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The type of graphic design you want is only limited by your imagination.  Graphics can be designed for the web and for print publications.

Here are examples of what I can help you with:

Design of your company's logo
Original graphics for your web page that are not someone else's clipart
Design a brochure for your business
Prepare a poster announcing an event
Invitations of any kind
Business cards and stationary
A line drawing of an object
Tables, graphs, charts for a publication
Cut paper collage images
A cover for a book or illustrations for an entire book

Restaurant menus
Samples of Work
Book Covers
Business Cards
CD Covers
Computer Graphics
Graphs or Tables
Line Drawings
Paper Collage
How much will it cost?  It will depend on what you want. Just let me know what you need and what you can afford. I will give you an estimate.  Please keep in mind that some line drawings may take hours to complete and some graphics, like a customized line for a web page, a few minutes.
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