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 Page last modified 10/10/13
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Back to School Books

Back To School
Picture books for those who are starting school or who can't wait to return.
   Title Author     Library Call Number
  Amanda Pig, Schoolgirl Van Leeuwen, Jean E  VAN
  Annabelle Swift, Kindergartner Swartz, Amy E  SWA
  Back to School for Rotten Ralph Gantos, Jack E  GAN
  Billy and the Big New School Anholt, Laurence E  ANH
  Chicken Chickens Go to School Gorbachev, Valeri E  GOR
  Emilyís First 100 Days of School Wells, Rosemary E  WEL
  First Day Jitters

Danneberg, Julie

  Froggy Goes to School London, Johnathan E  LON
  I Am Not Going to School Today Harris, Robie H. E  HAR
  I Donít Want To! Grindley, Sally E  GRI
  Little Bear Goes to Kindergarten Langreuter, Jutta E  LAN
  Little Miss Spider at Sunny Patch School Kirk, David E  KIR
  Little Witch Goes to School Hautzig, Deborah E  HAU
  Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come Carlson, Nancy E  CAR
  Miss. Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten Joseph Slate E  SLA
  Moses Goes to School Isaac Millner E  MIL
  Mouse's First Day at School Thompson, Lauren E  THO
  My First Day at Preschool Edwina Riddell E  RID
  Never Spit on Your Shoes Cazet Denup E  DEN
  Off to School, Baby Duck Amy Hest E  HES
  Oliver Pig At School Jean Van Leeuwen E  VAN
  Smartypants (Pete in School) Kalman, Maira E  KAL
  That Dreadful Day James Stevenson E  STE
  Twelve Days of Kindergarten: A Counting Book Rose, Deborah Lee E  ROS
  Veraís First Day of School Vera Rosenberry E  ROS
  Wemberly Worried Kevin Henkes E  HEN