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Thomas Jefferson Isner
1829 - 1909


  Born Birth Location Death Death Location
  Oct 1829 VA June 3, 19081 ;1909 according to Register of Deaths WV
Henry Isner 1805 VA btwn 1870 - 1888 WV
Sarah Ann Helmick 1789 PA was 91 in 1880 census WV
Marriages and Children of Jefferson Isner 1829 - 1909    
1850 U. S. Census, District 52, Randolph County, Virginia     See Census
Jefferson Isner shown living with his parents
Name   Race Gender Age Occupation Birth Place  
Isner Henry W M 45 Farmer VA  
  Sarah W F 54   PA  
Dolly Penelope W F 30   VA  
Isner Jefferson W M 21   VA  
  Jane W F 16   VA  
  Isabella W F 14   VA  
  Michael W M 60   VA Idiotic
  Jacob W M 40   VA Idiotic
  John W M 35   VA Idiotic
Helmick Adam W M 70   VA  
Dolly Mary W F 2/12   VA  
Regarding the burial of Thomas Jefferson Isner and wife Martha Ellen (Phillips) Isner.  E-mail correspondence with Margaret Isner Simpson on March 4, 2008.
     "The dual highway going east out of Elkins went right through the area where some of the Isners lived. There is a mountain called Isner Mountain and a Creek called Isner creek. If you leave Elkins going to Beverly you will go over the creek. If you leave Elkins going to Harman you will be on Isner Mountain.
   When this road went through, it went through the Isner Burial grounds and J. Herman Isner and my Uncle Howard were there with the surveyors etc. when they decided what graves would have to be moved. Thomas Jefferson and his wife were two that had to be moved. If I am not mistaken there was no stone or if so, it would have been a field stone. They finally decided where the graves were. They dug into the soil and all they found was dark soil. J. Herman Isner had their remains moved to Maplewood Cemetery at Elkins and had monuments placed for them.
   I do not know for sure if it was the exact grave or not. I remember J. Herman Isner telling us that Uncle Howard thought the graves ran down hill and Herman said that could not be. At the same time J. Herman Isner had another grave to be moved because of the road. He said the person was a young woman and had died in the 30's when her casket was open she looked like she had just died. Of course Thomas and his wife were not embalmed and probably put in wooden caskets. My mother spoke of going by grave yards in the night and seeing phosphorous coming out of the graves. I think it is called Fox Fire."
Photo of wife Martha Ellen Phillips Isner?

Source:  Great Great Granddaughter Karen
Isner Grandmother (no other information given) May be Sarah Isner mother of Jefferson Isner    


1 Margaret Isner Simpson - E-mail correspondence beginning in March 2008.  Margaret Olive Isner is the daughter of Isaac Isner and Augusta McDaniel.  Isaac Isner was the eldest son of Creed Isner son of Thomas Jefferson Isner.
November 4, 2013