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Laurel Lynn Productions provides custom made maps, graphic designs, and web page designs to individuals, companies, or organizations. 

The focus of the company is to provide hands-on personal service to the client.  Expect to talk to me over the phone or meet me in person as we finalize the details of your project.  If you want cold impersonal service or want to deal with a large (expensive) ad/graphic agency, there are plenty of them around.  This company is not one of them.

Laurel Lynn Productions was formed in 1986 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I prepared maps and graphics primarily for government organizations and their print publications.  Since then, my work has expanded to include web-based services. 

My work is not a hobby. I have an AS in Graphic Arts, a BA in Geography (focus on cartography) and a Masters in Library and Information Science.  I have taken additional courses in web design, computer graphics, and computer programming.

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