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 Page last modified 10/13/13
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Asthma  |  Diabetes  |  General Health and Fitness  |  Safety

  Allergies and Asthma: Just for Kids
There are fun activities to help children learn about managing their allergies and asthma. This site offered by the AAAAI offers coloring pages, quizzes, and downloadable brochures. Some information is also available in Spanish.
  Kids' Diabetes Center
Find out about diabetes from the KidsHealth web site. Learn about staying healthy and recipes. The three page article on explains how someone gets diabetes and how it is treated. Some information available in Spanish.
  JDRF Kids Online
Sponsored by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation this site helps kids learn about the disease. The topics that are covered are: New to Diabetes?, Your Life (With Diabetes and The Search for a Cure.
General Health and Fitness  
  BAM! Body and Mind
Has general information about health and disease prevention. There are different games and quizzes to help children about different topics. See the sitemap for different topics.
This site is for girls and is sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services. It is all about learning to love and take care of your body You can learn about the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to keep you going.
  Kids Quest, NCBDDD
Disability and Health
This site is sponsored by the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities. Information is given about children with disabilities.
  Nutrition Exploration
Explore the world of nutrition with nutrition explorations. This site is devoted to proper nutrition. Play Feed the Monster or make a virtual milk shake.
  Best Bones Forever!
The Best Bones Forever!™, campaign is designed to improve bone health and decrease the risk of osteoporosis. Research shows that bone fracture rates are increasing, and few adolescent girls get the recommended amounts of calcium and vitamin D—the building blocks for strong bones. Find out how on this web site.
  The President's Council on Physical Fitness
and Sports
This site "is the health, physical activity, fitness and sports information website of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. You can find out about the Council and its work, view our publications, and link to the resources of other government agencies as well as to health and fitness organizations."
  Starlight Starbright Foundation
This site is for children and teens that are seriously ill. The goal of the site is to help them better cope with their disease and enhance their quality of life. There are free videos that can ordered from the site.
  NCEH Kids' Page
This site is sponsored by the National Center for Environmental Health. Their work is to figure out how our environment affects our health. Most people think of nature when they think of the environment, but here, they use "environment" to mean anywhere you live, work, learn, and play.
McGruff the Crime Dog guides children through topics regarding safety. McGruff the Crime Dog
  Bike Safety
Learn how to be safe while riding your bike. Learn about helmets and wearing safe colors.
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