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Why a custom map?

You could use one of the many "free" map services available on the internet. this what your really want for your web site, brochure, or wedding invitation?  It has been my experience that these maps tend to look "tacky" when used within a well developed web site.  Also, they are not always accurate.  I would think that most businesses would want their customers to find them.  A custom map will have the look and feel of your web site or print publication.  Critical information can be highlighted.  Irrelevant information can be deleted.  You choose the color, typeface, and the graphics. 

Where could you use a custom map?

- A web page
- A corporate brochure or annual report
- A company with multiple locations in a town or state
- A wedding, reunion, or anniversary party
- A public event
- A scientific journal, academic paper, or a thesis
- A zoo, museum, or library
- A tour brochure
- A book

How much does a custom map cost?

This is a custom map, so it depends on what you want.  Contact me and I will give you an estimate.  If you agree upon the estimate, I will require that you pay 50% of the price before I begin.  The remaining 50% will be due when the project is completed.  You will be asked to review the "work in progress" several times before completion.  See samples of my work to the right.  If this is for a government agency, I am familiar with the bid process.

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