New York City - June 28-29, 2007
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Welcome to my travel pages for a trip I took to New York City in June of 2007. I arrived on June 27, 2007 but did not pull out my camera until the next day.  To see where I went, select one of days in the menu on the left.

This particular trip was a side trip for me which is why I was only here for two full days.  I had originally flown into Washington DC a week before and then took a train north to New York City.  I had decided to take a train because the distance between the two cities was not that great and frankly, I am getting tired of the hassles of flying.

Looking down from the Empire State Building

The Train Experience

It was the first time I had ever taken a train and boy was it a lot easier than flying.  The Union Station in Washington DC was clean, there were no TSA agents inspecting my shampoo bottles, there were far fewer people, the train was not crowded, the seats in the train are larger with more foot room, and I actually saw scenery full-scale. The Penn Station in New York City was not as clean and had a lot more people.  Penn Station was also larger so we had to figure out how to get out of there.

I booked our hotel before I knew that there were two major train stations.  Our hotel was nearer to Grand Central Station but I discovered later, that the Amtrak trains that come into here travel to cities north of New York City while Penn Station handles the cities south of New York City.  I purchased the tickets online about 2 months in advance and picked them up at the train station near my home in Texas.  Amtrak offers several options for picking up your tickets.
The particular train we took did not check luggage, which means you have to carry your own luggage on board with you.  There are size constraints but they allow a slightly larger bag than the airlines allow on an airplane.

To sum up my whole train experience, I would definitely do it again.  The return trip to Washington DC was equally more relaxing.  Visit the Amtrak website..........

The hotel that we stayed at was the Library Hotel located at 299 Madison Avenue near 41st Street in Midtown Manhattan.  The entrance was on 41st when we visited.  It is just one l-o-n-g block away from the New York Public Library and a block away from Grand Central Station.

It is considered a boutique hotel that is a little on the pricey side. The mini suite we stayed in was $500 a night but we were splitting the cost 3 ways.  The hotel is called the Library Hotel because of the library theme throughout the hotel.  Rooms are arranged by Dewey numbers and if you don't know what that means, you need to visit your public library more.

The rooms were clean and tastefully furnished.  The maid checked in with us twice a day to make sure there were fresh linens.  Evening turndown service included with chocolates, ooolala.

Satellite image of the Library Hotel. Note the roof's
glassed in area. (Photo of patio below)


Patio on the roof of the Library Hotel

The hotel had a complimentary self-serve breakfast every morning in the hotel library consisting of an assortment of cereals, fruit, and beverages.  And being a library, you have shelves of reading materials to browse through while you sip on your coffee.

Library Hotel library

On the roof there is a bar that is only open in the evenings.  We went up there during the day to check it out and enjoyed the private outdoor patio.

Just a short way from the New York Public Library, this section of 41st Street is called Library Way.  This photo of the Library Hotel was taken while standing on 41st Street (Library Way) facing Madison Ave.
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