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 Page last modified 10/10/13
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Pick up one of these books and visit exciting places around the world
The Jedera Adventure In this, the fourth Vesper Holly adventure, our heroine finds adventure in North Africa.
Alexander, Lloyd
J  Fic  ALE

Man From the Sky

In an almost foolproof scheme, a man parachutes from an airplane with a large amount of stolen money, only to be seen by a boy who has a reputation for seeing things in the clouds.

J  Fic  AVI

Tracks in the Snow Erin and her science project partner Tiffany become lost in the snow-covered Sierra Mountains when Erin leads them on a trek to find her missing babysitter.
Bledsoe, Lucy Jane
J  Fic  BLE

Incredible Journey A survival story set in Northern Canada involving 3 animals--two dogs and a cat--and their lonely trek back to their original home.
Burnford, Sheila
J  Fic  BUR

Just Tell Me When Weíre Dead Two sisters and the runaway cousin for whom they are searching on an island find themselves in an unexpected adventure.
Clifford, Eth
J  Fic  CLI

Sees Behind Trees A nearsighted Powhatan youth hones his other senses so well that a respected elder asks the boy to accompany him on a dangerous quest.
Dorris, Michael
J  Fic  DOR

The Whipping Boy Every time Prince Brat, as he's know, annoys his father or tutor, his whipping boy Jemmy gets whipped in the prince's stead because it is illegal to hurt royalty.  So when the prince wants to run away one night and take Jemmy with him, Jemmy plans to give his the slip as soon as possible.
Fleischman, Sid
J  Fic  FLE

On the Far Side of the Mountain

Continues the adventures of Sam Gribley as he carves out a life for himself on his mountain.

George, Jean Craighead
J  Fic  GEO

Water Sky A boy is sent by his father to an Eskimo whaling camp to learn survival techniques.
George, Jean Craighead
J  Fic  GEO

The Music of Dolphins A feral child, raised by dolphins, is reintroduced to human society.  As Mila's knowledge grows, she uses her newfound words to tell this thought-provoking tale.
Hesse, Karen
J  Fic  HES

The House That Sailed Away In a heavy rain Morganís house floats from London to the South Pacific where he and his family confront cannibals and pirates.
Hutchins, Pat
J  Fic  HUT

From the Mixed-Up Files of
Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
Two resourceful kids live for a week in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Konisburg, E.L.
J  Fic  KON

Tomorrow, When the War Began When Ellie and her friends return from a camping trip in the Australian bush, they find things hideously wrong--their families are gone. Gradually they begin to comprehend that their country has been invaded and everyone in their town has been taken prisoner. As the reality of the situation hits them, they must make a decision--run and hide, give themselves up and be with their families, or fight back.
Marsden, John
Fic  MAR

Sparrow Hawk Red Thirteen-year-old Ricky, the Mexican-American son of a former Drug Enforcement Agency man, tries to avenge his motherís murder by crossing over into Mexico to steal a high tech radar plane from drug smugglers.
Mikaelsen, Ben
J  Fic  MIK

Climb or Die

Thirteen-year-old Jake and his sister, Danielle, who is one year older, know it is up to them to save their parents, after they're all in a car accident on a mountain road.

Myers, Edward
J  Fic  MYE

The Fear Place

When he and his older brother Gordon are left camping alone in the Rocky Mountains, twelve-year-old Doug faces his fear of heights and his feelings about Gordonówith the help of a cougar.

Naylor, Phyllis Reynold
J  Fic  NAY

Shiloh When eleven-year-old Marty befriends his neighbor Judd Traver's dog, the boy realizes that Travers has been hurting the dog and denying it food.  Marty's family is too poor to afford pets, but Marty cannot forget about the dog that he calls Shiloh.
Naylor, Phyllis Reynold
J  Fic  NAY

The Black Pearl Young Ramon dives into a forbidden cave to collect a fabulous black pearl that in time seems to bring a curse to his family.
O'Dell, Scott
J  Fic  ODE

Brianís Winter Instead of being rescued from a plane crash, as in the authorís book Hatchet, this story portrays what would have happened to Brian had he been forced to survive a winter in the wilderness with only his survival pack and hatchet.
Paulsen, Gary
J  Fic  PAU

Blair's Nightmare

In this easily read adventure, David finds danger when he tries to find his younger brother who has wandered off in search of a phantom dog.

Snyder, Zilpha K.
J  Fic  SNY

The Bones in the Cliff Pete, a lonely and timid eleven-year-old who has just made friends with an adventurous girl named Rootie, hides out on Cutlass Island with his alcoholic father waiting for the gunman his father fears will kill him.
Stevenson, James
J  Fic  STE

A Sunburned Prayer As he makes a seventeen-mile pilgrimage to Santuario de Chimayů that he hopes will save his beloved grandmother from cancer, eleven-year old Eloy is joined by a friendly dog that helps him keep going.
Talbert, Marc
J  Fic  TAY

The Cay A blinded boy and an old black sailor are shipwrecked on a coral island.
Taylor, Theodore
J  Fic  TAY