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November 19, 2007
We arrived in Las Vegas early in the morning of November 19th.  We went to Las Vegas to just have fun and go sightseeing.  Getting from the airport to the hotel was easy.  The cheapest way to do this, if your hotel does not have a shuttle, is to catch one of the buses.  We took the Grayline shuttle.  The Las Vegas Airport website has all the information you need on transportation from the airport.
We stayed at the Venetian Hotel on the strip.  I was getting e-mail specials and decided to take them up on one of the offers.  All of the rooms in the hotel are suites.  I read several online reviews about the hotel before we left, to see what we might expect.

A few people had said that the staff here were snobbish and hovered around waiting for tips. Actually, that was not the case during our stay.  The staff we had contact with were pleasant and courteous.  The attendant working at the front desk was fast and friendly.  We had arrived several hours before the actual check-in time, but our room was ready for us.  The room was kept clean, for the most part, but needed to be dusted more.  There was some dust in some out-of-the-way places that needed a little more attention. 

The "living room" part of the suite was comfortable with both a desk and dining table.  There are two televisions in the room.  The blinds were operated by a remote.  The curtains are operated by a slight tug that signals them to close or open.  We did not touch the mini bar.  There was a small refrigerator that we used, to the left of the cabinet.
The beds were very comfortable and reading lights are available above the beds.  The other television is on the wall across from the beds.  There was an adequate amount of space in the dresser and in the closet.  My only complaint was the clock in the room.  They have placed a model in the rooms which is about as hard to program as other electronic gadgets.  The buttons were all over the place and I did not manage to figure it out.  I called the operator and asked for a wake-up call on the mornings we had to get up early.  Someone forgot the cardinal rule when adding the room accessories, K.I.S.S.
Also, it would have been helpful to have a TV guide showing what stations were what.  We had to figure out which was CBS, ABC, NBC, etc.  We wanted to listen to the local news for weather reports and for other information.  We figured it out eventually but other hotels at least provide a list.

The bathroom has a separate room/closet for the toilet.  There is both a bathtub and separate shower stall.  The floor of the shower stall was very slippery, so we recommend using the little shower mat they provide.  Brighter lighting would have been helpful.  But I guess they want all their guests to "think" they look beautiful.
They did send me an online survey where I did mention my little complaints above.  I checked the box saying that they could contact me.  They never did.  Overall, we had a pleasant stay at this hotel.  But after walking around Las Vegas and seeing all of the glamorous hotels, all I can say is, "so many hotels, so little time".

The Faux Campanile

The hotel has all of the famous Venetian landmarks, but having seen the real thing in Venice, I was not impressed.  The landmarks are cleaner looking (no mold or grime) than the real thing.  To see the actual landmarks in Venice, visit my Venice Travel Pages.

The faux patron saints of the Plazza San Marco,
the Lion and Todero (St. Theodore) the first patron
saint of the Venetians before St. Marcos.

After we got settled into our hotel room, we decided to walk to the Hilton to visit Star Trek: The Experience.  We thought that all we had to do was walk up the street and make a right.  But Nooooooooo.....there was construction.  So we had to cross the street.  Not only are you forced to cross the street, you are forced into the hotels and having to walk through their casinos to get out to continue on the sidewalks.  So we ended up walking about twice as much as we should have.  

The first hotel that we were "forced" into was Treasure Island.  Below left is a photo of the boat they do their pirate show on and there was a cool motorcycle in the lobby.
Star Trek - The Experience
This attraction sadly closed on September 1, 2008  :(

I have always been a Star Trek fan so I just had to go here.  It contained a mixture of the five different Star Trek shows.  There was a museum of the different costumes and props used in the different shows.  There were nice displays showing the chronology of the shows and the characters.  There were two motion rides, Klingon Encounter and Borg Invasion 4D, that you can go on.  And to finish everything off, you could stop by Quark's for a drink or bite to eat.

Star Trek sign located on the larger Hilton sign
in front of the hotel.

What every girl wants. A photon torpedo!

My ticket stub


The walls are lined with the different costumes from the shows


In the center of the larger room are models of the different starships


Inside the rides


Least we forget some of our favorite monsters and villains

Some of the sites on the way back to our hotel
Patricia just having some fun on the furniture.
We topped off the night by going to the Wayne Brady Show "Making %@it Up".  Excellent show!  The man is truly the king of improv.  I am always amazed how he can come up with a skit "out of the blue" and it works!  The man can also sing and dance up a storm.

Wayne Brady's website:


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