New York City - June 28-29, 2007
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June 28, 2007

I woke up early this morning with the goal of visiting two of the tallest buildings in the city to get some aerial views.  I decided to go to the Empire State Building first because I heard there were large crowds here and I always wanted to visit the Empire Sate Building.  Visit the website for the Empire State Building.....

The Empire State Building

What I heard about the Empire State Building was true, there are large crowds here but I was there early enough to avoid them.  What I did not know was that there are a series of elevators you have to take, to get to the top.  For each elevator, you stand in a line.  While you stand in line, there are vendors trying to sell you an audio tour of the view at the top.  These vendors are really trying hard to sell these tours.....very hard.  Tune them out!  When you are at the top, take a bunch of high resolution images of the view with your digital camera and look at them later.  Just relax and enjoy the view while you are up there.

View of the Empire State Building standing
on the corner of 5th Avenue and 34th Street

Inside the lobby
of the Empire
State Building
there is this metal
relief sculpture

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The south view
 of Manhattan
from the Empire
 State Building


On this day, the sky was real hazy therefore, a lot of my pictures faded out as you viewed the horizon.
In fact, this haze led to thunderstorms later in the afternoon.

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The west view of Manhattan from the Empire State Building
looking towards the Hudson River.

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North view of Manhattan from the Empire State Building
panning down.  More north is Central Park  which
I could barely see. I did find my hotel

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The east view of Manhattan from the Empire State Building
looking towards the East River
After leaving the Empire State Building I headed north towards Rockefeller Center.  Yes, I got a little lost.  All of the buildings block the view of any landmarks. So even armed with maps, I sometimes had to walk to the next block just so I could figure out which way I was going.  At home, I am used to seeing a mountain range as a point of reference.

I ended up on Park Avenue walking north towards the MetLife Building.

Some buildings along Park Avenue


View of the Metlife Building
standing on the corner of
 41st Street and Park
 Avenue.  Grand Central
Station is the older
building in the forefront

I continued on Park Avenue until I reached 41st Street walked up a block and turned right to get to 42nd Street right where the Grand Central Terminal was.  I then walked west on 42nd Street.


Standing under this bridge, which said Pershing Square on the sign, I snapped this shot of the Hyatt and Chrysler Building while standing on 42nd Street

Grand Central Terminal



The Grand Central Terminal while
 standing across
 the street on
42nd Street


The sculpture and
clock on the center
of the Grand Central
Terminal Building

The eagle statue on
 the west corner of
the Grand Central

I stayed on 42nd Street until I hit Madison Avenue and then continued north on Madison on my way towards The Rockefeller Center.  The following are some pictures I took along the way.  Please note that I try to name the buildings when I can.  When I took these pictures, I had no idea what I was looking at.  I was just concentrating on getting the images.  After hours of looking at satellite images, maps, and just doing pure research on the internet, I found most of the buildings' names.  


330 Madison Building as seen
from the corner of 42nd Street
and Madison Avenue



Tower 49 in the block between 48th and 49th Streets, and Madison and 5th Avenue.  Photo taken from the corner of Madison Avenue and 48th Street.


You're going to have to work with me on the this image...

This is a photo of the 383 Madison Building reflected in the windows of the 380 Madison Building.  You almost can't see the outline of 380 Madison against the sky. This photo was taken standing on Madison Avenue between 46th and 47th Street across the street from 380 Madison.  The reflected building on the right is the Chase Building (Union Carbide Building) at 270 Park Avenue
View of Madison Avenue
looking north by 45th Avenue

  St. Patrick's Cathedral as seen from the corner of 50th Street and Madison Avenue
St Patrick's Cathedral

The cathedral is located between 50th and 51st Street, between 5th and Madison Avenue.  Visit their website for a complete history of this building.

Other website with information:

The entrance on 50th Street

The entrance on 5th Avenue

Detail of the ceiling

Window of the Annunciation

The nave of the cathedral

The back of the cathedral

One of the shrines

The pipe organ

Art deco above door at 45 Rockefeller Plaza (International Building) at the 50th Street entrance.  Artwork by Lee Lawrie

Too bad the umbrellas at Brasserie Ruhlmann
blocked my shot of the entire piece.

Rockefeller Plaza

Not as tall as the Empire State Building, but the top of "The Rock" also has a spectacular view.  The whole building is a bit too commercial.  Even the elevator is showing a video on the ceiling.  There is plexiglass at the observation deck to keep folks from jumping off which is great for the sidewalks but problematic for cameras.  You need to put your lens up gently against the surface to get rid of any glare.  Not as many people were here as there were at the Empire State Building, the day I went.

View of the Rockefeller Plaza Building with flags in the forefront
In the lobby of the building there is this chandelier which is the shape of the building upside down

Rockefeller Plaza with some
 of the national flags


The south view from
the top of the Rockefeller Center Building with
the Empire State
Building in the center

The north view
from the top of
the Rockefeller
Center  Building
looking towards
Central Park



Radio City Hall - this photo was taken from inside the lobby at the Rockefeller Center Building.

A part of the Rockefeller Promenade Fountains at the Rockefeller Center



At 610 5th Avenue this sculpture appears above the main entrance titled "The Friendship of France and the United States", art deco, 1933, by Alfred Janniot. Above the gold sculpture is another called "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"

Scribner Building at 597 5th Avenue, between 48th and 49th Street.  The building which opened in 1913, is considered Beaux Arts architecture and was built by Earnest Flagg. The building is currently rented by Sephora  

  500 5th Avenue - picture taken from 5th Avenue looking up from north side of building
298 Madison Avenue
at 41st Street and
Madison Avenue.
I could not find
any information
on this building.

New York Public
 Library on 5th
Avenue next to
Bryant Park



Images of inside the New York Public Library lobby

October 3, 2013