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Solomon Parsons 1795 - 1833


  Born Birth Location Death Death Location
  June 29, 1795 Hardy, Bedford Co., VA Mar 7, 1833 VA
William Parsons Sep 25, 1760 Hardy, VA Sep 10, 1829  
Catherine Stoker VA ? ?  
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Family Data Collections-Individual Records Record

Name: Soloman Parsons
Spouse: Mary Ward
Parents: William Parsons , Catherine Stoker
Birth Place: Hardy, VA
Birth Date: 29 June 1795
Marriage Date: 3 September 1817 Randolph Co.
Death Date: 7 March 1833

Source: http://www.swcp.com/~dhickman/journals/V6I4/1812wamsley.html

THE 1812 War Company Of Captain Jonathan Wamsley
 by William H. Rice

76. SOLOMON PARSONS (OF WILLIAM) - Private. Pension file says he was drafted on 26 August 1814 and honorably discharged at Fort Nelson on 10 February 1815. On 10 December 1814 he employed George W. White as his substitute. On 3 September 1817 at Huttonsville he was married to Mary, the daughter of Jacob Ward. A witness to the marriage named Parsons was living at St. George in Tucker County in 1879. Solomon died 7 March 1833. His widow was living at St. George in 1870.

January 1, 2021