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and Their Work in the Field
Scientists and their work in the field. 
Who are they?  What do they do?  How do they do it?
American Dinosaur Hunters Profiles the lives of ten important paleontologists, including Edward Hitchcock, Joseph Leidy, Barnum Brown, Roy Chapman Andrews, and Jack Horner.
Aaseng, Nathan
J  560.922  AAS

Digging for Bird-Dinosaurs:
an expedition to Madagascar
The story of Cathy Forster's experiences as a member of a team of paleontologists who went on an expedition to the island of Madagascar in 1998 to search for fossil birds.
Bishop, Nic
J  567.9  BIS

Talking with Adventurers Twelve men and women who work in the field of science discuss and explain their occupations, including what they might do in a normal working day and the scariest thing that ever happened to them.
Cummings, Pat
J  509.22  TAL

The Chimpanzees I Love:
Saving Their World and Ours
Goodall talks about her passion and love for the Chimpanzees she observed for over 40 years.
Goodall, Jane
J  599.885  GOO

The Bone Detectives: How Forensic Anthropologists Solve Crimes and Uncover Mysteries of the Dead Explores the world of forensic anthropology and its applications in solving crimes.
Jackson, Donna
J  363.25  JAC

Looking for Life in the Universe:
The Search for Extraterrestrial
Investigates how scientists, particularly Jill Tarter, Director of the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, use twenty-first century technology to investigate whether life exists on other planets.
Jackson, Ellen
J  576.839  JAC

The Bug Scientists Bug scientists, called entomologists, present information on insects and explain how they use that information in their work.
Kallner, Donna Jackson
J  595.7  KAL

Eye of the Storm:
Chasing Storms with
Warren Faidley
Storm chaser Warren Faidley discusses the techniques, dangers, and difficulties of photographing lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
Kramer, Stephen P.
J  778.9  KRA

Hidden Worlds: Looking
Through a Scientist's
View strange and wonderful photographs of specimens as seen through a microscope.
Kramer, Stephen P.
J  570.282  KRA

Bones Rock!: Everything
You Need to Know to Be a
Learn how to become a paleontologist out in the field.  Learn how to prepare your fossil and get it home.
Larson, Peter L.
J  560  LAR

Swimming with
Hammerhead Sharks
Swim with Pete Klimley as he investigates hammerhead sharks in the ocean.
Mallory, Kenneth
J  597.34  MAL

Search for the Golden Moon Bear: Science and Adventure in the Asian Tropics Join Sy Montgomery as she travels far and wide in search of the golden moon bear. Along with her research companions, she delves deep into the jungles of the Elephant Mountains and visits the bustling streets of Cambodian cities.
Montgomery, Sy
J  599.78  MON

The Snake Scientist Discusses the work of Bob Mason and his efforts to study and protect snakes, particularly red-sided garter snakes.
Montgomery, Sy
J  597.96  MON

The Tarantula Scientist Describes the research that Samuel Marshall and his students are doing on tarantulas, including the largest spider on earth, the Goliath bird eating tarantula.
Montgomery, Sy
J  595.44  MON

Batman: Exploring the
World of Bats
Describes Merlin Tuttle's interest in bats, his study of them in their natural habitat, and his work to protect them through such efforts as the organization he founded, Bat Conservation International.
Pringle, Laurence P.
J  599.4  PRI

Elephant Woman:
Cynthia Moss Explores the World of Elephants
A biography of Cynthia Moss, world-renown elephant researcher in Kenya's Amboseli National Park, illustrated with her own photographs.
Pringle, Laurence P.
J  599.674  PRI

Scorpion Man:
Exploring the World of Scorpions
Tells how Gary Polis's childhood interest in nature led to his first scorpion studies in the California desert. The reader will learn many fascinating details of scorpion lives, including their mating dances and cannibalism.
Pringle, Laurence P.
J  595.46  PRI

Wolfman: Exploring the
World of Wolves
A career biography of David Mech, wildlife biologist who has spent twenty-five years studying the wolf.
Pringle, Laurence P.
J  599.74442  PRI

The Case of the Monkeys That Fell From the Trees A description of scientific research that explains tropical phenomena.
Quinlan, Susan E.
J  577.34  QUI

A Dinosaur Named Sue:
The Story of the Colossal Fossil
Meet Sue, the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever found.
Relf, Pat
J  567.9129 REL

Secrets of Sound:
Studying the Calls and Songs
of Whales, Elephants, and Birds
Examines the work of several bioacousticians, scientists who study the sounds made by living creatures, discussing the results and importance of their research.
Relf, Pat
J  591.59 SAY

Are We Alone: Scientist
Search for Life in Space
Broad overview of the quest for life in outer space.  Looks at UFO's, undersea volcanoes, and moons on outer planets.
Skurzynski, Gloria
J  576.839  SKU