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 Page last modified 10/11/13
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Sports Books

Sports Books
Touchdown!  Goal!  It's a Home Run! 
Books for the sports enthusiast.
Jeffrey’s Ghost and the Leftover Baseball Team A baseball team of children no one else want on a team turns into winners with the help of a friendly boy ghost.
Adler, David
J  Fic  ADL

The Big Bike Race Ernest Perterson’s hopes of winning the Washington D.C. Citywide Cup bicycle race are shattered when his grandmother gives him a huge, clunky, yellow bike for his tenth birthday.
Bledsoe, Lucy Jane
J  Fic  BLE

Fighting Tackle Terry McFee cannot believe it when his football coach moves him from his favorite position of defensive safety to nose tackle.  He has a hard time accepting that he is growing bulky and stronger, and losing his speed.
Christopher, Matt
J  Fic  CHR

The Hit Away Kid Barry McGee, hit-away batter for the Peach Street Mudders, enjoys winning so much that he has a tendency to bend the rules; then the dirty tactics of the pitcher on a rival team give him a new perspective on sports ethics.
Christopher, Matt
J  Fic  CHR

Top Wing Dana Bellamy searches for the truth behind the fire for which his father is blamed.
Christopher, Matt
J  Fic  CHR

Squeeze Play: A Baseball Story With the support of gentle Mr. Janowicz, a holocaust survivor, Jeremy speaks out against his bullying sixth grade teacher and his mandatory after-school baseball game.
Glenn, Mel
J  Fic  GLE

The Trophy Danny would like to please his demanding, alcoholic father, who once won a basketball trophy.  Danny's performance improves quickly but when his father finally comes to a game, he humiliates his son by yelling at the coach.

Hughes, Dean

J  Fic  HUG

Herbie Jones and the Monster Ball Despite their poor ball playing, Herbie’s friend, Ray, volunteers them both for the baseball team coached by Herbie’s Uncle Dwight, As their skills improve, other problems crop up.
Kline, Suzy
J  Fic  KLI

The Toilet Paper Tigers When his little League team gets a coach who knows nothing about baseball seventh-grader Corey is dismayed to see the team taken over by the coach’s pushy twelve-year-old granddaughter.
Korman, Gordon
J  Fic  KOR

Rude Rowdy Rumors

Seven-year-old Brian enlists the help of his little sister Penny to discover which of his soccer teammates is spreading rumors about him.

Levy, Elizabeth
J  Fic  LEV

A Season of Comebacks Ten-year-old Molly competes for the attention of her father, who seems to be only interested in cultivating the talent of Molly’s older sister, Allie, a star softball player.
Mackel, Kathy
J  Fic  MAC

Soccer Shock When ten-year-old Adam discovers that his freckles can see and talk he plans to enlist their aid to get onto the school soccer team.
Napoli, Donna Jo
J  Fic  NAP

Mount Olympus Basketball It is the Mortals against the Greek Gods in this mad cap basketball game.  Can the Mortals win a against gods who can create tidal waves and lightning bolts?
O,Malley, Kevin

Soup’s Hoop Soup’s crazy plan to help his town’s basketball team to victory includes constructing a musical instrument called a spitzentootle and snaring the evil Janice Riker in an unpleasant trap.
Peck, Robert Newton
J  Fic  PEC

Finding Buck McHenry Eleven-year-old Jason, believing the school custodian Mack Henry to be Buck Henry, a famous pitcher from the old Negro League, tries to enlist him as a coach for his Little League team by revealing his identity to the world.
Slote, Alfred
J  Fic  SLO

Bobby Baseball Ten-year-old Bobby "Baseball" Ellis, as he would like to known, hopes to be a great pitcher and end up in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  True, he doesn't have a strong arm but he does throw strikes and his coach gives him a chance if only he could control his temper.
Smith, Robert Kimmel
J  Fic  SMI

Benjy the Football Hero

Benjy discovers that brains work better than brawn when it comes to beating the other fourth grade class’s team.

Van Leeuwen, Jean
J  Fic  VAN