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William Parsons 1760 - 1829


  Born Birth Location Death Death Location
  Sep 25, 1760 Hardy, VA Sep 10, 1829 Bethel Cemetery, in Holly Meadows, St. George, VA
Thomas Parsons Nov 11, 1731 Moorefield, Hardy Co., VA Nov 1, 1804
Hardy, Bedford Co., VA.  His remains lie in the family lot on his plantation and is marked by a stone
Mary Ann Rennick Nov 11, 1738 Paxtang, Lancaster Co., PA abt 1780 Moorefield, Hampshire Co., VA
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Family Data Collections-Individual Records Record

Name: William Parsons
Spouse: Catherine Stoker
Parents: Thomas Parsons , Mary Ann Rennick
Birth Place: Hardy, VA
Birth Date: 25 September 1760
Marriage Place: Harrison Co
Marriage Date: 5 April 1785
Death Date: 10 September 1829
Revolutionary War Pension Application for William Parsons (filed by wife Catherine)
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PARSONS, William (Captain)
“He was born in Hardy County September 25, 1760 the first son of Thomas and Mary Rennick Parsons; died September 10, 1829 and his will is filed in Randolph County. Settled in Randolph (now Tucker) County in pioneer days and built a home on Horshoe Run. He is buried in Bethel Cemetery, Tucker County.
Cadet. Sixth Virginia, March 25, 1776; coronet, Third Continental Dragoons, February 6, 1777; taken prisoner at Tappan, September 27, 1778; lieutenant January 1, 1778, captain, November 1779; retained in Baylor’s Consolidated Regiment of Dragoons November 9, 1782, and served to end of war. Land bounty was reveived by Parsons for his military service.”

PARSONS, William
Service-Virginia Va No 13194 No. R 7981
Born October 15, 1760. Enlisted in Hampshire County under Captains --- and Cunningham in unit commanded by General McIntosh. He married Catherine Stoker, April 5, 1785 and their marriage is recorded in Hampshire County. A brother James Parsons, is mentioned and this brother offers a supporting affidavit in the Samuel Bonnifield case also. Pension claims seem to have been confused with that of another William Parsons who was rejected by Special Federal Agent Singleton in 1835.



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