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 Page last modified 10/11/13
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Favorite Funny Tales

Favorite Funny Tales
Hilarious stories to make you laugh.

A five-year-old boy thinks his body is falling apart until he learns new teeth grow and hair and skin replace themselves.

Arnold, Ted

Never Mind! A Twin Novel

Twelve-year-old New York City twins Meg and Edward have nothing in common, so they are just as shocked as everyone else when Meg's hopes for popularity and Edward's mischievous schemes coincidentally collide in a hilarious showdown.

J  Fic AVI

Funny Bones: Comedy Games and
Activities for Kids
Provides information on how to be funny, including ideas about comedic styles and routines, how to use props, developing a distinctive character, using music, improvisational techniques, as well as the history of comedy and some well-known people in the field.
Bany-Winters, Lisa
J  793  BAN

You Must be Joking
You Must Be Joking book cover A collection of over two hundred jokes and riddles, grouped by subject, plus tips on writing, learning, and telling jokes.
Brewer, Paul
J  793.735  BRE

The Frog Principal

After the principal of P.S. 88 is turned into a frog by a bumbling magician, the frog bargains for the chance to act as principal until Mr. Bundy returns from his "family emergency."

Calmenson, Stephanie

 Minnie and Moo (Series)

A series of beginning readers following the madcap adventures of two cows who don't always follow the rest of the herd.

Cazet, Denys

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

When Farmer Brown's cows find a typewriter in the barn they start making demands, and go on strike when the farmer refuses to give them what they want.

Cronin, Doreen

Diary of a Worm

A young worm discovers, day by day, that there are some very good and some not so good things about being a worm in this great big world.

Cronin, Doreen

Bucking the Sarge

Luther T. Farrel has got to get out of Flint, Michigan. As his best friend Sparky says, "Flint's nothing but the Titanic." And his mother, a.k.a. the Sarge, says, "Take my advice and stay off the sucker path." The Sarge milked the system to build an empire of slum housing and group homes. Luther's just one of the many people trapped in the Sarge's Evil Empire-but he's about to bust out.

Curtis, Christopher Paul
J  Fic  CUR

 All Titles by this Author

Best known for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, Roald Dahl has written many other books that tickle the funny bone just right.

Dahl, Roald
J  Fic  DAH

Bed Hogs

Hoping to get some sleep, Little Runt boots his hog family out of bed one by one, but then finds that he needs them back again.

DiPucchio, Kelly S.

Mr. Wolf’s Pancakes

An update of the Little Red Hen, where Mr. Wolf manages to make pancakes all by himself when his nasty fairy tale neighbors won’t stop help him.

Fearnley, Jan

  Bark George

"Bark, George," says George's mother, and George goes: "Meow," which definitely isn't right, because George is a dog. And so is his mother, who repeats, "Bark, George." And George goes, "Quack, quack." What's going on with George?

Feiffer, Jules

The Daddy Mountain

Before your very eyes, this little redhead is about to do something extremely daring. And scary. And she'll show you--she'll actually document, step-by-step--exactly how she does it. First, she takes her daddy and makes him stand very still, then, balancing herself on his shoe, she wraps her arms tightly around a leg and starts her perilous ascent to the summit.

Feiffer, Jules

Frank Was a Monster Who
Wanted to Dance

Frank the monster indulges his love of dancing by strutting his stuff on stage until his head unzips, his brains flop out, and he continues to lose body parts.

Graves, Keith

Is Your Mama a Llama

A young llama asks his friends if their mamas are llamas and finds out, in rhyme, that their mothers are other types of animals.

Guarino, Deborah

The Wolf Who Cried Boy

Little wolf is tired of eating lamburgers and sloppy does, but when he tricks his parents into thinking there is a boy in the woods, they could all miss a chance for a real feast.

Hartman, Bob

The Checker Playing Hound
  Dog:  Tall Tales from a
  Southwestern Storyteller

Ever heard of a dog that plays checkers? A wind so strong it moved the city limits? A fish that needed a haircut: You'll find these outrageous tales and some even taller ones in this collection from the repertoire of master storyteller Joe Hayes.

Hayes, Joe
J  398.2  HAY

The Spider and the Fly

An illustrated version of the well-known poem about a wily spider who preys on the vanity and innocence of a little fly.

Howitt, Mary

The Mightiest

The Lion, the Bear, and the Elephant compete to see who can do the best job scaring a tiny old woman, but she has a surprise for them.

Kasza, Keiko

Take Me Out of the Bathtub
and Other Silly Dilly Songs
Take Me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs book cover Well-known songs, including "Oh Susannah" and "Row Row Row Your Boat," are presented with new words and titles, such as "I'm So Carsick" and "Go Go Go to Bed."
Katz, Alan

Armadillo Tattletale

Armadillo's habit of eavesdropping and then misreporting what he hears makes the other animals so angry that they find a way to keep him from overhearing their private conversations.

Ketteman, Helen

Chickens May not Cross the Road
and Other Crazy (But True) Laws

A collection of humorous laws from across the country, along with information on why we have laws, how they are established, and why some of these may not be as funny as they seem.

Linz, Kathi
J  348.73  LIN

No Such Thing

Howard and the monster under his bed decide on a plan to convince their mothers that both of them have reason to be afraid after dark

Koller, Jackie French

The Great Piratical
     Rumbustification & The
  Librarian and the Robbers

What happens if the babysitter is really a pirate who can't wait to hold a party in your house?  In the next story who will rescue the kidnapped librarian from the ill-read robbers?

Mahy, Margaret
J  Fic  MAH

Tick Tock Tales:
Stories to Read Around the Clock

A collection of zany, off-beat stories.  Perfect for reading aloud.

Mahy, Margaret
J  Fic  MAH

Oh, Yuck! The Encyclopedia
of Everything Nasty

An alphabetical collection of articles about disgusting things, from acne, ants, and bacteria to worms,
x-periments, and zits.

Masoff, Joy
J  031.02 MAS

Penny Lee and Her TV

Penny Lee loves to watch television so much that she has no time for anything else, but one day when the television stops working, her dog Mr. Barkley shows her some of the other fun things they can do.

McCoy, Glenn

Saffy's Angel

After learning that she was adopted, thirteen-year-old Saffron's relationship with her eccentric, artistic family changes, until they help her go back to Italy where she was born to find a special memento of her past

McKay, Hilary
J  Fic  MAC

The Day Jimmy' Boa Ate
the Wash

Jimmy's boa constrictor wreaks havoc on the class trip to a farm.

Noble, Trinka Hakes

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,
If You Give a Pig a Pancake,
& other books by this author

If you give mouse a cookie what will he ask for to go with it?  Find out what happens if you give a pig a pancake, or a moose a muffin in Numeroff's hilarious madcap adventures.

Numeroff, Laura

The Web Files

Ducktective Web and his partner try to quack the case of the pilfered peck of perfectly picked pickled peppers.

Palatini, Margie

Captain Underpants (Series)
Captain Underpants With titles like Captain Underpants and the Talking Toilets and Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman, you know you are in for a good time.  Follow this underwear clad super hero as he saves the world from some not so usual villains.
Pilkey, Dav
J  Fic  PIL

The Piggy in the Puddle
The Piggy in the Puddle book cover Unable to persuade a young pig from frolicking in the mud, her family finally joins her for a mud party.
Pomerantz, Charlotte

It's Raining Pigs & Noodles A collection of humorous poems such as "The Dancing Hippopotami," "You Can't Make Me Eat That," "My Father's Name is Sasquatch," and "Dear Wumbledeedumble." 
Prelutsky, Jack
J  811  PRE

Big Bad Wolf is Good Will Big Bad Wolf make friends and stop feeling lonely if he's not bad anymore? "I try and try to be useful and good, but no one gives me a chance! Why bother changing if everyone still expects to be frightened?" Well, he'll show them! But suddenly everything is different when the wolf decides whether or not to become a hero
Puttock, Simon

Angus, Thongs, and
Full-Frontal Snogging: confessions of
Georgia Nicolson

Presents the humorous journal of a year in the life of a fourteen-year-old British girl who tries to reduce the size of her nose, stop her mad cat from terrorizing the neighborhood animals, and win the love of handsome hunk Robbie.

Rennison, Louise
J  Fic  REN

Mrs. Potter's Pig

Mrs. Potter keeps everything perfectly clean, except for her baby daughter Ermajean, who delights in being so messy that she seems to turn into a pig.

Root, Phyllis

Chewy Louie

A family may have to get rid of their new pet, a cute puppy that eats everything in sight, including toys, bowls, and porches.

Schneider, Howie

Science Verse

When the teacher tells his class that they can hear the poetry of science in everything, a student is struck with a curse and begins hearing nothing but science verses that sound very much like some well-known poems.

Scieszka, Jon
J  811  SCI

The Stinky Cheese Man
and Other Fairly Stupid Tales

Madcap revisions of familiar fairy tales.

Scieszka, Jon

No, David!

A young boy is depicted doing a variety of naughty things for which he is repeatedly admonished, but finally he gets a hug.

Shannon, David

Dirt Boy To avoid taking a bath, Fister Farnello runs away from home and is befriended by Dirt Man, a filthy giant who lives in the woods.
Slangerup, Erik Jon

Baseball in April and
Other Stories
A collection of eleven short stories focusing on the everyday adventures of Hispanic young people growing up in Fresno, California.
Soto, Gary
J  Fic  SOT

Little Wolf (Series)
Little Wolf Perfect books for the beginning chapter reader.  A few of the titles include Little Wolf's Book of Badness, Little Wolf's Haunted Hall for Small Horrors and Little Wolf, Terror of the Shivery Sea
Whybrow, Ian
J  Fic  WHY

A Frog in a Bog

A frog in the bog grows larger and larger as he eats more and more bugs, until he attracts the attention of an alligator who puts an end to his eating.

Wilson, Karma

The Toll-Bridge Troll

A troll tries to prevent Trigg from crossing the bridge on the way to school only to be outwitted by the boy's riddles.

Wolff, Patricia Rae

King Bidgood's in the Bathtub

King Bidgood refuse to leave his bathtub to the dismay of his royal court.  Find out what happens  when the members try to dislodge the King from his sudsy "throne".

Wood, Audrey