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This website is a labor of love created by the desire to pass on our family genealogy to future generations.  The three family members that have done the research contained in this website are descendants of William Apperson/Epperson who was born in 1680 aboard a vessel that landed in the Virginia Colony.  We continue to do research on our ancestors and therefore will be adding to the content of this site.  We are eager to hear from others who may share our family tree.
Braswell Family Karen Jeanette Braswell

Karen lives with her family in San Antonio, Texas.  A mother of three and grandmother of four, Karen is co-owner of the successful Country Kids Academy.  Karen and Laurel are half sisters who have the same father.

Michael Vaughn Sims

Michael Vaughn Sims is a native of Alabama who works in New York City as a theatrical designer and architectural consultant. His interests include historic preservation and studio art. The core of the Epperson family research was received from his cousin Jessie Tommie Epperson Cobb (1909-1985), augmented by the published work of Edna Epperson Brinkman, The Story of David Epperson and His Family of Albemarle County, Virginia (1933). Karen and Laurel are his 4th cousins.

Michael's Chronologies

Laurel Lynn Indalecio

Laurel lives in Oklahoma with her husband and five dogs.  She is a retired librarian and runs a small graphic/web design business.  When she is not working on genealogy, she travels (see travel pages) and is involved with extensive home repairs (see home repair website). Laurel is the webmaster for this web site.
January 1, 2022