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  Laurel would like to thank Kelly Griffith who, through her research, supplied Laurel with various newspaper clippings.  Most importantly, Kelly provided the lead that led Laurel to her half-brother whom she had been out of contact with for over 40 years.  A BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU!!!
  Karen and Laurel would like to thank Melissa Pedersen-Williams who supplied numerous newspaper articles, certificates, and directory information found in the Akron, Ohio libraries.  Melissa is affiliated with the organization, Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, whose website can be visited at www.raogk.org
  To Deirdre Root, Reference Librarian at the Middletown Library who provided copies of obituaries that appeared in the Middletown Journal in Middletown, Monroe Co., OH
November 29, 2007