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Peter Thomas Hull 1706 - 1776


  Born Birth Location Death Death Location
  1706 Bad Kreuznach, Pfalz, Palatinate, Germany Feb 1776 Crabbottom, Pendleton Co., VA
Peter Thomas Hull May 3, 1681 Rhineland, Germany July 15, 1770 Rhineland, Germany
Anastasia Maria Von Ebmark Sep 9, 1690
Rhineland, Germany Mar 23, 1763
Rhineland, Germany
See Marriages and Children of Peter Thomas Hull 1706 - 1776
Listed among Palatinate men aboard the vessel "Francis and Ann" from Rotterdam to Pennsylvania May 30, 1741. Went to Lancaster, PA then to Rockingham Co., , VA and then to Augusta Co., VA With sons, acquired land in the Crabbottom 1764. Families below him were Michael Arbogast, John Gun in 1766, Balsor Negley 1768, and Peter Zickafoose 1772.
August 24, 2006