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What's New    
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I have since retired and many of my puppets are now for sale on either Amazon under the store called "Laurel's Puppets and Plush" or on Ebay Go to this link on Ebay and select "See All Items".....  Look for the item by name and manufacturer. 

If there is a puppet that you CAN NOT find on either Amazon or Ebay, there is a possibility that it is not there, for one reason or another.  Contact me and ask at,  Send me a link to the page on this website you are referring to and the name of the puppet.

If the item is on Amazon or Ebay,
the prices are the prices.  I am not going to lower the price. This is why I used the "Buy Now" feature on Ebay.  If you send me an e-mail trying to low-ball the price, it will be ignored.

If it says the item is SOLD, then I no longer have it.  NO, I do not know where else you can buy the puppet.  Most of the puppets in my collection were purchased over 10 years ago.  Most are no longer made and are considered rare in new or barely used condition.  Thus, the higher price for some.

March 16, 2008
Folkmanis - New Releases
  - Chihuahua
- Gift Box Kitty
- Gift Box Puppy
- Sea Otter
- Amazon Parrot
- Angora Rabbit
- Black Sheep
- Webwilds African Elephant
- Webwilds Koala
- Webwilds Small Lion
- Webwilds Baby Orangutan
- Webwilds Sitting Panda
- Webwilds Rockhopper Penguin
- Bear Stage Puppet
- Fox Stage Puppet
- Monkey Stage Puppet
- Rabbit Stage Puppet
- Raccoon Stage Puppet
- Sheepdog Stage Puppet
- Big Bad Wolf Stage Puppets
- Mini Ram
- Mini Black Sheep

December 22, 2007
Melissa & Doug
This kit is so cool!  It comes with numerous different "monster" parts.
Lets you or your child build their own wacky monster.  Puppet parts
come in a nifty zippered carrying case so you don't loose an arm or
an eye.

- Available through various internet retail sites.  

September 10, 2007
Folkmanis - New Releases
Twice a year Folkmanis releases new puppets.  They are now available for sale on their website or through a variety of retailers and internet retailers.  The latest releases are listed below. 
  - Shaggy Dog
- Fawn
- Gray Fox
- Small Red Fox
- Leopard Frog
- Burrowing Owl
Flying Squirrel
- Tiger
- Tiger Cub
- Standing Polar Bear
- Turkey
Blue Whale
- Mini Bison
- Mini Guinea Pig
- Mini Rabbit in Hat
- Mini Raven
- Mini Harbor Seal
- Mini Harp Seal Pup
- Mini Spider
- Mini Mountain Lion
- Mini Blue Whale

September 10, 2007
Mary Meyer - New Releases
This is puppets!  Released in the beginning of 2007.
Not available on their website, but available through internet retailers.

- French Fries Puppet
Ice Cream Puppet
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
- PB&J (Peanut Butter & Jam)


March 3, 2007
Folkmanis - New Releases
  - Mini Timber Wolf
- Mini Unicorn
- Mini Panda
- Mini Tortoise
- Mini Hummingbird
- Mini Horse
- Mini Red Dragon
- Zebra Stage Puppet
- Wolf Stage Puppet
- Sheep Stage Puppet
- Lion Stage Puppet
- Giraffe Stage Puppet
- Crocodile Stage Puppet
Galapagos Tortoise
Fluffy Ram
- Baby Dutch Rabbit
- Dutch Rabbit
- Praying Mantis
- Brown Mouse
Earth Dragon
- Ragdoll Cat
- Fluffy Cat
- Teddy Bear

March 3, 2007
MerryMakers - New Releases
Not available on their website, but available through numerous internet retailers.
From Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss's bestselling DIARY OF A WORM, DIARY OF A SPIDER and the upcoming DIARY OF A FLY

#1505, 3 puppets, 5" each,
package dimensions 10" by 6"
ISBN: 1-57982-197-9
US $15.00, CAN $20.50


From Mike Thaler and Jared Lee's bestselling series
#1531 12"

ISBN: 978-1-57982-208-8

$20.00 Retail

Ships in April 2007

March 20, 2008

460 Total