Laurel's Travels - Washington D.C. - June 20-27, 2007
June 20, 2007
June 21, 2007
June 22, 2007
June 25, 2007
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June 22, 2007
On this day, we decided to pay for one of the tours that are offered
by Old Town Trolley Tours that go through Washington, DC.
We took the tour that went close by the National Zoo and The National
Cathedral.  We were allowed to get on and off along the tour route.

If you decide to take this tour and plan to get off at different stops,
start early in the morning so you have time at each of the stops.

If you want to see Embassy Row, we suggest you get off and walk it.
During this tour you will get whiplash if you turn your head and look
at every embassy pointed out quickly by the tour driver.

As we rode along, I snapped these shots out of the window....

Statue of James B. McPherson
 at McPherson Square

Statue of David G. Farragut
 at Farragut Square

John Witherspoon Statue on
 Connecticut Ave. near 18 St NW

Statue of George B. McClellan on Connecticut Ave and Florida Road

Lion at the north end of
the Taft Bridge

Building at the corner of
 Connecticut Ave and Ashmead Pl

National Zoo
Smithsonian National Zoological Park

From the trolley stop we walked up Connecticut Ave until we reached
the Zoo.  It is about a 15 minute walk.

Other website about the Zoo:

Lion at the entrance of the zoo

Termite mound



Pigmy hippo



Washington National Cathedral

The National Cathedral website is very comprehensive.  There are virtual guided tours and many of pictures of the different sections.  There are also maps and architectural drawings.

Other website with information and images:

The view of the National Cathedral
 as you walk up towards
 the West Front

At the West Front entrance: central tympanum Ex Nihilo
 by Frederick Hart (depicting humankind
in a perpetual state of creation)

Interior scenes within the cathedral

Make sure you go up the elevator to the observation deck for a great view of Washington DC.  There is also a display in the deck that highlights the building of the cathedral.

View looking south from
the observation deck

National Cathedral squirrel
looking for snacks

North entrance of the National Cathedral

We got back on the Trolley to ride back into downtown.
Here are a few things we saw from the window.

Grace Church in Georgetown

View of the corner of Pennsylvania Ave and K Street, near Washington Circle

Spanish Embassy (Spain/España) is the building on the left with the black roof.
The Renwick Gallery on the corner of Pennsylvania Ave and 17 St NW


St Patrick Catholic Church
619 10th St. NW

The church "was founded in 1794 to serve an Irish community and later welcomed Italians moving into the neighborhood into its congregation. It is known as the “Mother Church of Washington” because it was the first church of any denomination established within the original city limits. The current church building was constructed between 1872 and 1884 as funds were available."
October 3, 2013