

For the last five years I have been using a Shark Navigator Vacuum.  (Purchased in 2014.)  Within those five years I have had the unit replaced once in 2016.  This was because of a short in the electrical cord/plug which caused it to power down, if the cord was wiggled a certain way. 

After calling Shark's customer service, the vacuum was replaced with a whole new Navigator.  I did not have to send back the older vacuum.  Very good customer service.  Shark lived-up to their warranty.

There had also been a product recall in 2015 which was problematic because this would leave me without a vacuum, while the part was being exchanged.  However, the part was replaced so fast that it was not too much of an inconvenience.  Kudos again to Shark.

BUT after five years, my living situation has changed:

   1)  I have moved to a different house.
   2)  Instead of 3 dogs to clean-up after, there are now 7.
   3)  I am now older, into my 60's.   More aches and pains.
   4)  My old and trusty Navigator is screaming to retire, although it still does a decent job.

With 7 dogs, my 2000 sq ft  house needs to be vacuumed every day.  Particularly in the bedrooms and main living area.  If I don't vacuum, there will be little fur balls visibly skirting around the tile floor on the second day. 

One positive is that there are no more stairs, like the El Paso and Lawton houses.  Just one level.

Every day I vacuum. 
Every day the Navigator Dust Collector (pod) is filled to the brim when I am done.
Every day I need to vacuum on carpet, area rugs, and tile floors. 
Every day I also need to vacuum under all of the furniture or move the furniture around.
Every day I need to vacuum dog beds and on top of the furniture.
Every day there is about an hour when the house is clean.....before it isn't.
Every day

My poor Shark Navigator has been abused over the past five years.  There are scraps and a few dings.
I have accidentally dropped it down stairs a few times.  It has been dragged across the floor when using the hose attachment.  It has fallen over too many times to count and even broke a pane of glass in a French door in El Paso.  I am brutally rough on vacuums, particularly when I am not in the mood to clean......which is almost always.  Who is?!?

The beater brush on the floor section of my Navigator has been worn down to little nubs.  So when I vacuum over carpet or an area rug, the brush hardly touches the yarns.  Which means I have to depend on suction to pick up the fur and dust.  Which means going over an area multiple times.

Also, because the brush has been worn down to little nubs, the Navigator vacuum no longer self-propels forward.  Which means, I have to push and pull it across the carpeting.

In addition, there are now cracks appearing in the exposed section of hose where the floor attachment meets the vertical tube piece. 


Shark Navigator beater brush bristles worn down to nubs

Cracks appearing in hose between floor attachment
 and wand (vertical tube) on the Shark Navigator

With other vacuums I've had in the past, I would just wrap the hose with duct tape to seal the crack.  With the Shark Navigator, this hose is tucked into the compartment so tight, you cannot wrap it.

Time to buy a new vacuum for my everyday use.
Shopping for a New Vacuum

When it comes to vacuums, I have a not-to-exceed price programmed into my head.  Anything over $300, I will not look at, unless it is on sale under $300.  For such a high price, I would expect the vacuum to do the work by itself, including move the furniture.

Since I am rough on vacuums, I expect to replace them every 5 years or so.  The less I pay, the better.  Particularly if I need to replace the vacuum before 5 years.  It does not hurt my wallet as much, being on a fixed income.

I had been watching the Shark Apex infomercials.  Price....$299.  Almost like the Navigator except for the addition of the soft fabric roll and a self-cleaning brush roll (aka DuoClean).  With the Navigator, you periodically need to cut the hair or fibers that wrap around a brush roll.  So self-cleaning is a big plus.  But plus taxes, the Shark Apex vacuum is over my $300 threshold.

So I looked online for other vacuums with good reviews.

My criteria for a new vacuum was:

1)  Lighter than the Shark Navigator
2)  Able to go over all surfaces and clean each surface equally well.
3)  Longer power cord.
4)  Be able to vacuum under most furniture without attaching or disconnecting anything.

I did notice the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro, which would be nice to clean the ten area rugs I have scattered around the house.  However, the rugs only need to be shampooed occasionally.  Not everyday.  The price is also between $250 - $300.  Plus, I would be buying the cleaning solution for it, as long as I owned it.

Dyson......yikes they cost too much.  Maybe if I win a lottery. 

I came across the Shark Apex UpLight infomercial one night, while channel surfing, during the Labor Day weekend.  My immediate reaction was.....oh....this is different.  After watching the usual demonstrations with the vacuum, they finally showed the price. $199.80 if purchased on the Shark website with free shipping.  OK.... you got my attention.  I noted the web address and decided to research it the next day online.

The Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum is classified as a stick vacuum.  Which is nothing more than a regular upright vacuum with a smaller dust catcher on top, instead of a larger canister at the bottom of the machine. 

Shark does have another stick vacuum called the UpLight Apex DuoClean with a tear drop shaped dust canister.  The Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum that I will be reviewing was release in August of 2019 and has a square-ish shaped canister, when viewed from the front.

Since this vacuum is new, there were not many reviews yet.  What I read sounded good and my past experiences with Shark were good, so I went ahead and purchased the Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum on the Shark website, Sep 1, 2019.  With taxes the total purchase price was $217.53.

Of note, is the TruPet upgrade that Shark offers with this vacuum.  For just $100 more, you get a Steam Mop, an accessory bag, multi-angle dusting brush, anti allergen dust brush and the self-cleaning pet power brush.  (As of Sep 14, 2019)

If you have never owned a Shark vacuum before, these accessories are a good deal for the extra $100.  In my case, we have 3 steam mops in the house.  One I got with my Navigator 5 years ago,  the other 2 my husband bought when we were living in two households.  I also have the bag and multi-angle dust brush.  All of the tools from my Navigator fit on the Apex UpLight I received.  What I really need is the self-cleaning pet power brush.  This sells for $49 on the Shark website, so I will buy that separately.

Review - Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum
LZ601  (LZ600 Series)

As mentioned above, I ordered this vacuum on September 1, 2019 on the Shark Clean website.  They offered free shipping, which means you will receive it via some kind of Ground Shipping which is the cheapest option for something that weighs a few pounds.  In my case, the vacuum came via FedEx Ground, shipped from Maryland.

I received the vacuum on Mon, Sep 9, 2019.  This was over a 3 day holiday weekend.  So counting from Tue, Sep 3, 2019, it took 6 days to get to Oklahoma.  This amount of time was ok with me.  I was in no rush.

The box was received in good condition.

When unpacking the vacuum, it felt like a joke gift box. 
You know.....a box in a  a box. 
In other words, the vacuum was packed well.

 The boxes that my Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum came in

Inside of the box, each part was securely packaged to minimize any chance of a part breaking.  So even with rough handling, the vacuum should remain unscathed.....providing an elephant doesn't step on the box crushing it.
After unpacking the box, I laid out the parts on the floor for the photo to the right and to make sure I had all of the parts.

Box contents are:

1)  Floor attachment
2)  Pod  (dust canister)
3)  Wand
4) Duster crevice tool
5) Pet multi-tool
6) Accessory holder
7) Owner's guide
8) Quick start guide

Putting the vacuum together is simple.

1) The wand (tube) is inserted into the floor attachment. 

2) The pod is then inserted on top of the wand. 

That's it!

The accessory holder that holds the two tools pictured to the left, snaps onto the wand.


What is inside the box (minus all the packing material)

After a few days of using the vacuum, I ended up removing the accessory holder.  This is because I occasionally need to grab the vacuum and lift it over something, like the electrical cord or the edge of an area rug.  The accessory holder was right where I wanted to grab the wand to lift the vacuum.  Also, I don't need to use the tools every time I vacuum the floor.

Let's return to the criteria I had mentioned above for a new vacuum.
My criteria for a new vacuum was:

1)  Lighter than the Shark Navigator

Yes, the
Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum is lighter than my Shark Navigator by at least a couple of pounds.  Easy for me to use and maneuver with an arthritic body and sore legs after walking my daily 5 miles on my treadmill.

2)  Able to go over all surfaces and clean each surface equally well.

Yes, the
Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum does a decent job on my tile floors, carpeting, and area rugs.  Does well along the baseboard edges of the floor.  Compared to my 5 year old Navigator the suction is equal to or better.  However, remember my Navigator had age issues.  Regardless, the suction power is strong and gets up a lot of fur, dander, and dust you cannot see when you are looking at the floor. 

The fur, dander, and dust in my small bedroom the first time I used the Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum

In fact, the suction is so strong that I need to take real care going over the edges of my area rugs.  I have sucked up the edge of my rugs a few times and have had to turn off the vacuum and lay the edge back down.

So, there is still the problem of going from a tile floor area up to an area with a rug.  Like with my older vacuum, I need to lift the floor attachment a little over the edge.  This is when I need to grab the wand, which might be ten times every day when I vacuum.  However, with this vacuum, because it is so much lighter, it is easier to do this.

By the way, the fur and dust you see in the photograph above is what I vacuum up in my bedroom every day.  The canister is filled to the top every day after I finish my cleaning. 

3)  Longer power cord.

Yes, the
Shark Apex UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum has a longer cord than the Navigator.  5 feet longer for a total of 30 ft. 

4)  Be able to vacuum under most furniture without attaching or disconnecting anything.

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!  Because this is a stick vacuum with the pod (dust canister) at the top, you can easily vacuum under most furniture without taking off the dust canister.  The floor attachment has a low profile of just under 4 inches.  Which means it can get under beds with a traditional frame and many of the pieces of furniture in my home that is not on wheels.

In my case, I can vacuum the entire floor, including under the furniture, of my home without removing anything or switching to a different tool.  Not only am I completing this daily task faster, my house is cleaner under the furniture.

Low height of the floor accessory makes it easy to get under most furniture that is 4" or higher off the ground

November 22, 2019 - I needed to use the vacuum for a couple of months

What I DO NOT like about this vacuum:
Some of these dislikes may or may not be a deal breaker for you.
These are things " I " personally have issues with.

Electrical cord too rigid

Huh? I have lived long enough and have owned enough equipment or appliances to know the difference between a supple cord and a rigid cord.  A supple cord does not twist upon itself and then tie itself into knots.  The cord on this vacuum is so rigid, it needs to be un-kinked everyday.

To avoid some of this knotting and kinking, I gather the cord in big loose loops at the end of the task and either lay it down on top of a flat surface that is near where I store the vacuum or loop it on the top hanger on the back of the vacuum stick. 

It is almost impossible, after you have used the vacuum a few weeks, to wrap the cord around the cord hooks.  You will need to twist and contort the cord back to its original state and then wrap it around the hangers.  I never use the hangers anyways because of my bad back.  It means bending over 5 or 6 times to hook the cord on the bottom hanger.
The light is only on the floor attachment

When you remove the pod from the stick portion to use the hand-held portion of the vacuum, there is no light.  With the Navigator the hand-held portion has a light.  This was soooooo helpful because when I am using a dusting attachment, I am usually in an area with dim lighting. 

Now when I use this function of the vacuum, I need to turn on room lights to see what I am cleaning.

Oh, and I do get it!!  This is a downscaled version of Shark's vacuum products, so they had to cut back somewhere to keep the price reasonable.  I just miss that little LED light.
Stretchy hose for hand held attachment use.....NOT stretchy

The expandable hose, when you are using the hand attachments, is not really stretchy.  This was also an issue with the Navigator and why I broke a pane of glass on a French door.  The hose does not stretch out without a great deal of force (your muscles)  With the Navigator I pulled on the hose and the rest of the vacuum fell over crashing into the door I was working near and then.... I had glass shards to vacuum up.

Also I don't know about everyone else, but I need 3 or 4 hands to do some tasks.  If you are running around the house dusting only on top of surfaces, this hand-held part is for you.  Like in the commercials, the actor is floating casually around the house holding the pod in one hand and the dusting attachment in the other, happily cleaning their ceiling fan and the top of a table.  Oooooo what fun!! need that third hand to move a piece of furniture or a vase on top of a table.  Then you have to put the pod down.....AND THEN STEP ON IT WITH YOUR hold it down while you extend the NOT stretchy hose out.  I have also placed the pod between my legs and then pulled on the hose.
 Dust Canister / Pod is too narrow in some areas. Debris gets stuck inside.

This is a stick vacuum.  The upper portion where the pod is, needs to be small enough so the vacuum is maneuverable and light.  Therefore, the dust canister needs to be smaller than a full-sized vacuum.  

Occasionally, not every day, I need to stick my hand in the canister to help the debris out when emptying the canister. 

If you only have dust, it should not get stuck.  I have fur, it gets stuck. 

Deal breaker for some.  Not a problem for me.
Legs with wheels that let the vacuum stand upright

With the older stick type vacuums, there was nothing to hold them upright except for your hand. Or you could lean it against a wall or just lay it down.  This vacuum has retracting legs with wheels which allow the vacuum to stand upright when you are not vacuuming. 

When you are ready to vacuum, you place your foot on the floor attachment and pull back while you push forward, and the legs retract out of the way.  Stand the vacuum up straight, and the wheels pop back out so the vacuum can stand upright.

Great!  Right?  Except if you are dealing with the rigid electrical cord.  A few times now, the whole vacuum falls over while I am 10 feet away trying to un-kink the rigid power cord.

Soooo.....the little legs and wheels (made of plastic) do hold the vacuum upright just fine, as long as there is nothing pulling or pushing it.  It does not take much force to knock the vacuum over.

Also, sometimes it is a little difficult to get the vacuum to stand upright while vacuuming over a tile floor.  It keeps sliding forward.  I need to place my foot on the floor attachment to keep it still while I move the handle into the locked upright position
Soft Roller Pops-off Sometimes

The soft red and black roller at the front of the floor attachment which is part of the Shark DuoCLean roller system, pops-off sometimes if you are going over a rigid carpet edge like a Water Hog rug.

The very first time I used the vacuum I went into my laundry room, where I have one of these rugs because of the garage entrance.  I hit the edge a certain way and the roller just fell off.  "I initially thought, "not even an hour and it is broken already".  Then I realized that nothing was broken.  The little latch that allows you to remove the roller was hit by the edge of the rigid rug.

One Power Setting

With the Shark Navigator you have the ability to turn off the beater brush.  You would set the vacuum to hard floor (wood, tile, laminate) and the floor attachment would just suck up the dirt on the floor.  No brush spinning.

With this vacuum, there is only one power setting once you bend the rod down to start vacuuming.  Both brushes on the bottom spin until you place the handle upright into the locked position.

It would be nice to turn those brushes off once-in-a-while.....while I am on a hard floor.

I really do like this vacuum for my everyday cleaning.  Now that it is winter, the dogs are shedding less, so I only fill the dust pod half-way daily.  Being lighter and more maneuverable has shortened the amount of time I spend doing this task, which is a BIG plus.

On a 5 star rating system, I would rate this vacuum as a 4 star.  Not a 5 because of the things I don't like above.

Tips For Your Purchase

- If you are currently shopping for this specific vacuum online, you should not be paying more than $200 exclusive of tax, added items, etc. 

- I highly suggest buying the vacuum directly from the Shark website.  They usually (not always) have the best price.  Also, there are less middlemen, if there is a problem.  Your purchase is part of their database, therefore they can look up the date of the sale quickly to verify it and provide you service.

 - If you bought your product on Amazon or QVC or some other second or third party seller.  Make sure you register it online at the Shark Website ASAP.  DO NOT buy any type of added insurance for it (which is offered by some websites like Wal-mart).  Shark already has a decent warranty that they honor, based on my experiences.

Happy Vacuuming!!!!!!   Yea....right.

Update - Warranty Claim

September 29, 2020

The warranty that I have on this vacuum is the 5 year elite.  Which basically means, if anything breaks from normal wear and tear you can get a replacement part.

While vacuuming during mid-September 2020, I noticed that the cord sheathing at the pod end had cracked open and the white threads underneath were now showing.  I was not immediately alarmed or concerned about getting electrocuted, however, this type of thing only gets worse over time, not better.

Yes, I could have just wrapped it with electrical tape.  If the vacuum was over 5 years old, this is exactly what I would have done.  But it is not, therefore no tape.....I make a phone call instead to SharkNinja.

On September 29, 2020 I called the warranty phone number listed on SharkNinja website.

Gray plastic cord sheathing cracked open displaying white cord padding underneath

After they looked up my product registration information, which they found using my phone number, it was confirmed that I did purchase the vacuum through their website and was covered by the 5 year warranty.

They did ask me to take a photo of the cord problem with my phone.  After explaining that I only use my cell phone for phone calls and admitting that I have no idea how to talk on the phone, take a photograph and send it via a text, without disconnecting the call I was currently on, the representative gave me an e-mail address to send a photo to.  I had already taken photographs of the cord prior to calling SharkNinja.

Of note, the customer service representative I talked to was polite and patient regarding my lack of cell phone expertise.  Frankly, I never bothered to learn because I have a laptop in front of me everyday.  Why do something on a teeny tiny phone, when I have a laptop and an awesome digital camera to take photos with.

I digress........After seeing the photo of the cord, the decision was made to send me me a new vacuum pod.  I received the pod on October 2, 2020 via FedEx.  The old pod was tossed after I saved the old hepa and foam filter.  These can be cleaned and used again.

Whether this cord issue is a problem with all of the vacuums or not, is unknown.  After a year of using this vacuum, I can estimate that it was used approximately 400 times.  It is used everyday to vacuum the entire house and the other times for spot vacuuming.  It may have to do with the rigidness of the cord which I mentioned above.  You have to keep un-twisting it to get the kinks out.

Again, Shark backed-up their warranty with excellent customer service and a quick part replacement.

To Be Continued...... if I have anything else to add, or if something breaks, etc......
Page last updated Oct 7, 2020


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