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I have since retired and many of my puppets are now for sale on Amazon under the store called "Laurel's Puppets and Plush"  Look for the item by name and manufacturer.  UPDATE -- As of October 21, 2018, Amazon temporarily deactivated most of my items for the holiday season because I did not have enough sales between August 1 - September 30, 2018. (Their crazy holiday 3rd party seller rules) I moved some of the items to Ebay.  If there is an item you really want and it was on Amazon, contact me through this website, not Amazon.

The items that I could not place on Amazon, because of some rule or another, are on Ebay.  Go to this link and select "See All Items".....

I have added links to the items that will take you directly to the Amazon or Ebay page.  Please note, that some of the photographs on Amazon may suck, because they are photos taken by someone else selling OR who was selling the same item.  I am unable to replace the photo with a better one.

If there is a puppet that you CAN NOT find on either Amazon or Ebay, there is a possibility that it is not there, for one reason or another.  Contact me and ask at,  Send me a link to the page on this website you are referring to and the name of the puppet.

If the item is on Amazon or Ebay,
the prices are the prices.  I am not going to lower the price. This is why I used the "Buy Now" feature on Ebay.  If you send me an e-mail trying to low-ball the price, it will be ignored.

If it says the item is SOLD, then I no longer have it.  NO, I do not know where else you can buy the puppet.  Most of the puppets in my collection were purchased over 10 years ago.  Most are no longer made and are considered rare in new or barely used condition.  Thus, the higher price for some.


Part of African Wildlife Set of 4
Finger Folkmanis 5 Elephant - Eleanor Hand Creative Kits  

Hand Oriental Trading 4 Elephant - Elmer Hand Creative Kits  
Elephant Glove Plush Creations 4 SOLD

Elephant (head only)
Finger Manhattan Toy 5

Glove Caltoy 4 SOLD

Hand Accord Publishing 4

See on Ebay...
Hand Gymboree 4 SOLD

Horton (Dr. Seuss)
Hand Manhattan Toy 4

See on Ebay...
Hand Folkmanis 4          

October 21, 2018