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Why I am no longer a member of the
El Paso Better Business Bureau


  As of July 16, 2007, I am no longer a member of the El Paso Better Business Bureau.

Being a member since 2004, I no longer felt it was cost effective to continue being a member of an organization that did not practice as high as a level of "good business practices" that I have practiced since 1986.

The reasons for my withdrawal from this organization are as follows:

1) Hard to contact on telephone.  Even during business hours, their phone will ring and ring and then recycle your call back to their automated answering system.

2) In the past, when I have sent e-mails, their responses have been slow.  A week or two may go by.  This is unacceptable.

3)  Every year, the local bureau publishes a book listing the local members.  This past year, my company's name was not inside this book even though I was a paying member in good standing.  I had to call the organization to inquire why this had happened.  I was told that there had been a problem with the publisher who had included new companies but not the older established companies.  Even though there is an online version of the members, many use this print member book to seek businesses.  We were not informed of this mishap nor were we offered any apology.  Very bad business practice!

4)  The bureau decided to increase the annual membership fee without notifying the members that this was going to happen.  I only became aware of this when I received my annual renewal form.  Again, very bad business practice.

5)  The BBB mails out monthly reports on all the businesses that have had complaints.  It appears that they pay a lot of attention to the companies that DO NOT practice good business.  While I applaud their efforts to protect consumers, it does not help my business directly.

Whether I am a member or I am not, it appears to make no difference.  Since I receive no complaints, anyone who calls the BBB will now receive the response that I am not a member AND that there are no complaints.  Basically the same response as if I was a paying member.  So why am I paying for this membership?

I do not know if other BBB offices in the country treat their members the same way that this particular office treated my business.  Therefore, I cannot speak about the entire organization.

I will continue to provide good service to my customers. I do not need to be a member of an organization to do what I have already been doing for over 30 years.
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