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 Page last modified 10/11/13
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Out of this World books

Out of This World
Five, Four, Three, Two, One....Blast Off into stories about space and aliens.
You're a Genius,
Blackboard Bear
Blackboard Bear helps a small boy build a spaceship for a trip to the moon, but when the boy packs so many supplies that there is no room for him, the bear goes alone
Alexander, Martha

Moondance Bear fulfills his dream of dancing with the moon.
Asch, Frank

Abarat Candy Quackenbush of Chickentown, Minnesota, one day finds herself on the edge of a foreign world that is populated by strange creatures, and her life is forever changed.
Barker, Clive
J  Fic  BAR

Minnie and Moo and the
Potato from Planet X
Minnie and Moo come to the aid of a visitor from outer space.
Cazet, Denys

Minnie and Moo
Save the Earth
While relaxing in the farmer's hot tub, two cow friends unknowingly thwart an alien invasion and save the planet.
Cazet, Denys

Moonstruck: The True Story
 of the Cow Who Jumped
Over the Moon
The horse seriously doubts that the cow will ever be able to jump over the Moon, but offers respect and admiration when the determined bovine accomplishes that feat.
Choldenko, Gennifer

Dogs in Space Dogs in space visit each of the planets in the solar system, finding no one at home anywhere.
Coffelt, Nancy

First Graders From Mars:
Episode 2
Pelly feels miserable because she looks different than her Martian classmates, but a glamorous opera singer who visits her class shows Pelly that her differences make her special.
Corey, Shana

My Teacher Glows
in the Dark
When Peter Thompson discovers that his newest teacher glows in the dark, he's flying away from Earth in a spaceship full of aliens and there's no one he can call for help.
Coville, Bruce
J  Fic  COV

Beatnik Rutabagas From
Beyond the Stars
Whisked away on space ships to serve as generals of opposing armies, best friends and sci-fi movie fans Walter Nutria and Yselle Meridian soon convince the aliens they must work together against the real menaces, Space Mice from Galaxy Four and their leader, The Boss.
Dodd, Quentin
J  Fic  DOD

La Luna se fue de Fiesta Jealous of the sun, the moon decides to create her own fiesta and celebrates a bit too much.
Gollub, Matthew

Invasion of the Mind
Swappers from Asteroid 6

Howie the wire-haired dachshund writes all about how the Mind Swappers from Asteroid 6 invade Earth and how he and his friend Delilah save the Day.

Howe, James
J  Fic  HOW

Moo Cow Kaboom! One night there is a loud Kaboom and Farmer Georges's cow disappears.  Kidnapped by a Space Cowboy the cow becomes the Wild Beast Earthling Moo Cow at the Inter-Galactic Rodeo.
Hurd, Thacher

Kacy and the Space Shuttle Secret 11 year old Kacy Holiday's idea about sending a houseplant on a shuttle mission into outer space has astronomical consequences.
Kahn, Sharon
J  Fic  KAH

Nose Pickers from
Outer Space
Fourth-grader Devin is disappointed in the nerdy exchange student who comes to live with his family, until he realizes that Stan is not from Chicago but from outer space.
Korman, Gordon
J  Fic  KOR

Astro Bunnies Astro Bunnies take rockets into space, explore, and return home.
Loomis, Christine

Space Spinners Kate convinces her sister Arabelle to join her in sneaking aboard the space shuttle so that they can be the first spiders to spin a web in space.
MacDonald, Suse

Ricky Ricotta's Mighty
 Robot vs. the
Mecha-Monkeys from Mars
A small mouse and his best friend, a giant flying robot ,attempt to save the Earth when an evil Martian monkey and his mechanical creations attack.
Pilkey, Dav
J  Fic  PIL

Nico Visits the Moon Carried by colorful balloons, Nico travels to the Moon where he enjoys the kittens, food, and love his parents send.
Robledo, Honorio

Baloney, Henry P. A transmission received from outer space in a combination of different Earth languages tells of an alien schoolboy's fantastic excuse for being late to school again.
Scieszka, Jon

Two Cool Cows Millie and Maude are two cool cows who fly to the moon and back in a night wearing the Huckabuck children's new black boots.
Speed, Toby

Night Goes By Sun, Moon, and Stat visit each other and take turns shining in the sky.
Spohn, Kate

Zathura: A Space Adventure

Danny Budwing brings home a game that was discarded in the park.  What will happen when Danny and his brother Walter roll the dice?

Van Allsburg, Chris

First Day on a Strange
New Planet
Two elementary students, one from Earth and one from the newly discovered planet, Meep exchange places.
Yaccarino, Dan

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!
I'm Off to the Moon
A boy gets in a spaceship and takes a dangerous but exciting trip to the moon.
Yaccarino, Dan

Moon Ball Danny always strikes out, but in a dream he plays baseball with the moon and stars and finds it an eminently satisfying experience.
Yolen, Jane