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Lucinda J. Parsons 1841 - 1878


  Born Birth Location Death Death Location
  March 1, 1841 Virginia Sep 28,1878 Randolph Co., WV
William W. Parsons Aug 12, 1818 Randolph Co., VA Feb 8, 1866  
Hester Ward May 3, 1821   Dec 26, 1861  
See Marriages and Children of Lucinda J. Parsons 1841 - 1879
1850 Census for William W. Parsons with Lucinda at 10 years old
1850 U. S. Census,  Randolph County, Virginia
Name   Race Gender Age Occupation Birth Place
Parsons William W. W M 31 Farmer Virginia
  Hester W F 29   Virginia
  Solomon W M 11   Virginia
  Lucinda W F 10   Virginia
  Adonijah W M 8   Virginia
  Charles L. W F 6   Virginia
  Swazy W F 2   Virginia
1860 Census for William Parsons   Census has listed as Passons.  Family is living with Thornhill family|
Part 1 of census    |    Part 2 of census
1860 U. S. Census,  District 3, Tucker County, Virginia
Name   Race Gender Age Occupation Birth Place
Thornhill Edmondo W M 48 Farm labor Virginia
  Rebecca W F 35   Virginia
  Lewis W M 18   Virginia
  Samuel W M 15   Virginia
  Mella W F 12   Virginia
  Emily W F 10   Virginia
  Ellen S. W F 4   Virginia
  Edmund W M 1   Virginia
Parsons Wm W. W M 42 Farmer Virginia
  Hester W F 38   Virginia
  Solomon H. W M 21   Virginia
  Lucinda W F 20   Virginia
  Adenijah W M 17   Virginia
  Charles W M 14   Virginia
Part 2            
  Sevasy W M 12   Virginia
  Hannah W F 10   Virginia
  Worthington W M 7   Virginia
  Mary W F 6   Virginia
  Wm C. W M 2   Virginia
  Baba W F 2/12   Virginia
Photo of grave marker for Emmet B. Vanscoy and Lucinda J.Parsons Vanscoy

Source: Emmet's great-great granddaughter Sandra Tyler Duncan
October 29, 2006