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June 20, 2007
June 21, 2007
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June 25, 2007
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June 20, 2007
Getting to Washington D.C.

There are two major airports that serve the Washington DC area; Dulles International Airport and Ronald Reagan National Airport.  If you are flying in from anywhere in the US, you will want to fly into Ronald Reagan.  This airport is located much closer to downtown Washington DC than Dulles.

Getting from the airport to your hotel

May I suggest the Metrorail.  The Metrorail is connected to the Reagan Airport concourse and takes you just about anywhere in the city.  It is also fast, clean, and cheap, compared to a taxi.  There are of course rental cars but if you plan on just visiting the sites in Washington DC, the best way to do this is on foot or to just take a bus to a further location like the Zoo or National Cathedral.
The hotel we stayed at was the Renaissance Washington DC Hotel.  The only reason we chose this hotel, was that it is the closest hotel to the Washington Convention Center.  The metro has a stop at the convention center which is where we got off from the airport.  A two block walk and we were at the hotel.

After getting to our hotel, we needed to find a drugstore to replace all of the toiletries that were confiscated by the airport authorities.  I visited my airline's website prior to packing to make sure my toiletries were the right size, which I guess had outdated information.

View from our hotel room looking
 west down New York Avenue


They had the information regarding how many liquid ounces you could carry, not the fact that they had to be in a container marked with that size.  So if you bring a tube of toothpaste that is almost empty and has less than 3 ounces, it will be confiscated because the tube is labeled with something more than 3 ounces.  Visit the TSA website to make sure you have the right information and expect different airports to make up their own rules.  Each airport we went through took a different item.  When I asked them why a certain airport did not take an item that they took, you get a vague answer.  

It was still daylight when we stepped out of the hotel.  We were tired from traveling but needed to find the drugstore and find a restaurant for dinner.  We exited the hotel and went to 8th Street and walked south to H Street and turned left heading east towards Chinatown.  We then headed south on 7th Street.

A house located to the right of the Greater New Hope Baptist Church on 8th Street

The Greater New Hope Baptist Church located on 8th Street between I Street and H Street

Calvary Baptist Church located on
the corner of 8th Street and H Street.
See more information about this church.......

Detail of building above the front entrance
 of the Greater New Hope Baptist Church

Gateway to Chinatown, "Friendship Archway" 
Located on the corner of 7th Street and H Street.
See more information on Chinatown.....

We continued south on 7th Street until we came to Pennsylvania Avenue and turned right heading west.

The "Ugliest Building Award" goes to the J. Edgar Hoover Building which houses the FBI, located on the corner of Pennsylvania and 9th Street.

The building also had orange barrels set-up with crime tape between them making the whole building look like a gigantic crime scene.  I have to agree, the building is a felony assault on the eyes.

Read more about this building.....

In front of the J. Edgar Hoover Building along Pennsylvania Ave. there is a nice wide tree lined sidewalk.

Sidewalk along Pennsylvania Ave in front of
the J. Edgar Hoover Building facing west.

We continued west along Pennsylvania Ave and saw the National Archives building and the Old Post Office Pavilion.

National Archives building viewed from corner of 9th Street and Pennsylvania Ave.

The National Archives website.....

Old Post Office Pavilion
Read more about the building.....

Logo for Ten Penh

We found a restaurant a block down from the J. Edgar Hoover Building.  Ten Penh featured Asian food.  Unfortunately, I discovered this restaurant closed in 2011. 
I rarely recommend a particular restaurant but the Red Thai Curry Shrimp they had here was "to die for". The recipe for this was even on their now absent website. We went back again our last evening in DC.  The service both times was excellent!  It was located at 1001 Pennsylvania Ave. 

An article in the Washington Post about the closing....

After dining, we headed back to our hotel by walking back down Pennsylvania Ave. and turned left heading north on 9th Street.  We walked north on 9th Street until we hit F Street and turned right heading east.

Along F Street between 9th and 7th Street. Very different forms of architecture all next to each other.

Masonic Temple on F Street
Read more about this building.....

Verizon Center
Concerts and sporting events are held here.
On the corner of 7th Street and F Street
Verizon Center website.....

The Donald W. Reynolds Center

The Donald W. Reynolds Center
These are two different entrances to the same center: The Donald W. Reynolds Center.
  The two museums housed here are the National Portrait Gallery and
the Smithsonian American Art Museum
 October 3, 2013