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 Page last modified 10/14/13
  About this Web Site


The Kids Zone web site were originally created for the El Paso Public Library in El Paso, Texas in 2001. They were first hosted on the free Yahoo! GeoCities. This free web hosting service closed down in 2009.

The original Kids Zone pages are still archived on the (GeoCities Archive) website because the organization thought these pages were ".. worthy and unique scientific sources or are of great public interest as well as those, which are historically interesting or just representing the 90's website culture and style."

In 2003 the Library Kids Zone was finally hosted on the El Paso Public Library's website within the City of El Paso's website.  In 2009, the Library Kids Zone website and all of the information was updated.

In 2012, the website was removed from the library's website.  The library sadly no longer has or wanted a Kid Zone....... or ANY web pages specifically dedicated to children.

In 2012, I retired from the library system. No longer was there anyone to advocate for web sites for children.  The library also lost their

In October 2013, I decided to revive some of the pages from the Kids Zone and host them on this web site.  The pages with links to outside web sites were reviewed and updated.  I owned the copyright on all of the dinosaur images because they were created by me on my home computer on my own time.

A B O U T   M E

My name is Laurel Indalecio and I live in El Paso, TX. I am the former Children's Service Coordinator and webmaster for the El Paso Public Library System. A position I held for 11 years.  I also worked as a children's librarian in Hawaii and San Antonio, TX.  A full list of my employers and college degrees can be see here....

I have a background in graphic arts and web design.  I also run a small business providing web sites for businesses and individuals.

G O I N G    F O R W A R D

I will continue to add and update information.  Each page has the date of last updates so you will know when it was last reviewed.  If a link is no longer working, PLEASE let me know!