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Marriages and Children of
Christopher Search
1710 - 1757


Marriage 1 Birth Death Notes
Priscilla Rittenhouse 1718 1742 Married ca. 1735, Hunterdon, NJ
Children Birth Death Notes
William Search 1736 1806/10 Married Mary McMasters in 1758, NJ
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Marriage 2 Birth Death Notes
Children Birth Death Notes
Christopher Search 1744
Amwell, Hunterdon, NJ
ca. Sep 1793, Southwark, Philadelphia, PA Married Mary--(?) bef. 1773, Philadelphia, PA
Thomas Search ca. 1746 ca. Sep 1799 Married Catherine Coon Feb 24, 1771, 1st Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA
Elizabeth Search ca. 1741, Hunterdon, NJ    
Lydia Search ca 1755   Married Edward Strickland Mar 5, 1780, Old Swedes Church, Philadelphia, PA
February 24, 2007