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Tuff Shed

Tuff Shed Installation

Installation - April 10, 2019


When we purchased our new home in June 2018, we had set aside some money to have concrete slabs poured and to purchase a storage shed.  After waiting for no-freeze days in the Spring of 2019 we were finally able to get this job done.

Storage Shed Placement

After living in our new house for 9 months, I now had a better idea of where I wanted the concrete slabs to go.  So this 9 month delay, could be seen as a blessing.  What happened during this time period, was rain and where it pooled in our backyard. 

The water turns into a lake during heavy downpours, right where I had wanted the storage shed to go in the southeast corner of our backyard.  If I had immediately had a storage shed installed in this corner when we moved in, it would have been a costly mistake, even with a cement foundation. 

The second option was the northeast corner, which was worse.  The southwest corner is out of the question because our septic system is there.  The only corner left in the yard, was the northwest corner of our yard.

Northeast corner of yard on Dec 26, 2018 during heavy rain. 
After the rain stops, the pond remains for a few days.
The storage shed WILL NOT go on this side of the yard.

I want this storage shed to be as far away from the house as possible because it is where flammable materials like gasoline and propane will be stored. 

So the northwest corner of the yard is where the shed will go.  The rain does pool a little in this area during downpours....but with a 5" slab of concrete and the raised bottom of the shed, the floor of the shed will not have water sitting in it after it rains.

Based on the rain we have had this past 9 months, only a couple inches of rain pools here until it moves downhill or is soaked into the ground.

Northwest corner of yard on Dec 26, 2018 during heavy rain. 
After the rain stops, this water disappears.

Northwest corner of yard on Mar 29, 2019.  Ready for cement slab.

Storage Shed Size

The type of shed I decided to get was a 12 x 16 Tuff Shed.

I needed to balance the size and price.

I needed something big enough for a riding lawn mower to be rode into AND to store the yard related junk we have.

It also had to be tall enough for my 6' 2" husband to walk into without hitting his head.

Plan for the storage shed foundation. 
May actually move the front of the shed closer to
the edge of the concrete.

A simple 12' x 16' shed was all I could afford with my budget.  The only additions I added were a 3' x 3' window, vents on 2 walls, and a 6' wide double door.  I will be painting the shed myself and creating the shelving and hanging system inside.  Solar powered barn lights will provide lighting inside.  At this time, there will be no electricity in this shed.

Storage Shed Concrete Slab Size

With my shed picked out, I could then determine the size of the concrete slab.  I decided on a slab that is one foot wider than the shed. 14' x 18'. This way if something is leaning against  the wall of the shed, it can rest on the concrete and not the ground.  This will also give us at least 3' of space between the shed and the fence.

The 252 sq ft of concrete will be 5.5" high.

Foundation forms complete. Ready for concrete.

Foundation concrete being poured

Cement slab ready for shed

After the foundation for the shed had been poured I was ready to finalize the purchase of my Tuff Shed.

Why Tuff Shed?

Tuff Sheds cost more than other options. 

There are some cheaper sheds at the big box hardware stores.  For those, the price they give you for this size, is about $1000 less.  However, you have to put it together yourself.  If I am going to do that, I might as well make it from scratch.  There are also a lot of complaints about these sheds.

You can also opt to have one of their private contractor installers do it, which will bring it up to the Tuff Shed price.

I also found some lesser known or family run custom shed businesses on the internet in this area that used to be in business. Hmmmm

If there is a warranty, I want to know that there is someone I can call...... in say 2 or 3 years.

This is why I went with Tuff Shed.  They have been around for a while and the price includes installation.  All I do is stand back, watch, and take photographs.

Making the Purchase of my shed

I went online to configure my shed.  The website calls it "Build a Quote".

Last August I went on their website to do this.  It was a breeze to do and fun. 

When I went on the website this March 2019, the website was now very clunky to use and slow.   I could not find items and it basically pissed me off.  I had to keep closing the website down and deleting their internet cookies and then starting over again with what I wanted, providing I could find it.  Instead of taking me an hour to took me days.

Because of this website change, I added on less features than I might have. I wanted the ramp and a drip edge over the door.  I could not find these items.  I just wanted to Build My quote" and get the hell off the website asap.  I'll add a ramp and drip edge later myself.

After You Build A Quote

After you build your shed on the website and submit it, you get an e-mail confirming your quote which does not include tax or any delivery charges they might want to tack on.

You will then get a phone call from one of their sales people.

Think car salesman.  Where they tell you if you buy right now, I can take an additional....say $ the price, after I check with my manager.  These sales people, particularly the ones that have been around a long time, will do or say anything to make a sale.  "Check with my manager"  is bullshit.  They have the authority to make a discount without checking with anyone.

When I initially built my quote on March 21, 2019 I spoke with Keith Wells.  After a 30 minute phone of me asking for the EXACT price of the shed with tax and delivery minus any promotional savings I finally got a price of $4649.49.  But to get this price he needed to get approval from his manager and he would call me back on Monday, March 25, 2019.  He said he could not do it sooner because hew was planning for a Home & Garden show somewhere in OKC.

He did not call me back.   I guess they did well at the Home & Garden show!

I went ahead and got my cement foundation laid.

I then called Keith Wells back at the OKC Tuff Shed office on April 4, 2019 and told him I was ready to purchase my shed.  He then proceeded to tell me that the price was now in the $4800.00 range.  I said whoa there..... YOU did not call me back when you said you would.  Long story short, I got the original quote.   Jeezzz it had only been a couple of weeks.  I can see jacking up the price a year later, not 2 weeks later.

What I bought:

Premier Ranch 12' X 16'.  Upgrade of a 3 x 3 window, 2 vents, and a 6' double door opening.  NO PAINT.

 Premier Ranch shed I am purchasing





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