Laurel's Travels - Las Vegas - November 19 - 21, 2007
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November 21, 2007
On this day we woke up at the crack of dawn to partake on of them "dam" tours.  The Hoover Dam that is.  We decided to take one of the buses that went out there and then straight back.  There are many of these tours available in Las Vegas.  Check with your hotel travel desk for the tour that fits your schedule.  We wanted a tour that left early in the morning, so we would still have the afternoon back in Vegas.

We went on one of the Gray Line tours.  There was enough time to tour the dam and take pictures.

Sunrise on November 21, 2007 from hotel room


A new highway being constructed close to the Dam which will
allow traffic to bypass going over the dam.

A view of Lake Mead from the bus window.
Hoover Dam

Once we got to Hoover Dam we discovered that we had made a wise decision to take an early morning tour.  One word, traffic.  Traffic was just starting to build on the road that goes over the dam.  I can just imagine what it is like during the summer vacation months.  Until the highway pictured above is finished, there will always be heavy traffic.

To enter the Hoover Dam museum and walk around, there is an $8.00 fee.  They now offer a Power Plant Tour for an additional $3.00.  We went on the Power Plant Tour that would allow us enough time to get back to the bus.  You have not visited the Dam until you go on the Power Plant Tour and view the huge turbines.  Way cool!  Warning, this tour is not for those that are claustrophobic.

While on the tour you are given information about the power plants operation after you descend 530 feet down an elevator.

Inside the tunnels you have to walk through
for the Power Plant Tour

Pipes that transport the water to the dam's
 hydroelectric generators



The museum they have inside is very well done with interactive features.  It basically chronicles the building of the dam and the workers involved with this massive undertaking.

We walked around the grounds and visited the gift shop before it was time to jump back on the bus.

The bus driver stopped at an overlook point for Lake Mead where I got this shot


As we drove back into Las Vegas, I got this shot of the famed Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel.  And as we dropped off passengers at the southern end of the strip, I snapped a few more shots of the hotel we had visited yesterday.


New York New York Hotel

Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel

M&M Store


MGM Grand

Back in the hotel, the Blue Men Group were
drumming up some business
After freshening up at the hotel, we headed back out on the strip towards Caesar Palace to visit the Forum Shops.

Mirage Hotel

FAO Schwartz Store


November 22, 2007

We left early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day.  I took a series of photographs from the airplane of Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon.  We eventually flew into a cold front and that ended my picture taking.

Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam


A blow up of the image on the left
showing Hoover Dam.

The Grand Canyon

  October 4, 2013