Venice and the Eastern Mediterranean - Presented by your Travel Goddesses: Stephanie Strickland & Laurel IndalecioVenice and the Eastern MediterraneanOctober 21 - 31, 2005
Costa Victoria
Thira (Santorini)


 October 27, 2005
Our ship traveled through the night from Katakolon around the southern tip of the Peloponnisos Peninsula. We then proceeded east toward the Cyclades Islands.

We arrived at Santorini early in the morning of
October 27, 2005.  The sunrise photo to the right
shows Oia Village (white area on mountain).

Go to page about Mykonos Map showing the location of Santorini and Mykonos Map showing the location of
Santorini and Mykonos
The ship stopped in the water by the village of Athinios where we took tenders to reach the seashore.
We then boarded buses that took us to Oia Village on the island's northern tip.
Map of Thira (Santorini) Map of Thira (Santorini)

Along the way Laurel snapped this shot out of the bus window of the Costa Victoria sailing to Fira Skala. You can view the island of Nea Kaimeni behind it and the island of Therasi to the right.
We saw many white washed
houses along the way.
Oia Village

When we arrived at the village of Oia we had an hour to wander around.
Here are some pictures of what we saw:

In every port there were a lot of tourist shops selling jewelry.  Most of it was just tourist trinkets.  This store had some unusual jewelry that was different than the other stores.
Laurel purchased a silver ring here.

This store in Oia had some
beautiful handcrafted marionettes.

The bus then drove us back towards the center of the island to Fira Village.
We had about an hour to look around and browse the shops before we had
to get down the mountain to get back on the ship.

Muropoleos St. Cathedral

The beautiful ceiling inside of the cathedral

We were given only two choices to get down the mountain from Fira Village to the seashore where the tenders were waiting.

Donkey or cable car. We opted for the cable cars.
There are dwellings built right into the mountainside.
We saw these doors when we got off the cable cars at Fira Skala.




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