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Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction
The fun way to learn about history is right here. Books from medieval times to the mid-twentieth century.
Ancient and Medieval History  |  Pre-Colonial Period  |  Colonial Period  |  Revolutionary Period
Seventeenth Century  |  Eighteenth Century  |  Nineteenth Century  |  American Civil War
Pioneer Life  |  The West  |  Early Twentieth Century to World War I  |  Great Depression
World War II  |  Civil Rights Movement  |  Mid to Late Twentieth Century

Ancient and Medieval History

Secret of the Andes

In this Newbery Award book, a young Inca boy searches for his birthright and his identity.
Clark, Ann Nolan
J  Fic  CLA

Crossing Paradise When fifteen year-old Gatty, an illiterate field-girl, is selected for a pilgrimage, she travels from her home on an English estate to London, Venice, and eventually Jerusalem, experiencing the Crusades first hand.
Crossley-Holland, Kevin
J  Fic  CRO

The Door in the Wall Set in the 14th century, the classic story of one boy’s personal heroism when he loses the use of his legs.
de Angeli, Marguerite
J  Fic  DEA

Run Far, Run Fast When the plague comes to her medieval town, a young girl must flee to find sanctuary in 1348 Europe.
Decker, Timothy
J  Fic  DEC

A Company of Fools Henri is choir student in 1348 France. The choir singing helps lift spirits during the Black Death.
Ellis, Deborah
J  Fic  ELL

Rover Captured by Vikings, young Hekja and her dog, Snarf, are taken to the Viking settlement in Greenland, and then to Vinland, the mysterious, short-lived Viking landfall in North America. There they find many opportunities to prove their worth in the hard, competitive society into which they have been adopted.
French, Jackie
J  Fic  FRE

Adam of the Road When Adam is separated from his minstrel father and his dog, he begins a search which takes him to London, Winchester, and Oxford, where they are reunited.
Gray, Elizabeth Janet
J  Fic  GRA

Orphan of the Sun In 1169 B.C., suspected of witchery and assumed to be ungrateful, Meryt must find her own way to happiness as she uncovers mysteries the rest of the village is too preoccupied to acknowledge.
Harvey, Gill
J  Fic  HAR

The Last Girls of Pompeii During the summer of A.D. 79, Julia and her slave, Sura, live different lives in Pompeii, yet are both "prisoners" of society. When Mt. Vesuvius erupts, their fates are forever altered, forcing them to both face the true meaning of freedom.
Lasky, Kathryn
J  Fic  LAS

The Ugly Goddess Three teens get caught up in the turmoil of 523 B.C. Egypt.
Marston, Elsa
J  Fic  MAR

Bound In a novel based on Chinese Cinderella tales, fourteen-year-old stepchild Xing-Xing endures a life of neglect and servitude, as her stepmother cruelly mutilates her own child's feet so that she alone might marry well.
Napoli, Donna
J  Fic  NAP

The Master Puppeteer A young apprentice puppeteer searches for a mysterious bandit in feudal Japan.
Paterson, Katherine
J  Fic  PAT

Of Nightingales That Weep A Samurai's daughter, Takiko, is sent to the royal court when her mother remarries in feudal Japan.
Paterson, Katherine
J  Fic  PAT

The Bronze Bow A Jewish boy seeks revenge against the Romans who killed his parents.  Winner of Newbery Award 1962.
Speare, Elizabeth
J  Fic  SPE

The Battle for Duncragglin With three newfound friends, twelve year-old Alex sets out to discover the secret of a sealed cave along the rugged coast that borders his family's farm when they are catapulted to the very brink of a hellish past--bloody 13th century Scotland.
Vanderwal, Andrew H.
J  Fic  VAN

Pre-Colonial Period

Pedro's Journal: A Voyage
with Christopher Columbus
The cabin boy on the Santa Maria keeps a diary which records his experiences when he sails with Columbus on his fist voyage to the New World in 1492.
Conrad, Pam
J  Fic  CON

Leonardo's Shadow: Or, My Astonishing Life as
Leonardo Da Vinci's
Fifteen year-old Giacomo, servant to Leonardo Da Vinci, helps his procrastinating master finish painting "The Last Supper" while also trying to find clues to his parentage and pursue his own career as an artist in late fifteenth century Milan.
Grey, Christopher
J  Fic  GRE

Colonial Period

Squanto, Friend of the
Squanto goes to London in the early 1600's and learns about the white man's culture. He wants to return to his own people, and Captain John Smith takes him back to America in 1614.  As soon as he arrives, another captain kidnaps him and takes him to Spain to sell into Slavery. Because he speaks English, he gains his freedom, and in 1619 he again returns home.
Bulla, Clyde Robert

Raleigh's Page In the late 16th century, fifteen year-old Andrew leaves school in England and must prove himself as a page to Sir Walter Raleigh before embarking for Virginia, where he helps to establish relations with the Indians.
Armstrong, Alan
J  Fic  ARM

The Matchlock Gun Edward, 10, has to help his mother defend their home in 1757 while his father is away fighting the Indians.
Edmonds, Walter
J  Fic  EDM

The 13th Floor

In this historical fantasy, a distress message on the answering machine calls Buddy and his sister Liz, to a building that has no 13th floor.  Then Buddy finds himself aboard The Laughing Mermaid, boat of an ancestor who was a privateer, and Liz ends up in Boston during 1692, where she must save another ancestor from a witch hunter, allowing the family line to continue.

Fleischman, Sid
J  Fic  FLE

Johnny Tremain Johnny is very proud of the beautiful silver designs he created during his apprenticeship but after an accident with the silver that damages his hand he can no longer work.  As the American Revolution begins he starts to help the movement towards independence any way that he can.
Forbes, Esther
J  Fic  FOR

The Captive As the son of a powerful Ashanti chief, Kofi has lived a sheltered existence, but a slave trader put an end to his happiness.
Hansen, Joyce
J  Fic  HAN

Season of Promise A glimpse of Colonial Life through they eyes of a young girl.
Hermes, Patricia
J  Fic  HER

Stowaway Young stowaway's journal relates experiences from aboard the Endeavor between 1768 to 1771 which sailed around the world under Captain James Cook.
Hesse, Karen
J  Fic  HES

Worlds Apart In 1670, soon after arriving in the Carolinas with a group of colonists from England, fifteen-year-old Christopher West befriends a young Sewee Indian, Asha-po, and learns some hard lessons about survival, slavery, and friendship.
Karr, Kathleen
J  Fic  KAR

A Journey to the New World When Mem is 12, she and her family sail on the Mayflower to the New World.  She writes in her journal beginning on October 1, 1620, and ends it on November 10, 1621, as she watched another ship come into the harbor and hopes that a girl her age will be arriving soon.
Lasky, Kathryn
J  Fic  LAS

The House of Windjammer In the autumn of 1636, tulip fever is sweeping Amsterdam, and Europe's fortunes rise and fall with the promise of the New World. The great Dutch family of Windjammer suffers the loss of their entire trading fleet and they face certain ruin. The only person who can save the family's home, fortune, and reputation is Adam, the family's young heir.
Richardson, V.
J  Fic  RIC

A Pickpocket's Tale When Molly, a ten year-old orphan, is arrested for picking pockets in London in 1731, she is banished to America and serves as an indentured servant for a New York city family that expects her to follow their Jewish traditions.
Schwabach, Karen
J  Fic  SCH

The Sign of the Beaver After the French and Indian Wars, a young boy is raised by Indians.
Speare, Elizabeth George
J  Fic  SPE

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Kit Tyler's wild ways lead to problems in witch conscious Colonial Connecticut.

Speare, Elizabeth George
J  Fic  SPE

Revolutionary Period

Chains After being sold to a cruel couple in New York, a slave named Isabel spies for the rebels during the American Revolution for a chance to gain her freedom.
Anderson, Laurie Halse
J  Fic  AND

The Fighting Ground Jonathan marches off to fight the British and he is only thirteen-years-old.
J  Fic  AVI

Attack of the Turtle During the Revolutionary War, fourteen-year-old Nathan joins forces with his older cousin, the inventor David Bushnell, to secretly build the first submarine used in naval warfare.
Carlson, Drew
J  Fic  CAR

My Brother Sam is Dead A young boy tells of the tragic events leading up to his brother's death in the Revolutionary War.
Collier, James Lincoln
J  Fic  COL

Give Me Liberty The life of thirteen year-old Nathaniel Dunn changes drastically while serving as an indentured servant in colonial Virginia during the start of the American revolution.
Elliiot, L. M.
J  Fic  ELL

The Cabin Faced West General Washington visits Ann in the lonely Pennsylvania territory of 1784.
Fritz, Jean
J  Fic  FRI

This Time, Tempe Wick? Revolutionary soldiers camp out on Tempe Wick's farm whom she helps until they try to steal her horse.
Gauch, Patricia Lee
J  Fic  FRI

Five Smooth Stones:
Hope's Diary
In her diary, a young girl writes about her life and the events surrounding the beginning of the American Revolution in Philadelphia in 1776.
Gregory, Kristiana
J  Fic  GRE

Seventeenth Century

Sacrifice Two sisters, ages ten and twelve, are accused of witchcraft in Adover, Massachusetts, in 1692 and await trial in a miserable prison while their mother desperately searches for some way to obtain their freedom.
Duble, Kathleen Benner
J  Fic  DUB

The Walls of Cartagena Thirteen year-old Calepino, an African slave in the seventeenth century Caribbean city of Cartagena, works as a translator for a Jesuit priest and befriends two slaves whom he attempts to help to escape.
Durango, Julia
J  Fic  DUR

Time of the Witches When a new reverend and his family move into town with their servant Tituba, life takes a strange turn for Drucilla and her best friend, Gabe, as young girls begin to fall ill and accusations of witchcraft begin to swirl.
Myers, Anna
J  Fic  MYE

Fearless In late seventeenth century England, eleven year-old Digory, forced to leave his hometown after his father is lost at sea, becomes an apprentice to the architect Henry Winstanley who built a lighthouse on the treacherous Eddystone Reef, the very rocks that sank his father's ship.
Woodruff, Elvira
J  Fic  WOO

Eighteenth Century

The Lacemaker and
the Princess
In 1788, eleven year-old Isabelle becomes close friends with Marie Antoinette's daughter and finds her friendship tested not only by their social class, but also by the growing political unrest of the French.
Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker
J  Fic  BRA

The Boy who Saved
Cleveland: based on
 a true story
During a malaria epidemic in late eighteenth-century Cleveland, Ohio, ten year-old Seth Doan surprises his family, his neighbors, and himself by having the strength to carry and grind enough corn to feed everyone.
Giblin, James
J  Fic  GIB

How the Hangman
Lost his Heart
When her Uncle Frank is executed for treason against England's King George in 1746 and his severed head is mounted on a pike for public viewing, daring Alice tries to reclaim the head for a proper burial, finding an unlikely ally in the soft-hearted executioner.
Grant, K. M.
J  Fic  GRA

Three Names A little boy at the end of the eighteenth century goes to school via prairie roads in a horse-drawn wagon, and his dog, Three Names, always goes with him.  Although he enjoys the summer, he looks forward to school because he can see his friends.
MacLachlan, Patricia

Grandmother Bryant's Pocket Sarah, eight in 1787, enjoys playing on her Maine farm with her dog, but Patches dies in a fire that also burns down the barn.  Sarah becomes distraught, and her parents send her to stay with her grandmother.
Martin, Jacqueline

My Name is Not Angelica A young Senegalese girl participates in the slave revolt of 1733 - 1734 on the Caribbean island of St. John where she is a slave to the Danish.
O'Dell, Scott
J  Fic  ODE

Ghost Ship An eighteenth-century figurehead, the journal of a ship's quartermaster, and supernatural occurrences at a seaside resort lead twelve-year-old Vicki and her friend Peter on a quest to lift a curse and set right a horrible deed committed two hundred and thirty years in the past.
Reiche, Dietlof
J  Fic  REI

The Color of Fire In 1741, America is at war with Catholic Spain and someone is setting fires in New York City causing mass hysteria and mistrust amongst the populous.
Rinaldi, Ann
J  Fic  RIN

Red River Girl In a diary covering the years 1846 to 1848, a young Metis teenager describes her journey from St. Eustace, Québec, to St. Paul, Minnesota, where she settles with her family and decides to become a teacher.
Sommerdorf, Norma
J  Fic  SOM

Sam Bennett's New Shoes Sam is excited about getting new shoes, and as he grows into the shoes, he becomes old enough to help his father on the farm, eventually becoming a farmer himself.
Thermes, Jennifer

The Ravenmaster's Secret:
Escape From the Tower of
The eleven-year-old son of the Ravenmaster at the Tower of London befriends a Jacobite rebel being held prisoner there.
Woodruff, Elvira
J  Fic  WOO

Prince Across the Water In 1746, a year after the Scottish clans have rallied to the call of their exiled prince, Charles Stuart, to take up arms against England's tyranny, fourteen year-old epileptic Duncan MacDonald and his cousin, Ewan, run away to join the fight at Culloden and discover the harsh reality of war.
Yolen, Jane
J  Fic  YOL

Nineteenth Century

The True Confessions of
Charlotte Doyle
An adventure story set in the 1850's about a 13-year-old girl and her voyage to America on a ship with a murderous crew.
J  Fic  AVI

Geronimo After years of standing against the U.S. government, the great warrior and spiritual leader Geronimo's life is coming to an end as his grandson visits him in Fort Sill, OK, where he has been imprisoned since 1886.
Bruchac, Joseph
J  Fic  BRU

Elijah of Buxton In 1859, eleven year-old Elijah Freeman, the first free-born child in Buxton, Canada, uses his wits and skills to try to bring to justice the lying preacher who has stolen money.
Curtis, Chistopher Paul
J  Fic  CUR

Rodzina 12-year-old Rodzina boards a train on a cold day in March 1881. She's reluctant to leave Chicago, the only home she can remember, and she knows there's no substitute for the family she has lost. She expects to be adopted and turned into a slave—or worse, not to be adopted at all. 
Cushman, Karen
J  Fic  CUS

Powder Monkey:
Adventures of a Young Sailor
Thirteen-year-old Sam Witchall has always dreamed of being a sailor, but he never realized how dangerous and gruesome life at sea could be until he is pressed into service aboard HMS Miranda.
Dowswell, Paul
J  Fic  DOW

Hearts of Iron In early 1800's Connecticut, fifteen year-old Lucy tries to decide whether to marry her childhood friend who unhappily toils at the Mt. Riga iron furnace or the young man from Boston who has come to work in her father's store.
Duble, Kathleen Benner
J  Fic  DUB

The Game of Silence In 1849, the life of nine year-old Omakayas is drastically changed when the "white men" want the Ojibwe tribe to leave their island home on Lake Superior and move further west.
Erdrich, Louise
J  Fic  ERD

Fire in the Hole! A claustrophobic boy dreams of going to college and becoming a newspaperman rather than a miner like his father, but when all union miners in the Coeur d'Alene Mining District are arrested, Mick develops new respect for his father while taking over responsibility for his family.
Farrell, Mary Cronk
J  Fic  FAR

A House of Tailors When thirteen-year-old Dina emigrates from Germany to America in 1871, her only wish is to return home as soon as she can, but as the months pass and she survives a multitude of hardships living with her uncle and his young wife and baby, she finds herself thinking of Brooklyn as her home.
Giff, Patricia Reilly
J  Fic  GIF

Old Yeller When Travis is 14 during the 1860's, his father departs for Florida and leaves him in charge of the Texas homestead.  When an old dog arrives, his brother and mother want to keep it, calling it "Old Yeller." Although Travis does not want the dog, Old Yeller saves him from wild hogs.  However, a wild wolf bites Old Yeller, and Travis must kill him because he develops rabies.
Gipson, Fred
J  Fic  GIP

Chase In the coal mining region of mid-nineteenth century eastern Pennsylvania, Phin witnesses a murder and runs for his life, pursued by a mysterious man and a horse with the instincts of a bloodhound.
Haas, Jessie
J  Fic  HAA

Torchlight In 1864, fifth grader Charlotte befriends an Irish-American girl at school and tries to understand the prejudices between the Irish and the "Yankees" in her town of Westfield, Massachusetts.
Hurst, Carol Otis
J  Fic  HUR

The Star of Kazan After twelve-year-old Annika, a foundling living in late nineteenth-century Vienna, inherits a trunk of costume jewelry, a woman claiming to be her aristocratic mother arrives and takes her to live in a strangely decrepit mansion in Germany.
Ibbotson, Eva
J  Fic  IBB

Worth After breaking his leg, eleven-year-old Nate feels useless because he cannot work on the family farm in nineteenth-century Nebraska, so when his father brings home an orphan boy to help with the chores, Nate feels even worse.  Winner 2005 Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction.
LaFaye, A.
J  Fic  LAF

Day of Tears: A Novel
in Dialogue
Emma has taken care of the Butler children since Sarah and Frances's mother, Fanny, left. Emma wants to raise the girls to have good hearts, as a rift over slavery has ripped the Butler household apart. Now, to pay off debts, Pierce Butler wants to cash in his slave "assets", possibly including Emma.
Lester, Julius
J  Fic  LES

Letters from a Slave Girl In a fictionalized account told entirely through letters "written" by Harriot Jacobs, an African American child born into slavery, Mary Lyons portrays a life of courage, hope and great injustice.
Lyons, Mary E.
J  Fic  LYO

When I Crossed No-Bob Ten years after the Civil War's end, twelve year-old Addy, abandoned by her parents, is taken from the horrid town of No-Bob by schoolteacher Frank Russell and his bride, but when her father returns to claim her she must find a way to leave her "O'Donnell" past behind.
McMullan, Margaret
J  Fic  MCM

The King of Mulberry Street In 1892, Dom, a nine year-old stowaway from Naples, Italy, arrives in New York and must learn to survive the perils of street life in the big city.
Napoli, Donna Jo
J  Fic  NAP

Nightjohn Twelve-year-old Sarny's life is changed when one of her fellow slaves teaches her to read even though her teacher risks his life every time he teaches her.
Paulsen, Gary
J  Fic  PAU

Trouble Don't Last Samuel, an eleven year-old Kentucky slave, and Harrison, the elderly slave who helped raise him, attempt to escape to Canada via the Underground Railroad.
Pearsall, Shelley
J  Fic  PEA

The Invasion of Sandy Bay In 1814, as the War of 1812 rages, twelve year-old Lemuel Brooks tries to save the sleeping fishing village of Sandy Bay, Massachusetts, from British invaders.
Sanchez, Anita
J  Fic  SAN

The Circlemaker Rather than let the Russian troops force him into the army, Mendel, a 12-year-old Jewish boy, runs away and is helped by an underground network that provides him with false papers and helps him to make his to America.
Schur, Maxine Rose
J  Fic  SCH

Grasslands Thomas lives with his wealthy grandparents in Virginia but his newly married father asks him to come and live with him in the West.  Thomas must learn to deal with hard work and sibling rivalry.  Will he choose to remain with his father or return to his grandparents?
Seely, Debra
J  Fic  SEE

Ice Drift Two Inuit brothers must fend for themselves while stranded on an ice floe that is adrift in the Greenland Strait.  (1868)
Taylor, Theodore
J  Fic  TAY

Jeremy Visick When Matthew first sees the Visick family gravestone while doing a class assignment, he notes the 12-year-old Jeremy's body is not in the grave, but in the local mine, victim of a mining accident.  He is drawn back in time and follows Jeremy into the mine where he narrowly escapes death.
Wiseman, David
J  Fic  WIS

American Civil War

Charley Skedaddle

A young deserter from the Union army finds out the true meaning of courage in the Virginia mountains.

Beatty, Patricia
J  Fic  BEA

Caddie Woodlawn

Unaffected by the American Civil War in 1864--her father having paid someone to fight for him--Caddie enjoys playing with the boys.  When 11, she realizes that her "prissy" female cousin may be reasonable.  Having no alternatives, Caddie accepts the standards appropriate for females, and her family members show loyalty to their Indian friends and their patriotism toward America.

Brink, Carol Ryre
J  Fic  BRI

The Story of Jonas The time is 1859 and slavery persists as a fundamental institution in America on the eve of the Civil War. Jonas is a young slave who has been sent west from his home in Missouri to help his master's cruel son search for gold, and realizes that there is more to life than being someone's man-servant.
Dahlberg, Maurine F.
J  Fic  DAH

My Last Skirt: The Story
of Jennie Hodgers,
Union Soldier
Enjoying the freedom afforded to her while dressing as a boy in order to earn higher pay after emigrating from Ireland, Jennie Hodgers serves in the 95th Illinois Infantry as Private Albert Cashier, a Union soldier in the American Civil War.
Durrant, Lynda
J  Fic  DUR

Gabriel's Horses In Kentucky, during the Civil War, twelve year-old Gabriel contends with a cruel horse trainer and skirmishes with Confederate soldiers as he pursues his dream of becoming a jockey.
Hart, Alison
J  Fic  HAR

Scrib In 1863, a sixteen-year-old boy nicknamed Scrib travels around the West making his living writing and delivering letters, an occupation that leads to him nearly getting killed, being jailed as a criminal, joining up with the notorious Crazy James Kincaid, and delivering a letter from President Abraham Lincoln to a Paiute Indian.
Ives, David
J  Fic  IVE

Exiled:  Memoirs of a Camel A first-person narrative from a camel's viewpoint about being sent from Egypt to serve in the United States Camel Corps, and life on the Mojave Desert before and during the Civil War.  (1856)
Karr, Kathleen
J  Fic  KAR

Rifles for Watie Jeff, a Union soldier, learns about the realities of war when he becomes a spy.
Keith, Harold
J  Fic  KEI

How I Found the Strong Frank Russell, known as Shanks, wishes he could have gone with his father and brother to fight for Mississippi and the Confederacy, but his experiences with the war and his changing relationship with the family slave, Buck, change his thinking.
McMullan, Margaret
J  Fic  MAC

Before the Creeks Ran Red Through the eyes of three different boys, three linked novellas explore the tumultuous times beginning with the secession of South Carolina and leading up to the first major battle of the Civil War.
Reeder, Carolyn
J  Fic  REE

Shades of Gray Immediately after the Civil War young Will must live with an uncle whom he considers a coward because he would not fight in the war.
Reeder, Carolyn
J  Fic  REE

The Deep Cut Considered "slow" by his father, Lonzo tries his best to help his family in Culpeper, Virginia, during the Civil War, and in the process comes to some decisions about how to live his life.
Spain, Susan Rosson
J  Fic  SPA

Pioneer Life

Black-Eyed Susan Susie, 10, and her father try to entice her mother with a gift to make her like the vast prairie on which they live.  But her mother stays inside the sod house, refusing to look at the land.
Armstrong, Jennifer
J  Fic  ARM

The Barn Set in 1855 in the Oregon Territory, The Barn is a story of trying to fulfill a dying father's last wish. Nine-year-old Ben and his sister and brother, Nettie and Harrison, construct a barn entirely on their own in hopes that it will restore their father's health.
J  Fic  AVI

The Ballad of Lucy Whipple Lucy is no stranger to heartache yet she recounts her New England family's move to a California gold rush town with verve and wit.
Cushman, Karen
J  Fic  CUS

Journey Home

Maggie, 12, and Annie, 7, are Irish Catholic orphans who travel on the orphan train of the Children's Aid Society to Kansas in the late 1800's  They have to adjust to the parents who adopt them, to the strange customs, and to a new religion.

Holland, Isabelle
J  Fic  HOL

Grasshopper Summer Sam and his family journey to the Dakota Territories in 1874 to begin a new life.
Turner, Ann
J  Fic  TUR

Bound for Oregon A fictionalized account of the journey of nine-year-old Mary Ellen Todd and her family along the Oregon Trail in 1852.
Van Leeuwen, Jean
J  Fic  VAN

The West

Lucky Jake When Jake and Pa find a gold nugget big enough to buy a pet, there aren’t any dogs to be found, so Jake gets a pig, and he names him Dog. As luck would have it for Pa and Jake, Dog has a nose for finding good fortune.
Addy, Sharon Hart

Letters from the Corrugated
Castle: A Novel of Gold
Rush California, 1850-1852
A series of letters and newspaper articles reveals life in California in the 1850's, especially for thirteen year-old Eldora, who was raised in Massachusetts as an orphan only to meet her influential mother in San Francisco, and Luke, who hopes to find a fortune in gold.
Blos, Joan W.
J  Fic  BLO

Geronimo After years of standing against the U.S. government, the great warrior and spiritual leader Geronimo's life is coming to an end as his grandson visits him in Fort Sill, OK, where he has been imprisoned since 1886.
Bruchac, Joseph
J  Fic  BRU

Riddle in the Mountain Three children, transported to 1879, must solve a mystery involving Cornish folklore, magic and the mining era of the American West before they can return home.
Burkhard, Daryl
J  Fic  BUR

Jim Ugly Jake, 12, begins his story at his father's 1894 burial in the Old West when her tries to get his father's dog, Jim Ugly, to follow him. The uninterested dog leads Jake instead.  He shows Jake that his father is still alive but hiding from someone who wants to kill him for diamonds that Jake's father does not have.
Fleischman, Sid
J  Fic  FLE

Gentleman Outlaw
and Me—Eli: a story of
the Old West
Eliza, 12 in 1887, runs away from cruel relatives to Tinville, Colorado, where she looks for her missing father.  After a tramp approaches her, she disguises herself as a boy.  She meets Calvin, 18, who calls himself the "Gentleman Outlaw."  He also goes to Tinville in search of the sheriff who shot his father in the back.
Hahn, Mary Downing
J  Fic  HAH

Exiled:  Memoirs of a Camel A first-person narrative from a camel's viewpoint about being sent from Egypt to serve in the United States Camel Corps, and life on the Mojave Desert before and during the Civil War. 
Karr, Kathleen
J  Fic  KAR

Lone Star: a story
of the Texas Rangers
After Comanche Indians attack his family, Clay wants to become a Texas ranger so that he can take revenge.  But when he sees two rangers unnecessarily kill a young girl and an old Comanche, he realizes that learning how to heal people is better than trying to seek revenge.
Kudlinski, Kathleen
J  Fic  KUD

Sing Down the Moon The tragic forced march of the Indians to Fort Sumner in 1864, told by a young Navajo girl.
O’Dell, Scott
J  Fic  ODE

A Bag of Lucky Rice Set in an early 1900's Nevada mining town. Rusty finds a strongbox full of gold.  Now add the Dalton Gang and an earthquake to stir thing up.
Reichart, George
J  Fic  REI

Bear Dancer: the story
of a Ute girl
In late nineteenth-century Colorado, Elk Dress Girl, sister of Ute chief Ouray, is captured by Cheyenne and Arapaho warriors, rescued by the white "enemy," and finally returned to her home.
Wyss, Thelma
J  Fic  WYS

Early Twentieth Century to World War I

Firefly Summer At a plantation in rural Puerto Rico around the turn of the century the foreman pursues the mystery surrounding his family.
Belpré, Pura
J  Fic  BEL

The Rising Star of Rusty Nail In the small town of Rusty Nail, Minnesota, in the early 1950's, musically talented ten year-old Franny wants to take advanced piano lessons from newcomer, Olga Malenkov, a famous Russian musician suspected of being a communist spy.
Blume, Lesley M. M.
J  Fic  BLU

Boy of the Border Twelve year-old Miguel Del Monte joins his uncle in herding wild broncos from northern Mexico to Los Angeles determined to prove himself brave and smart enough to deal with the anticipated hardships.
Bontemps, Arna
J  Fic  BON

Emil and Karl During 1940 in Vienna, Austria, two nine year-old boys, one Jewish and one Aryan, are classmates and best friends when events of the Nazi occupation draw them even closer together as they fight to survive and escape.
Glatshteyn, Yankev
J  Fic  GLA

Penny from Heaven As she turns twelve during the summer of 1953, Penny gains new insights into herself and her family while also learning a secret about her father's death.
Holm, Jennifer L.
J  Fic  HOL

Catch a Tiger by the Toe Twelve year-old Jamie is like most girls in the 1950's, but unlike those girls she has a family secret to hide that once exposed, will change her life forever.
Levine, Ellen
J  Fic  LEV

Shackleton's Stowaway On October 26, 1914, Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance set sail from Buenos Aires in pursuit of the last unclaimed prize in exploration: the crossing of the Antarctic continent, with one unaccounted for passenger.
McKernan, Victoria
J  Fic  MCK

Billy Creekmore In 1905, ten-year-old Billy is taken from an orphanage to live with an aunt and an uncle of whose existence he was previously unaware, exchanging his dreary life of being alone to working in the coal mines.
Porter, Tracey
J  Fic  POR

After the Dancing Days A forbidden friendship with a badly disfigured soldier in the aftermath of World War I forces thirteen-year-old Annie to redefine the word "hero" and to question conventional ideas of patriotism.
Rostkowski, Margaret I.
J  Fic  ROS

Coyote School News Fourth grader Monchi Ramirez and the other students at Coyote School produce their own school newspaper describing the events of their school year in 1938.
Sandin, Joan
J  Fic  SAN

Lizzie Bright and the
Buckminister Boy
Turner Buckminster hates his new home of Phippsburg, Maine (1912), but things improve when he meets Lizzie Bright Griffin, a girl from a poor, nearby island community founded by former slaves that the town fathers and Turner's want to change into a tourist spot.  Newbery and Printz Honor Book.
Schmidt, Gary
J  Fic  SKU

Good-bye, Billy Radish Against the backdrop of the United States entering World War I, two young boys of different backgrounds develop a deep friendship.
Skurzynski, Gloria
J  Fic  SKU

Elena A Mexican American girl recounts how her mother moved the family to America during the Mexican Revolution.
Stanley, Diane
J  Fic  PAT

Listening for Lions Left an orphan after the influenza epidemic in British East Africa in 1918, thirteen year-old Rachel is tricked into assuming a deceased neighbor's identity to travel to England, where her only dream is to return to Africa and rebuild her parent's mission hospital.
Whelan, Gloria
J  Fic  WHE

The Earth Dragon Awakes:
The San Francisco
Earthquake of 1906
Eight year-old Henry and nine year-old Chin love to read about heroes in popular "penny dreadful" novels, until they both witness real courage while trying to survive the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
Yep, Laurence
J  Fic  YEP

Great Depression

Saving Grace The McFarland family has been hit hard by the Great Depression. Grace, eleven, and her two younger brothers are sent temporarily to a children's home. Her stay at the mission is cut short when she is invited to spend the holidays with the Hammonds, where they treat her like a daughter. What will happen when it's time for Grace to go home?
Cummings, Priscilla
J  Fic  CUM

Bamboo Flute In a rural Australian community in 1932, twelve-year-old Paul has his predictable life brightened when a drifter helps him make a flute and teaches him how to play it.
Disher, Garry
J  Fic  DIS

El Lector Thirteen-year-old Bella wants to be a lector just like her grandfather. All day long he sits on a special platform in the cigar factory in Ybor City, Florida, reading books, newspapers, and current events to workers as they roll the cigars. But now times are changing and it’s up to Bella to determine her future and help her people preserve their history.
Durbin, William
Fic  DUR

Leah's Pony Jake narrates the story of his family's life in the Oklahoma dust bowl and the journey from their ravaged farm to California during the Great Depression.
Friedrich, Elizabeth

The Storm in the Barn Jack Clark is a shy 11-year-old whose father thinks he's useless at practical chores. The boy is not used to having any responsibilities, so when he sees a dark figure lurking in an abandoned barn near their house, he doesn't want to do anything about it. He'd rather chalk it up to “dust dementia,” until he realizes that the brooding shape is the rain.
Phelan, Matt
J  Fic  PHE

Mississippi Bridge During a heavy rainstorm in 1930's rural Mississippi, an astonished Jeremy Simms--white, ten years old, and a neighbor of the Logan family--watches a bus driver order black passengers off the bus to make room for white riders.  Just outside of town the bus crossed a raging creek at high speed, smashes through the railing of the old bridge, and tumbles into the water.  Jeremy joins others in an attempt to rescue survivors, but there are none.
Taylor, Mildred D.
J  Fic  TAY

Dust for Dinner Jake narrates the story of his family's life in the Oklahoma dust bowl and the journey from their ravaged farm to California during the Great Depression.
Turner, Ann Warren

World War II

Who Was That Masked
Man, Anyway?
Franklin D. Wattleson and Mario Calvino are next-door neighbors and best friends, even though Frankie's radio adventure shows--the Green Hornet, the Lone Ranger, the Shadow--spill into his ordinary 1945 life and out through his imaginary persona, Chet Barker with his faithful sidekick, Skipper O'Malley.
J  Fic  AVI

Code Talker: a novel about
the Navajo Marines of
World War II
After being taught in a boarding school run by whites that Navajo is a useless language, Ned Begay and other Navajo men are recruited by the Marines to become Code Talkers, sending messages during World War II in their native tongue.
Bruchac, Joseph
J  Fic  BRU

The Klipfish code When twelve-year-old Marit discovers a wounded Norwegian Resistance soldier with a secret message that may drive the hated Nazis out forever, she must choose between saving him or turning him in to the Germans.
Casanova, Mary
J  Fic  CAS

Dawn of Fear Three boys in a London Suburb become friends amid the violence of World War II.
Cooper, Susan
J  Fic  COO

Jacob's Rescue:
a Holocaust story
An incredible story about two families who show great courage and share a desire for peace during the Nazi occupation of Poland.
Drucker, Malka
J  Fic  DRU

The Winter War When Russian troops invade Finland during the winter of 1939, Marko, a young polio victim determined to keep his homeland free, joins the Finnish Army as a messenger boy.
Durbin, William
J  Fic  DUR

Born to Fly Eleven year-old tomboy Bird McGill and her classmate, Kenji Fujita, whom everyone believes to be a Japanese spy, accidentally discover real spy activity that will shake their hometown and may even change the future of the United States.
Ferrari, Michael
J  Fic  FER

Lily's Crossing Two children spend the summer of 1944 in quiet Rockaway Beach, New York, where they share their secrets, lies, and worries about the war.
Giff, Patricia Reilly
J  Fic  GIF

Blue When teenager Ann Fay takes over as "man of the house" for her absent soldier father, she struggles to keep the family and herself together in the face of personal tragedy and the 1940's polio epidemic in North Carolina.
Hostetter, Joyce
J  Fic  HOS

But No Candy While her Uncle Ted is off fighting in World War II, Lee watches the candy gradually disappear from the shelves of her family's store and realizes that her entire world has changed.
Houston, Gloria

Weedflower After twelve year-old Sumiko and her Japanese-American family are relocated from their flower farm in southern California to an internment camp on a Mojave Indian reservation in Arizona, she becomes friends with a local Indian boy amongst the chaos of a a racial divide.
Kadohata, Cynthia
J  Fic  KAD

The Green Glass Sea It is 1943, and eleven-year-old Dewey Kerrigan is en route to New Mexico, to live with her mathematician father who resides in Los Alamos, a town that, officially, doesn't exist.
Klages, Ellen
J  Fic  KLA

Young Fu of
the Upper Yangtze
In this Newbery Medal winner set in pre-World War II China, a young boy and his mother move from the countryside to Chung King.
Lewis, Elizabeth Foreman
J  Fic  LEW

The Art of Keeping Cool

In 1942, Robert and his cousin Elliot uncover long-hidden family secrets while staying in their grandparents' Rhode Island town, where they also become involved with a German artist who is suspected of being a spy.

Lisle, Janet Taylor
J  Fic  LIS

Number the Stars

When Nazi occupation makes life increasingly dangerous for Ellen and her family, Annmarie's family risks their own safety to help their friends to escape.

Lowry, Lois
J  Fic  LOW

Magnifico The accordion seems just another challenge to Mariangela's already complex life as the child of Italian immigrants to Canada during World War II. However, through the accordion, Mariangela learns a lot about her accordion teacher, her family's past, and herself.
Miles, Victoria
J  Fic  MIL

Fire in the Hills Upon returning to Italy and trying to get back home, fourteen year-old Roberto struggles to survive, first on his own and then as a member of the resistance, fighting against Nazi occupiers.
Napoli, Donna Jo
J  Fic  NAP

The Island on Bird Street An 11-year-old boy tries to survive in an empty Polish ghetto during World War II.
Orlev, Uri
J  Fic  ORL

David and the Mighty Eighth When, during the London Blitz, he and his older sister are evacuated to go live on their grandparents' East Anglia farm, a young boy finds it difficult to adjust to his new life until the arrival of the U.S. Eight Air Force at a nearby airfield brings excitement, friendship, and hope for the future.
Parker, Marjorie Hodgson
J  Fic  PAR

The Quilt  During World War II, while his father is in Europe fighting and his mother is working in Chicago, a five-year-old boy goes to live with his grandmother in a rural Norwegian American community in Minnesota. Based on events from the author's life.
Paulsen, Gary
J  Fic  PAU

House of the Red Fish It has been a year since Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor and the arrest of Tomi's father and grandfather, and Tomi tries to find a way to salvage the family's sunken fishing boat while dealing with anti-Japanese-American sentiment in Hawaii.
Salisbury, Graham
J  Fic  SAL

Elephant Run Nick and his friend Mya plan a daring escape as they endure servitude, beatings, and more after Nick's British father's plantation in Burma is invaded by the Japanese in 1941.
Smith, Roland
J  Fic  SMI

Hide and Seek   Rachel, eight years old when the story begins, observes life as a Jewish child during the Nazi occupation of Holland.
Vos, Ida
J  Fic  VOS

Anna is Still Here Anna is having a hard time adjusting to life at the end of the war.  She was hidden in an attic for three years all alone.  Her parents have survived, but will not speak of their experiences.
Vos, Ida
J  Fic  VOS

The Coastwatcher While eleven year-old Hugh, his family, and his cousin Tom are spending the summer of 1943 on the South Carolina shore to escape the polio epidemic, Hugh uncovers clues that point to a German plot to sabotage a nearby naval base.
Weston, Elise
J  Fic  WES

Someone Named Eva Eleven year-old Milada is taken from her home in Lidice, Czechoslovakia, in 1942, to a school in Poland with other blond, blue-eyed children to be brainwashed and trained as "proper Germans."
Wolf, Joan M.
J  Fic  WOL

Civil Rights Movement

The Watsons Go to
Birmingham 1963
Hoping that time with his grandmother will straighten Byron out, his parents load up their car and drive into the worst trouble the family has ever known, in the turbulent South of 1963.
Curtis, Christopher Paul
J  Fic  CUR

Yankee Girl When her FBI-agent father is transferred to Jackson, Mississippi, in 1964, eleven-year-old Alice wants to be popular but also wants to reach out to the one black girl in her class in a newly-integrated school.
Rodman, Mary Ann
J  Fic  ROD

Mid to Late Twentieth Century

Greetings from Planet Earth In 1977, as twelve year-old Theo struggles with a science project on space exploration, questions emerge about why his father never returned from Vietnam.
Kerley, Barbara
J  Fic  KER

White Sands, Red Menace It is 1946 and World War II is over ended by the atomic bomb that Dewey Kerrigan's and Suze Gordon's scientist parents helped build. Dewey's been living with the Gordons since her father died and now, she may have to live with her long-lost mother who has suddenly reappeared.
Klages, Ellen
J  Fic  KLA

When the Sergeant Came Marching Home In 1946, when his father returns from the war, a ten year-old boy and his family move from the Montana town where they had been living to an old, run-down farm in the middle of nowhere.
Lemna, Don
J  Fic  LEM